My dad’s famous family recipe for catfish

This is the first and probably only recipe I will ever post. It became an important recipe in my family even though no one actually prepared it. When I was growing up in Indiana my grandfather had a pond on his property which he stocked with catfish. My cousins and I (there were 14 of us) loved to take our fishing poles, squish a worm on a hook and catch them. Mostly they were small,…
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Food safety coaching (Part 3): Pest control

Keeping pests out of your business – What to look for and what action to take.

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10 Great Basil Recipes

10 Great Basil Recipes // Bubby and Bean
1. Fresh Basil Hummus, The View from Great Island  //  2. Thai Inspired Basil Margarita, Rachel Cooks Thai  //  3.  Layered Sun Dried Tomato and Basil Spread, My Recipes  //  4. White Pizza with Tomato and Basil, Cooking Light  //  5. Basil Pots de Creme with Balsamic Strawberry Reduction, Food Babbles  //  6. Basil Quinoa Cakes, Greatist  //  7. Fried Mozzarella, Basil, & Nectarine Stacks, Etc //  8. Succotash Salad with Basil,  The Kitchn  // 9. Lemon Snow Pudding with Basil Custard, House & Garden  // 10. Ricotta and Basil Fritters, Taste

As summer begins to wind down (noooo!), I become more appreciative than ever of the little harvest that we get from our container garden.  Getting to walk outside each day and pull a couple of tomatoes from their vines or carrots from the dirt is a simple pleasure in which I relish, and one that I miss throughout the winter.  This year, our tomatoes, usually the shining star of our garden, haven’t done as well as usual.  What has proven to yield all sorts of fresh, green goodness, however, has been our lone basil plant.  It continues to flourish, and I continue to try to dig around online in search of new and creative ways to use it in recipes.  For this edition of 10 Great, I’m sharing some of my basil recipe finds with you.  Some I’ve tried, and some are on the ‘to make’ list.  Some are more traditional, and some are quite unusual.  But they all contain this deliciously fragrant – and surprisingly healthy – summer herb. 

Are any of you growing basil this year?  What is your favorite basil recipe?  Here’s a quick tip: throw a couple basil leaves in your morning smoothie.  I did this as an experiment and fell in love – it’s incredibly refreshing.

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Scared Street Dog Goes From Running In Fear To Snuggling, Gets Loving

Scared Street Dog Goes From Running In Fear To Snuggling, Gets Loving
It only took a few moments in the arms of a gentle human for this pup to go from frightened stray to lovable lap dog. Professor Einstein, as he's now called, was abandoned and in bad shape, roaming the streets of Los Angeles. Then, the renowned canine …
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Semi driver involved in toll road crash reunited with runaway dog
Semi driver involved in toll road crash reunited with runaway dog. Justin Luther and his dog Tia are usually inseparable, but the dog bolted when the semitrailer Luther drives was involved in an accident. Fortunately, a kind stranger and the Humane
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Jul 19, the raw food diet I am using for my huskies………

3 years ago I finally put it together that one of my dogs has an allergy to kibble ingredients. I was feeding the best kibble I could find; Wellness and
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Shorty Rossi to Attend A Cause 4 Paws Fundraiser

Pit Boss star Shorty Rossi, who has helped to make great strides in promoting a positive image of dogs who are so often unjustly hounded by people’s prejudice, will attend a day of dogged…

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Brooklyn Flea Serves Up Specialty Ice Creams on National Ice Cream Day

Brooklyn Flea Serves Up Specialty Ice Creams on National Ice Cream Day
It's National Ice Cream Day, and vendors at Brooklyn Flea, which has served as the hub of specialty ice creams throughout the weekend, are offering the "Creme de la Creme." NY1's Tara Lynn Wagner filed the following report. Forget chocolate and vanilla.
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NCVMA: Controlling fleas
Once a flea infestation gets established in your home environment, it is tough to bring under control, because adult fleas produce thousands of offspring. The adult fleas you see on your pet are only 5 percent of the total flea problem. The other 95
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Does Complete and Balanced Pet Food Guarantee Good Health?

When a bag, can, or other container of pet food says complete and balanced, what does that mean?

