Team seeks source of body, head lice pathology

Team seeks source of body, head lice pathology
Pittendrigh, working with John M. Clark of the University of Massachusetts and others, previously compared the sequences of protein-coding genes in head and body lice, finding the two belonged to the same species, despite body lice being bigger than

Lice Happens owners to talk shop with Annapolis entrepreneurs
M.J. Eckert and Nancy Fields of Lice Happens will be the keynote speakers for the Annapolis Entrepreneurs and Inventors Program on Thursday. Sponsored by the Annapolis Economic Development Corp., the program is designed to give entrepreneurs and 

Mom totes knife to school after lice call
JEFFERSON — A Kingsville Elementary School parent was arrested Wednesday afternoon after allegedly bringing a knife on school property when she came to pick up her child because she had head lice. Dora L. Hannold, 46, of 3947 Gore Road, Conneaut 
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Love—it’s what makes a Subaru–and a very effective ad campaign for dog lovers

Three years ago Subaru began their Love campaign. By tapping into the power of love, they have doubled market share and exceeded eleven other car makers on a list of best selling cars. Instead of showing sexy men and women driving cars like maniacs, [Professional drivers on closed course. Do not attempt] Subaru has tapped into the strongest human emotion by showing family vignettes — a father imagining his teenage daughter in the driver’s seat…
The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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Fidji, the Groendale

This beautiful Groendale (Belgian Shepherd Dog) is another I met in the veterinary surgery the other day.  She’s called Fidji and is 3 years old. She lives in Cap d’Ail.  I love the beautiful sensitive faces of this breed.

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Big Lice says 'No Motion No Calypso'

head lice memo

Image by andres musta
inside joke for anyone following the OLRB hearings this week

Big Lice says 'No Motion No Calypso'
BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – DESPITE declaring that he would not be competing in this year's Senior Calypso Monarch Competition, Duncan 'Big Lice' Wattley is expected to release a song that explains the reasons for his non-participation. The calypsonian of 

Advocate Editorial Board opinion: Providing education district's main goal
The CDC's website says: "Students diagnosed with live head lice do not need to be sent home early from school; they can go home at the end of the day, be treated and return to class after appropriate treatment has begun. … Head lice can be a nuisance
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Wow. There was a lot of great information in this …

Wow. There was a lot of great information in this post. Some dogs really do get a bad rap, every pit or rot I've ever met was just the sweetest dog. In fact, when I got bitten, it was by a golden retriever, which I always thought was considered a gentler breed. Thankfully, Darryl Isaacs ( helped me with my recovery. But that's beside the point, thank you for the post, it was most enjoyable.

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Dangers the Elements and Chemicals Pose to Our Pets

Many dogs love to play in the snow… some prefer not, but they still must go outside.  And whether you have a fenced-in yard or your dog goes for walks, there are some dangers you should be aware of and precautions a pet parent should take.
Below I list the most common threats:

Rock Salt and Ice Melts - I highly recommend those precious paws be protected!!! 


See my blog post about dogs and cats — yes, kitties, too, wearing booties   : )

The chemicals can burn and irritate paws and skin, cause stomach and intestinal upset, if ingested, and burns to the tongue and mouth on contact, from licking their feet and body.

Avoid walking in salted areas, and wash your pet’s feet thoroughly when home.  Check in between each toe!!! I do this for my furry friends after every walk regardless if it’s snowing. : )   There are products such as gels and ointments to apply which are intended to protect the paws; however, most times they actually trap the small particles, become quite challenging to clean, and may cause more harm than help.

AntifreezeEthylene glycol, a very sweet-tasting and extremely toxic chemical, is the main ingredient in most antifreeze products.  If ingested, very rapidly, damage to the nervous system and kidneys may occur, if immediate medical intervention is not obtained.

Some companies have changed their formula as a result of a 12-year old boy petitioning via Change.Org for a bitter-tasting and smelling ingredient to be added to deter pets and children.

Frostbite - See my blog post which included an article about frostbite, written by Dr. Ernie Ward:

Grooming and nail trimming is essential during the wintertime, as any excessively long hair will allow for snow to accumulate on your baby’s fur, especially on their tail, belly, and in between their toes!  If their nails are long, it will cause their toes to spread while walking, allowing a greater chance for snow and ice to accumulate.

Snowbanks and drifts - The snow acts as a stepladder right over the fence for your doggie! See photo above - Photo Credit:  Dr. Garret Pachtinger

Ice - Obvious risk of slip-and-fall injury to you and your pet.   When possible, walk in well-lit areas and avoid wet spots, which may actually be frozen.

Loss of Scent Trail - Please be sure your beloved pet has current ID tags and a microchip with current contact information and photo on file!!!  Many dogs cannot find their way home after it’s snowed due to the inability to pick up and follow familiar scents!

