Toast Unleashes Book Aiding Puppy Mill Dogs

Striking poses and championing a paws cause in the process, Instagram icon/puppy mill survivor Toast has unleashed a new book that will help dogs in need turn the page to a new chapter in their…

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Two Programs Pair Shelter Dogs with Juvenile Inmates

Shelter dogs with Juvenile inmate

Lenny, photo courtesy of
Fox 5 New York.

Dogs can inspire us to be better people and there is no better proof of that than when troubled kids in juvenile centers and jails can help train dogs.

One program in Amarillo, Texas called Unlocking Hope pairs local shelter dogs with juvenile inmates who help socialize and train the pups to increase their chance of being adopted.

“Here they learn to reach out and put some of their needs aside for the betterment of another individual, in this case a dog,” Joe Barton, Chief Juvenile Probation Officer for Randall County, told Newschannel 10. “They’re learning to be responsible. They’re learning to open up and trust. They’re learning to show care. It’s a very experiential, real-life set of skills that they can parlay over to people in their community.”

Plenty of kids apply for the Randall County program but only two were selected for this round. The selected kids have responsibility for the dog. “The dog lives with them, sleeps in their room with them and the kiddo is in charge of the dog,” says Barton.

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This is no longer a dog blog


The above is image is the reconstructed skeletal remains of a Hesperocyon. The Hesperocyons were the first recognizable dogs in the fossil record, which first appeared 35-40 million years ago in North America.

I’ve decided to use this image to tell you something very simple:

This is no longer a dog blog.

I’ve not written anything serious about dogs in a very long time. I know that most of you came here for those posts.

There aren’t going to be any more of those. I’m sorry.

I don’t think I’m qualified enough to discuss the subject matter. When I was younger and cockier, I thought I knew enough. I don’t know enough.

I wrote this blog because I was questing after ghosts. I was questing after dogs that have long since passed from this mortal coil but who still cast a deep shadow into my psyche.

I was also questing after myself. The happiest time of my life was my childhood in the forest with dogs.

In both quests, I have found other things.

And I’ve come to the conclusion that as authoritative as I’ve sounded here,  I’m really not qualified to talk about it.

Dogs have become one of those topics, like politics or religion, where you just don’t want to talk about them or only talk about them with guarded company.

Things have just become so complex and fractious now that I don’t know if I consider myself a dog person anymore.

Many people will say that they can never live without a dog, but I’m coming to the conclusion that for the sake of the dog and for me, it’s better that I not have them.

Miley is doing well. Don’t worry about her.

But there won’t be another dog.

I admire animals, but I know that I just don’t have what it takes to be a great dog person.

I’ll leave this up for people who know more.

I’m really sorry that I have to leave it here. I had hopes and dreams. But I know they can’t be realized with my level of skill and knowledge.

Enjoy what I’ve written here thus far. It may be inaccurate. It may be accurate.

But I’m not putting any additional content here that relates to dogs.

I have come to the conclusion that I have failed, and that I need to step way back.



Natural History

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NatGeo Wild, Here I Come! (For real!)

Yay, big news I finally get to announce-

I’m a Season 3 Expert on Nat Geo’s Animals Gone Wild!

I shot the episodes over several days at the end of last year, giving commentary on a bunch of wild animal videos. (None, by the way, showing people harming or doing irresponsible things, which was a condition of accepting the gig.)

It airs Fridays at 9/8 C on NatGeo Wild starting this week- please tune in!! I hope you enjoy it! And for those of you who are in on the bandwagon of the Instagram celeb vet who used to be a model, he’s one of the other experts too, so there’s something for everyone.

animals-gone-wild- (1)

But if you tell the channel how much you love the experts, do me a solid and add in “especially the lady vet.” 😀

Pawcurious: With Veterinarian and Author Dr. V

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Red-shouldered hawk eating chicken livers

A red-shouldered hawk comes by to eat chicken livers left out for coyotes and foxes:

Natural History

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Big Scary Cats Compilation Video

Bahahahahaha! Until next time, Good day, and good dog! Dog Blog

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Halo Celebrates Austin Pet Month with Phydeaux & Friends

It’s officially Austin Pet Month in Austin, Texas. To celebrate, Phydeaux & Friends is holding a special event on Saturday, May 21 between 10am – 2pm.

We love our retailers in the Austin area and Phydeaux & Friends is a great partner especially with our 14 Days of Rescue Love campaign. As always, for every bag that is purchased nationally we donate a bowl of food in the purchaser’s honor. However, Phydeaux & Friends is stepping up and are going to do a bag for bag! That means buy one bag of Halo natural pet food and they’ll donate one bag just for Saturday’s event. So come on down as Halo will be there giving out samples, information, coupons and more.

7816 Burnet Road
Austin, TX 78757
(512) 956-9000

Follow Phydeaux & Friends on Facebook.
Follow Phydeaux & Friends on Instagram.


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7 Tips for Hiring the Perfect Dog Sitter

As we quickly approach the summer travel season, today we have a a very timely guest post from Ashley Jacobs, the founder of Sitting for a Cause, a pet sitting website that donates 50% of their…

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My Outdoor Yoga Must Haves (+ A Cottonelle Stylist Kit GIVEAWAY!)

