Video Tuesday Top Ten: Dog Rescues

They say dog is man’s best friend, but when dogs are in trouble, people come to their rescue – pretty inspiring! And, once again, a reminder of the importance of keeping your dog on a leash, especially near water! Until next time, Good day, and good dog! Dog Blog

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I do not have Ebola (I think)

Back when it was just a foreign concept whose name was limited to public health journals and the occasional horror movie, my sister and I used to joke about Ebola. Every time we got the flu and felt like garbage we would text each other “Ugh, I have Ebola.” It was shorthand for “I feel very under the weather at the moment.”

But now that it’s finally happened, this snaking into the global population that public health experts have warned of for many years, we stopped joking about having Ebola because now we might ACTUALLY HAVE EBOLA.

I know the risks are low. They are, for now, still very low, and I am grateful for that. But it’s hard not to panic unless you turn off the TV, because all we see are bridal shops being bleached and entire school districts shutting down because someone rode on a plane with someone who might have at one point been symptomatic. My own school district just sent out an email assuring us that they have an Ebola plan in place, and we’re in San Diego, with not an exposed person to be found. Preparation is key, though, so I’m glad they are thinking of it.

I was at the doctor yesterday, for a routine sort of thing, and when they took my temperature the doctor noted it was 99.5.

“Are you feeling sick?” she asked.

“Well, I do have the tiniest bit of a sore throat, now that you mention it,” I said. “I’ve been travelling all week, and you know how that goes. I mean, I lysol that plane seat down and…” My voice trailed off as I noticed her giving me the side eye.

“Not to Dallas,” I said. “New York. No one I met had Ebola.”

“Oh, thank goodness for that,” she said. “How about West Africa?”

“No,” I said. “Do you get that a lot?”

“No,” she said.

“So you don’t think I have Ebola?” I asked, being serious.

“No,” she said.

So she gave me a flu shot instead. I had totally forgotten about the flu in the midst of this Ebolademic, to be honest. Fortunately for me, she hadn’t.

As I stood in line at the pharmacy behind an elderly emphysematics on oxygen, a guy picking up Lipitor and a diabetic purchasing insulin, I looked down at her discharge notes: take Vitamin D. Wash your hands. Get some sleep. But just to be safe, and because I want to protect my spin buddies, I decided on a self-imposed quarantine from the gym for the next 24 hours. Can’t be too careful.


Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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From our archives: Best not to chuckle at flea-bitten cities

From our archives: Best not to chuckle at flea-bitten cities
It is an epidemic of fleas. None know whence they come, and they do not go away at all, but stay and drive people crazy. Washington, Philadelphia and New York have had their turn, and now the wicked flea has attacked Boston. The idea of Boston capering …

Flea by the sea a treasure trove for keen bargain hunters
Liz and Siobhan visited their favourite Dublin markets and approached the traders who had good value, appealing stalls that fitted with their vision of a flea market. They also promote up-cyclers and welcome people who are doing genuine house
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The Flea at the Evaporator Works features vintage, up-cycled, recycled and
A variety of cool antiques like this metal cabinet with draws from Michael Rolf Antiques & Ideas (7900 Lorain Ave. Cleveland) are available at The Flea at the Evaporator Works at 51 South Main Street in Hudson this Saturday from 10 a.m to 3 p.m
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Halloween Safety: Costumes & Your Dog

This post is sponsored by Nutrish. All opinions and statements are entirely our own. Are you planning to enjoy some Halloween fun with your dog? Whether that fun means an afternoon of costumed…

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Apr 23, Dog Food News | Best Dog Food Guide

Dog Food News gives you the latest information and trends in dog food and much more. Stay tuned and subscribe to the RSS feed as there is just so much going on.
Dog Food Blog | Best Dog Food Guide

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Latest Pest News

Sharon Hull: New pest bugging young citrus trees
However, a new pest has appeared in our area, and it is causing some concern among both home gardeners and professional growers, with local garden centers receiving inquiries as gardeners notice distorted young leaves on their plants. Citrus Leafminer …
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New program will provide awards for insect pest research across all U.S. row crops
The committee consists of academics and growers, and provides guidance on integrated pest management, as well as recommendations for areas of basic research on insect resistance and management that would be of interest to growers, the academic …
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How to handle pest control companies on the phone
Over the years, consumers have told CBS 5 News that when they have a pest emergency, especially bees, they often can't get a lot of information from companies over the phone regarding price and time to complete. Not getting at least a rough estimate …
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Work to develop tomato pest control hailed as 'huge financial success'
A three-year partnership to develop integrated pest management for tomato pest Tuta absoluta has been "a huge financial success", the conference was told. Image: Morguefile. The partners are tomato growers R&J Holt and Wight Salads Group (WSG) as …
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Fido’s Freebie Friday Celebrates Fall

