Cool Mite images

A few nice Mite images I found:

Spider mite damage on corn

Image by agrilifetoday
Spider mites feeding on corn can eventually cause enough damage for the leaf to die and cause yield loss. (Texas AgriLife Extension Service photo by Dr. Roy Parker)

Red mite

Image by Arenamontanus
A giant mite (almost 4 millimeters long!) charging through the undergrowth.

spider mite

Image by Stephen Begin
please View On Black
It’s a mite, it’s a spider,…it’s a spider mite…so the first guess was right then. Strange little beast.

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Puppy swallows diamond earring. Are you missing one?

Several bloggers have put me to shame because apparently examining your dogs’ poops is something good doggie mamas do regularly. Who knew? Valerie MacDonald and her 5-month-old Westie, Max, met a hiker on their daily walk in Culross, Scotland. Max loves to smother people with kisses. Without anyone realizing it, Max the puppy nibbled off a diamond earring. The next morning she found that when the puppy had his morning poo, there was…
The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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Did I Do the Right Thing for My Dog?

I had asked this question in the cat section but now wanted to ask this question of dog lovers to get their perspective on this too…
I found a stray kitten (I would guess about 10 weeks old) in my car engine that I took in for the last 3 weeks but I wound up giving her away out of concern for my dog. I have a 9 year old cocker spaniel who has always been the only animal and baby in the family. She has always been a jealous dog when it came to me and other animals but she seemed to be dealing with the kitten a lot better than I expected..they even slept in bed together one time but i am just not sure how fair it really was to my dog…perhaps the whole thing was upsetting to my dog but maybe she was just too warn out due to her needing to be groomed badly and her age (my dog is 9 years old) and being overweight to do much about it. To top it off the kitten was also constantly playfully batting at my dog and antagonizing my dog. I am sure the kitten was only playing but of course my dog does not know that and it did seem like my dog would get irritated by it sometimes.
The kitten was very sweet and loving in other ways (she loves to cuddle) but I just kept feeling it was unfair towards my dog to have the kitten around like that and of course since I can not talk to my dog and ask her I have to just try my best to use my judgement on making such a decision.
If it were not for my concern with my dog I really would have kept the kitten as I did grow quite attached to her.
Anyway, I would like to know if others feel I did the right thing here? Would you have done the same thing in my situation too? Do you think it would have been unfair to keep the kitten with my 9 year old dog who is used to being the only baby? Or was I overanalyzing things here and maybe my dog really was alright with the kitten being around? Like I said, it would be so much easier if I could just be able to talk to my dog to know for sure, but obviously that is not going to happen.
Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance.


I think it would be fair to keep the kitten. Just spend a little more time with your dog and baby him so he knows you still love him.

Source: Did I Do the Right Thing for My Dog?

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Lice Moving Through Hair 2

Videos and information on how to get rid of lice can be found on my website Not everyone has seen a louse before, now you will know what they look like if you ever come across them. Lice are becoming more problematic as people use and abuse lice killing products. Lice are becoming immune to the poisons. Nit picking, manual lice removal, and combing with a nit come is becoming the only way to rid your head of the bugs. The lice movies I am uploading are to help you identify them and my website will help you get rid of them and understand them better.

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Japan. Je ne sais quoi

Why walk across Japan?  

The first most obvious reason is that cancer is pandemic and I must take our message and mission international and next year I go to do just that.  

The second reason is Japan is the most progressive society when it comes to animal rights.  When you lose a companion animal federal law mandates a day off for mourning.  Having been there before, it’s more than that.  I saw the statue of Hachiko at Shibuya Station (LINK) and his story has stayed with me since even well before Malcolm first came into my life.
Japan is also a technologically advanced society and it’ll be a fact finding mission for me about canine cancer as well.  What’s the incidence and prevalence of cancer?  What is the exposure to environmental risks and what’s the difference in diet and nutrition?  These things I shall discover.  
There are a few other reasons that, well, I’ll talk about later.  
The nearby image is a picture I crudely drew in my moleskin of our next challenge, walking from the Southern most island, Kyushu, to the Northern most, Hokkaido.  From cape to cape it’s roughly 2,000 miles.  

2 Dogs 2,000 Miles

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Is this a Stone Age fashion statement?

Archeologists excavating a Stone Age site near Leipzig have found a bizarre ornamental purse studded with a hundred dog teeth. It is believed to be from a grave site dating to about 2500 B.C. Dog teeth were all the rage back then, commonly used as hair ornaments and necklaces for both men and women, indicating the prominence of dogs in Stone Age life. This item is unusual though and it is not known…
The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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Nice Topical photos

Some cool Topical images:


Image by alexhughescartoons


Image by Nottingham Vet School
Betnovate cream box

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The Jumas versus the Freemans

I’m waiting until next week to put up the official stories of our week in Tanzania. I’m doing this because as far as I can tell, there are about 2 of you who aren’t on vacation this week and I want everyone possible to hear about the awesomeness that was this trip. But if you’re dying for pictures with no context, there is a big pile of them on Flickr that has no narrative attached but does feature the team looking determined and badass and stuff. It will all make sense next week.

