Thank you so much for this!!!!

Thank you so much for this!!!!

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Fall Wardrobe Staple: Jeans

Best Jeans for Fall // Bubby and Bean

I think we can all agree that when it comes to autumn wardrobe staples, a great pair of jeans is queen (or king). Whether you’re heading back to school or just looking to spruce up your closet, if you shop for just one new piece of clothing this fall, go for the jeans. Trust me on this. No matter where you live or what you do or how you choose to dress, it’s this classic denim pant that will make your look. Jeans can be paired with virtually everything, can be dressed up or down, and are infinitely more comfortable than the majority of other types of pants I’ve owned. Jeans win you guys. Period.

Clearly I’ve had jeans on the brain, so I decided to round up some of my current favorites style – for both women and men – as seen above. I focused on two specific jean collections: Denim X (super soft and never loses its shape)  for the girls and Flex Denim (just enough stretch for increased comfort and flexibility) for the dudes. All of these styles can be found at American Eagle Outfitters, which happens to be a long time favorite of mine for stylish casual wear. I’m especially loving the Denim X Hi-Rise Jegging (#2) and the Denim X Boho Artist Flare series (not pictured, but check them out because they’re rad) for myself. And I think my guy would look dashingly handsome in a pair of the Original Straight Core Flex Jeans (#9).

Who else is on team jean for fall? Which jeans above are your favorites?


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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dogsavescat-lgWhen Pete and Sharon Adney’s cat Jess went missing, they were frantic. They searched for eight long weeks, going door-to-door and posting signs. Their hope was beginning to fade when one day, their dog Millie discovered the cat tangled in a barbed wire fence.

According to Caters News, Pete and Millie were out for a walk one day near their home in Birmingham, England, when Millie began barking and whining frantically. Pete, who couldn’t see anything strange, tried to move the dog along but she wouldn’t budge as she stared intensely at something Pete couldn’t see.

“Millie was going mad barking at the wall, she must have known it was Jess. When I peered through, I saw Jess’s skinny body wrapped in barbed wire,” Pete told Caters.

Pete was able to get through the bushes to reach Jess and free her from the fence. She still had part of the barbed wire stuck in her so the Adneys rushed her to their veterinarian for emergency surgery.

Click here to read the complete story.


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Life at 3MPH

The fraternity of extreme adventurers is actually and quite understandably small.  I’ve reduced the reason down to one simple equation – the glory versus the grind.  If glory>grind no. If grind>glory maybe.  There’s grit in there but that’s a conversation for another time.  
Most begin with the finish line in mind and forget about the millions of steps it takes to get there and don’t realize they’re doomed from the very start. 
I’ve crossed paths with hundreds of would be adventurers who wanted to conquer the AT or the PCT, the vast majority of whom succumbed to the algebra but one, I’m happy to say, did not.  My good friend, John Stalls.  
What I can say about this lad is, other than that he walked from coast to coast, is that as a strapping 6’5 tall and ruggedly gaunt man, he’s the poster boy for great adventures.  Even though I’ve walked many more miles than him, when and if I ever get a Wikipedia page, I hope they put John’s picture on it because he looks the part. 
And lives it, too.  Since he completed his cross country journey Johnathan Stalls has built an organization committed to promoting wellness through walking.  Mile by mile his walk to connect has inspired many people in Denver CO and now he wants to expand it to other communities.  John is a man I’d put my money behind and I hope you will support him in his campaign to realize his vision for Life at 3MPH.  


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Pet Doctor Barbie and the Pet Food Dude

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Pet Doctor Barbie post. It’s past due for a new episode, yes? I think it’s time for Pet Doctor Barbie to meet one of her self-appointed arch nemeses, Pet Food Dude.


Episode 8


Hi Mrs. Sandford, good to see you and Muffin. It’s been a while!


I’m really glad you’re doing housecalls now. I want to get Muffin’s bump looked at again.

OK, I’ll just look at my notes here- 1 cm, top of head…mm hmmm… So where we left it one year ago was that you were going to go talk to your husband and then we were going to aspirate it.


Oh….yes. It’s grown quite a bit since then. We really need –


Yes, I wanted to talk to you about that. I’m a bit upset that you didn’t mention last time how his kibble might have caused this.