It’s finally starting to feel like fall here! We’ve dropped from the mid-90s to the mid-80s but at least it’s cool in the mornings and really feels crisp. Irie and Tiki are enjoying…

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Varroa Mite Counts – Bee Vlog #147 – Aug 15, 2014

Getting some mite counts on 6 of my hives: 3 survivors from last year and 3 new swarms from this year. I’ll be joining other beekeepers in my local community…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Woof Woof Run Logo [H]

On November 1, Halo will be a gold-level sponsor for the 2nd Annual Woof! Woof! 5K Run/Walk Over Pet Cancer in Savannah, GA. Last year’s event raised more than $ 40,000 to fund research as well as help local pet patients fighting cancer.

This year’s event is aiming to more than double last year’s success and raise $ 100,000 for cancer research, financial support for pets battling cancer, and local pet rescue agencies.

If you’re in the Savannah area, stop by this special event. Not only will you be able to grab some great Halo giveaways while you’re doing good for pets, but you could even join the effort to break the Guinness World Record for the most dogs in a costume parade!


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A Man Walking His Dogs Off Leash Gets $50,000 for Harsh Treatment — A Stun Gun

Two years ago, Gary Hesterberg of Montara, California, took his two dogs, Beagle Jack and Rat Terrier JoJo, on a walk in the Rancho Corral de Tierra open space, something he’d done many times before. Dogs in the Rancho were always running free — the area is popular with dog walkers — and despite a law saying dogs had to be leashed, it was never enforced, according to SFGate. 

With rolling hills and lush vegetation, the Rancho is a large undeveloped tract of land on the San Mateo coast, and it was recently added to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Authorities planned to begin enforcing the leash law, but, according to court documents, rangers were instructed to begin with “an educational approach or soft enforcement with regards to violations of the Rancho’s new rules,” according to court documents. 

Enter Ranger Sarah Cavallaro. It was the first day of the new enforcement period, and she was out to give some hard education. She had her stun gun with her. 

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Cavallaro stopped Hesterberg and his little dogs, only one of whom was running around off -leash. She explained the new rules. According to court documents, the conversation got contentious. Apparantly Cavallaro wanted Hesterberg's name, but Hesterberg didn't want to give it to her and be labeled as someone who broke the leash law rules -- rules that had never been enforced. He gave her a fake last name. As he testified later, “I don’t want to be placed on some offending dog walker ... list.”

According to SFGate, the conversation "escalated" and Hesterberg said he was leaving. Cavallaro said he couldn't leave. She pulled out her stun gun and trained it on Hesterberg while she waited to get confirmation of his identify via radio. 

They stayed that way for four minutes. Hesterberg told the ranger he had a heart condition. He asked her what authority he was being held under, according to SFGate. 

"The Constitution," she replied.

Hesterberg decided this was as good a time as any to simply leave and continue his walk, and he did so. 

Cavallaro decided this was as good a time as any to fire her stun gun, and she did so. 

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Photo by Julia Sherwin

Witnesses were stunned. Michelle Babcock was walking with her two Border Collies, saw the exchange, and couldn't believe it.

"It was really scary. I just felt so bad for him," she told SFGate. "He just tried to walk away. She never gave him a reason [why he was being detained]."

Babcock said the ranger shot Hesterberg in the back as he walked off with his dogs.

"We were like in disbelief," she said. "It didn't make any sense."

Paramedics were called, and Hesterberg was arrested on suspicion of providing false information, failing to obey a lawful order, and keeping dogs off leash. San Mateo County prosecutors declined to file charges, according to SFGate.

Fast forward to today, and Hesterberg finally gets his due. A federal judge ruled that the ranger "acted unlawfully with unreasonable force" during her education trip out to the Rancho. The judge brushed away the "lying to the police officer" offense, given that it was in connection to a warning about a leash law violation. And while Hesterberg was "uncooperative," he didn't pose an immediate threat to Cavallaro. He was just walking his dogs. Hesterberg was awarded $ 50,000 in damages for physical and mental suffering.

What do you think about this? Did this ranger go too far in her mission educating people? Have you ever been confronted by authorities over your unleashed dogs in an area frequented by unleashed dogs? Let us know in the comments. 

Via SFGate. 

Learn more about dogs with Dogster:

The Scoop | The Scoop

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