My previous blog on Microchips:…

Be safe and have fun out there… and remember:   AVOID YELLOW SNOW!   : )

Helping to keep beloved furry babies healthy and safe… and pet parents informed!


I’ve Got the ‘Scoop’!, LLC, in Palmyra

PetsitUSA Blog

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1303 mmmf Deer Tick [hr]-23

Check out these Tick images:

1303 mmmf Deer Tick [hr]-23

Image by nooccar
Deer Tick performing at McDowell Mountain Music Fetival in March 2013. Photo by Devon Christopher Adams

Ovipositing American dog tick

Image by Armed Forces Pest Management Board
Ovipositing American dog tick, Dermacentor variabilis, with unengorged female (upper) and male (lower) specimens, collected from American black bear, Ursus americanus, in Warren County, New Jersey, June 2013. Photo by James L. Occi.

Crab or Tick?

Image by A7design1
I found is at the Tsukiji Market the other day. It’s pretty big!! And looks like a tick. Do you really eat this thing? I’m a regular at the market but never seen anything that’s as crazy as this.

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Abandoned teacup Chihuahua is stealing hearts in Sacramento

We’ll probably never know how an 8 ounce 3 week old Chihuahua puppy turned up on a sidewalk in Sacramento. Her eyes weren’t open and she couldn’t walk so the Sacramento SPCA foster care coordinator, Sarah Varanini, took her in. This involved bottle feeding her every 3 or 4 hours round the clock for a few weeks. Then Varanini discovered that the puppy they named Nellie had some pretty expensive tastes. She loved meat flavored…
The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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How To Manage a Houseful of Dogs

Being a dog owner is a wonderful, fulfilling experience. Just ask any dog parent. But maybe one dog isn’t enough for you and the idea of finding a 24 hour a day playmate/babysitter for your current pet is beginning to pique your interest.

Before embarking on a hunt for a second (or third) dog it’s best if you understand there can be some real challenges to raising more than one dog in your home. And you’re not alone in thinking that life might be better with two dogs. Many pet owners with two, or even several dogs in their home, say that more than one dog in the household makes their life a lot more interesting.

If you’ve definitely decided you want to add another dog as a companion, both to you and your current pet, I offer the following advice: When you’re deciding on which dog will be the new addition to the family, arrange a meeting between your current dog and the new one to be sure the dogs will get along well together. You’ll want them to romp and play with each other and not fight over who’s the “big dog”. If it’s possible, arrange for the dogs to meet each other away from your home. If you’re adopting a dog from a shelter, call and check with the staff to see if it’s okay to bring your current dog with you so you can determine if there’ll be any behavior issues between them.

If you don’t currently have a four-legged best friend you might want to consider adopting two puppies at the same time rather than raising one dog to adulthood and then later introducing another puppy or adult dog to the household. If you do decide to adopt two puppies at the same time, for example two from the same litter, those furry little adorable animals can be a major challenge. Think “training and housebreaking” times two, plus numerous other responsibilities that go along with raising a new puppy. Handling two puppies at the same time would analogous to raising twins.

Let’s assume you don’t own a pet and you’re going to adopt two puppies at the same time. You’ll have to buy two of everything the puppies are going to need; that’s two collars, two leashes, two sets of chew toys and two…well, you get the idea…two of every single thing you buy. You should also buy two separate beds and blankets, because as the puppies begin growing they will want a bed they can call their own.

If you choose to have more than one dog or puppy, each one will have an inbred need to demand your undivided attention at times. The best way to handle that need is to spend one-on-one time with each dog whenever possible. Focusing your attention on playing or training one dog at a time should prevent them from competing with each other when they’re together with you. If you don’t do this your dogs may become dependent on each other for companionship and you could end up being regarded as just the person who feeds them and gives them yummy treats. Remember, your goal when you had the idea of more than one dog in the house, was to provide companionship to you as well as to each other.

Whether they are puppies or adult dogs, they will need individual training sessions in order for the training to reinforce itself in their brains. A good way to handle this is to take only one dog out for a walk at a time, and then take the other one out separately. If you take turns this way your dogs will be able to bond quicker with you and will see you as master of the house and the one they depend on for every need.

You should always feed both dogs at the same time each day. As long as you feed the dogs identical food, and they finish eating about the same time as each other, there shouldn’t be any problems with one dog eating the other one’s food. Each dog will need its own food dish but usually don’t mind sharing a common water bowl.

I know people who are raising as many as six dogs at a time and when one passes away they just go get another one. A friend of mine lives on a 4 acre ranch and has five dogs of different mixed breeds. Those dogs are always happy, running around chasing each other or chasing anything that comes into their sight. If one dog doesn’t want to play when another does, it’s quite easy to find another willing playmate.

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Feed The World – #8 Pest Control

Every farm suffers from pests and every farmer needs a way to deal with them! watch me craft a deadly weapon to take out the zombies, we also have a trespass…

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