We don’t really understand why cancer occurs, Mrs. Sandford. The important thing now is to take care of this mass. I’d hate for you to blame yourself because of your food selection.


I don’t blame myself. I blame you. How much do you make from Big Pet Food anyway?

Actually nothing. But aren’t you feeding a boutique brand anyway? You told me last time you were feeding…let me check…organic grain free non-GMO preservative free all natural Wolf Chunks.


Yes, and you told me to stop and to go back to that one full of corn and despair!

Actually, no, I said Wolf Chunks were fine if that’s what you wanted. But about that mass…


I’ve been using turmeric on the advice of Pet Food Dude. Do you know Pet Food Dude? Can I borrow your computer? This guy knows all your tricks.


Sure, have at it. May I ask what tricks you are referring to?

Vaccines. Pet food. You know. Poison. They are full of free radicals that are overpowering the antioxidants and preventing cellular apoptosis no matter how many carrots I add.

Here’s his site. He knows your medicine is a lie and you’re really just after our money.


I’m going to log on and see what the forums say about your “cancer just happens” line. Oh wait….shoot. My membership is expired. Can you hand me my wallet?


Oh, I think I’ve seen his site. Is he the one who sells supplements and seminars on dog juicing?

Yes! He’s a pioneer. OK, credit card updated, I’m in.


OK, here we go: Have I at any point in the past fed kibble from Big Pet Food or gotten Muffin vaccinated? Yes, 10 years ago. So they say here that this is why he has cancer and it isn’t responding to the turmeric. They also said you would say exactly what you said about it not being their fault, and not to fall for it. What do you have to say to THAT?

Mrs. Sandford, I need to level with you here.


It really doesn’t matter to me what you’re feeding Muffin. I am glad you care about him and want to do what’s best for him. I do too! I promise! I’m having a really hard time talking to you when you’re typing at someone who is convinced I’m out to hurt you both. Right now I am just really worried about the size of this mass on his head. I think we need to get him in for a full evaluation ASAP.

*tap tap*    I’ll think about it. I haven’t tried coconut oil yet.

May I ask why you even had me come out?


I just wanted this all on DropCam- see it over there? It’ll be on Pet Food Dude’s YouTube tonight. He’s doing a “Vets Revealed” bit. Well, since you didn’t do anything I’m sure you aren’t expecting payment. You can see yourself out.


Pawcurious: With Veterinarian and Author Dr. V

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Baseball Assistance Dog

We just returned from my favorite weekend of the year – Ohio’s Challenger Baseball State Tournament, this year hosted by our Toledo group. The child in the chair is from Wheelersburg, Ohio, and brought an assistance Doxie to help out! Love the little helmet – how cute! Until next time, Good day, and good dog! Dog Blog

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Shelter Sunday: K-9 Lifesavers / Washington, DC

Meet Babe Brûlée! This cute collie mix puppy is living near our nation’s capitol with K-9 Lifesavers. Here’s what their website has to say about this adorable little girl. This litter of 7 was rescued from rural GA- they have been brought to the DC area and are now well taken care of and are […] Dog Blog

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South Florida mutt dubbed 'World's Ugliest Dog'

South Florida mutt dubbed 'World's Ugliest Dog'
Quasi Modo was born with a fused spine. She can run, jump, and play like other dogs, but she can't turn her head and when she sits, she looks like half a dog. Virginia Sayre adopted her from Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control when Quasi was just …
Read more on Sun Sentinel

City seeking dog owner in neglect case
Indianapolis Animal Care and Control is investigating a case of animal neglect that left a dog emaciated and malnourished. Mae, a female pit bull, was so hungry when officers rescued her from a Drexel Avenue home, the dog was trying to eat paper out of
Read more on WRTV Indianapolis

US court says drug-sniffing dog fails the smell test
That's the core finding of a potentially influential new ruling from the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which considered the question of how much police should rely on their K-9 partners to justify searches when a dog's own competence, as in Lex's
Read more on U.S. News & World Report

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Golden Poodle awards for July

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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Helline, model

Helline is a Lagotto Romagnolo, an Italian breed.  She lives part of the time in Menton and the rest in Luxembourg. She’s three and a half and as you can see enjoys playing ‘model.’ 


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