Yesterday I told you guys about my clean eating plan for the month of May, and I mentioned that I was also working out six days a week as part of it. I’m not going to pretend I’m some fitness queen who lives to exercise. I’m not even going to tell you I enjoy it, because aside from the wonderful endorphins that follow a workout, there is little I detest more than killing my butt and abs for a half hour straight, or, even worse, subjecting myself to cardio. There is one exception, however – and that is yoga. I’ve been doing yoga on and off since I was a teenager, and while I admittedly have had many periods of time where I’ve abandoned it, I’ve always genuinely liked it. And summertime is my very favorite time to practice, because I can do it outside. Now most of the time, even in the summer, when I’m doing yoga it’s in my living room. (I have two very small children. It’s much easier to contain them while I’m working out when it’s not in the middle of a field.) But those times when I can get outside and do it, whether by myself or in a class, are absolutely blissful.

I’ve shared some of my yoga gear essentials here in the past, but outdoor yoga requires a few changes. So today I thought I’d share my yoga must-haves for practicing outside during the warmer months.

1. A Thicker Yoga Mat. When you’re practicing yoga outside, it’s usually on the grass. Even if you’re on the flattest of surfaces, it’s usually still not designed for yoga practice like inside a studio. I’ve found that a thicker yoga mat works best for me outside. A regular mat is 3mm. I use a 5mm mat for outdoor practice.

2. Cropped Yoga Pants and a Sports Bra. I don’t have much in the way of fancy or expensive yoga clothing. When I’m practicing inside, I usually wear leggings and a fitted tee. When I’m outside and I know I’m going to get hot more easily, I tend to go for cropped leggings and a sports bra or cropped tank. It works perfectly for me and it’s really all I need.

3. Hair Ties. If I’m going to be doing yoga outside, I put my hair up in a top knot and I also bring several extra hair ties with me just in case. Nothing feels worse to me when I’m trying to stay focused than sticky hair on my neck. Nope.

3. A Reusable Water Bottle. Maybe having a water bottle on hand while you’re doing yoga or working out seems like a given, but it’s even more important to stay hydrated if you’re going to be outside in the sun. Most parks have drinking fountains where you can keep them filled during your practice.

5.  Cottonelle® CleanRipple Products. While practicing yoga outside can be such an incredible experience, the downside is the you tend to get sweatier than usual. And by sweatier, I mean pretty much everywhere, bum area not excluded. In an effort to remedy this, I take some extra steps to stay clean and fresh, including my personal favorite, Cottonelle® CleanRipple Fresh Care wipes. Only Cottonelle® has CleanRipple Texture designed to clean better, so you’re clean enough to Go Commando. Yes, commando. Let’s be honest – when you’re working out, especially in the heat of summer, sometimes ditching the underwear beforehand can be liberating. With the help of these Cottonelle® products, you’re good to go.

6. Sunscreen. I am admittedly terrible about applying sunscreen, but I always apply it before I’m going to do outdoor yoga. It’s amazing how quickly you can burn when you’re working out outside, and if you’re in the flow, you likely won’t notice until it’s too late.

7. A Fitness Towel. It makes a world of difference in how I feel when I’m able to wipe the sweat off my face and neck during and after an outdoor yoga session. The towel doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Mine was given to my husband in a gift bag for one of the marathons he ran. Any lightweight hand towel will work fine.

While we’re on the subject of outdoor yoga, did any of you attend Wanderlust 108 here in Chicago this past weekend? I wasn’t able to make it this year, but it’s such a sensational event. I love how it’s evolved past just focusing on yoga too – they actually call it “The World’s Only Mindful Triathlon” because it includes a 5k, yoga, and meditation. That, my friends, is my kind of triathlon. I’m all about a massive fitness-focused outdoor event that’s about community over competition. If you went, I’d love to hear about how you liked it. And if you’d like a chance to win an all-inclusive trip to Wanderlust 108 Festival in Miami on October 22 (yes please!), you can enter the Cottonelle® Miami Wanderlust sweepstakes right here!

And now, onto the giveaway! Enter below to win a Cottonelle® Stylist Kit ($ 50 ARV) as seen in the image above. It contains a selection of fabulous yoga/fitness must haves – Cottonelle® Flushable Cleansing Cloths, Benefit mascara (I love this stuff so much), Dose of Colors lip gloss, Klorane dry shampoo (also a favorite), Emi Jay hair ties, and a plain black baseball cap.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This Cottonelle® “Come Clean” Reader Giveaway runs though 11:59 PM this Sunday, May 22, 2016. There will be 40 winners total from several blogs. Good luck!

Who else loves practicing yoga outside? What are your outdoor yoga essentials?

Thank you for supporting the brands that help make Bubby and Bean possible. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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Cicada year

This is the year the 17-year periodical cicadas (Magicicada) emerge in most of West Virginia.


The first sign they are coming is holes in the ground, where the nymphs emerge from their 17-year sojourn in the underworld.


The climb up the nearest tree, and the winged adult form bursts out the nymph’s thorax.






Natural History

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