 It simply means that the mix of ingredients in the pet food has enough of the nutrients needed in the diet to prevent most diseases due to deficiencies of proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins. Diets are tested to ensure they have the right amount of chemical nutrients and minerals, but the lack of moisture and healthy oils or addition of allergens and too many calories can cause chronic medical problems When pets are fed the recommended amounts, many will become obese. Others may develop ear infections, skin infections, and diarrhea from allergenic ingredients in the food. Pet foods may make your dog get fat, or itch, shake, and develop the runs. There’s no way to guarantee a pet food is good for all pets. That’s the lesson I learned. I share this information with all my clients and try to spread the word through my blogs and books.

 Most dogs and cats seem to thrive on commercial pet food. However, individual dogs and cats may need a different type of diet to stay healthy, prevent disease, or treat medical issues.Some dogs or cats may need more oils for a dry coat, less carbohydrates to lose weight, a different meat or gluten-free diet for allergies (skin, ear, or bowel issues), more moisture (canned, homemade or raw) for the prevention or treatment of urinary crystals or stones, or holistic, homemade, or raw pet food for severe allergies, bowel issues or seizures. Most commercial dry food is geared for the average pet without health issues. These mixes of ingredients may not be healthy for a pet with allergies to wheat, obese pets, or those with urinary problems. Even raw food aficionados forget that not all dogs do well on a raw diet if they are fed a raw diet with beef or chicken, and the pet is allergic to a certain meat. The type of meat, the presence of grain or glutens, the amount of oils, and the percentage of moisture all can affect the health of your pet.

Where do you turn for advice? Can you ask your vet? Most veterinarians are trained to advise a different prescription diet for each medical issue. These diets may work, but may not be readily eaten by some pets. Some of the dry medical diets aren’t really much better for the pet’s health than most commercial foods. One urinary diet may help with crystals, but has wheat in it, that may cause skin problems. Prescription diets may be too expensive for some people and the pet suffers because they are offered no alternatives.

What are you supposed to do? Can you ask your vet about other types of diets that may work? How about homemade or a raw diet? Feeding canned food versus a kibble diet for weight loss? Feeding raw, meaty, bones to keep teeth clean? Most vets won’t know practical nutritional advice, because we were not trained to give it. Millions of pets are thriving on different diets, but most veterinarians are only trained to give advice on commercially “complete and balanced” diets and their prescription diets. Don’t blame your vet for not giving you alternatives like a homemade or raw diet or even simply supplementing your pet’s diet with healthy “human food”. We just weren’t trained to do that.

10 years ago, I started questioning the way we feed our pets. I had to reeducate myself and learn nutritional principles. I read 100’s of nutritional articles and labels on commercial food and raw food. I read books on feeding raw food and home cooking, as well as many books on human nutrition. As a result, I started advising my clients to feed different ingredients depending on their pets needs. For example, many purebred dogs and some cats need to avoid wheat-filled treats and food. Avoiding glutens in sensitive pets may cure ear problems, skin problems, bowel issues, and even seizures. With the success of nutritional counseling, I saw that different types of ingredients and moister food (canned, homemade, or raw), helped with weight problems or helped control medical problems like preventing urinary crystals from forming in both dogs and cats. I came to realize that our pets are individuals, and that each may need more than the common commercial kibble for optimum health. Some pets may need different ingredients in the dry food. Other pets may need to eat moister canned food, raw food, or home cooked food to be healthier, leaner, or to help with medical problems.

After my research and success, I wrote Dog Dish Diet: Sensible Nutrition for Your Dog’s Health in 2009. I updated a couple sections and published the second edition in 2011. Many clients wanted more slow cooking recipes that were in the book, so I published an eBook. Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet with slow cooking recipes and nutritional advice for both dogs and cats. There isn’t a day that goes by when a client or reader tells or emails me that they changed the type of food or the ingredients in the diet to help with a medical problem. I am so happy to know that I have truly helped pet owners become part of the health care team to treat or prevent chronic medical problems.

I’m convinced that the right mix of ingredients may often prevent most problems or the need for medication. If you want to treat or prevent medical problems in your pet, check out my blogs, you tube videos (, and my books, Dog Dish Diet and Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet .

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Incredibly Touching Story Of A Dog’s Last Day On Earth

An amazingly beautiful and heartfelt story of a dog named Duke Roberts and his last day on earth. All photos and accompanying text with kind permission by photographer Robyn Arouty

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Kako konturisati lice (FULL)

Hvala za gledanje!
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