But for the rest of you, I’m sure you’re dying to know what happened to the luggage that was left in limbo when last we spoke, and let me tell you, that is a story in and of itself.

The Airport Run

So. As things stood, when we returned from safari on Saturday Alana and Toccoa were still without bags. Now, driving around Arusha in search of luggage is no small feat; it’s not like you can just hop in the car and go. You need a driver. We had been using Freeman, a really nice guy from Arusha with a particularly nice minivan and a decidedly non-traditional tendency for punctuality for all of our airport runs, and it was Freeman who was then secured to help the team locate their bags.

When we came back to the lodge after the safari, Toccoa heard from her friend in Frankfurt that they would not give her a luggage update since she was not the owner of the bags in question, but they did seem reasonably confident that the bags were not in Frankfurt. So, the bags were somewhere on the African continent, which was at least some sort of news. Toccoa called the Ethiopian Airlines 800 number, only to be connected with the same (and likely only) customer service rep she spoke to the day prior, who snapped at her, “I TOLD you to wait three business days!” and then hung up on her again.

Being the woman of action that she is, Toccoa then decided to hitch a ride with Freeman to the airport to pick up Dr. Kirkhope, which seems like a reasonable plan until you learn that his flight touched down at 2:30 am and we were beginning our donkey clinics the next morning. Then it just becomes nuts. However, talking to an actual person sitting behind a Luggage Services desk seemed like her best hope, so she decided to give it a shot. The alarm went off at 1:30, which she slept through until I threw a flip flop at her, then she got up and headed out the door while I went back to sleep.

Juma Has Them

Around 6:30 or so, I heard the door open. I cracked open an eye, listening for the telltale scrape of bags being pulled into the room, and heard nothing but footsteps. Sighing, I dozed back off.

Shortly thereafter, we got up. “So how’d it go?” I asked.

“Fine,” Toccoa replied. “But the new guy’s flight was three hours late.”

“Ugh,” I said, and then, “Is he OK? Are we going to like him?”

“He’s fine,” she said. “Then again, he slept most of the way back.”

With that, the conversation turned to luggage. Given the long delay, when Toccoa got to the airport, she had pleeeeenty of time to talk to luggage services while she waited for the delayed flight to touch down. After some scribbling and shuffling of papers, the luggage services desk announced that yes, her bags had indeed arrived.

“They did?” she asked ecstatically. “When?”

The clerk shuffled some more papers. “Yesterday.”

“WHAT?” she said. And then, “So, where are they?”

Shuffle shuffle. “They are not here.” Shuffle. “Juma has them.”

“Juma?” she asked. “Who’s Juma?”

There was a long pause. “Juma… for the airline,” the clerk said unconvincingly.

“Did he bring them to the office downtown?” she asked. The clerk shrugged no. “Juma has them.”

“So now what?”

The clerk scribbled down a phone number. “Call him.”

Freeman, indignant that Juma had been driving around with the bags for a full day, suggested calling Juma immediately, right there at 3 am, since they had a couple of hours to kill anyway. Toccoa, wisely deducing that customer service was likely not among Juma’s strong suits, convinced Freeman that they stood a better chance of actually retrieving the luggage if they waited until after dawn to start ringing Juma up.

Eventually, Rudy arrived- as did, thankfully, his luggage. “Wow, that was so nice of you to come and meet me at the airport!” he said to Toccoa, who didn’t have the heart to tell him that she only did it because she needed to ask after her bags. Well, I guess he knows now. So the exhausted team rolled into Ahadi Lodge at 6:30, giving them a full three hours before they needed to be ready for day one of donkey work.

Mission Jum-possible

And while we were off doing said donkey work, Freeman was busily driving around Arusha knocking on doors, making cell phones ring, and quite possibly yelling a little. Alana’s bags were sitting precisely where they should have been, at the Precision Airline office, needing only someone to actually show up to the office in order to be retrieved. Toccoa’s bags, well, that took a little more work. They were not at the Ethiopian Airlines office. They were at Juma’s house.

According to Freeman, Juma ignored the first five calls. Then he began a campaign of calling every ten minutes, on the dot. After call 36 or so, Juma finally picked up.

“You need to bring the bags to Ahadi Lodge,” said Freeman.

“No,” said Juma.

“What do you mean no?” asked Freeman. “Do I need to keep calling you all afternoon?”

Juma sighed deeply. “You come to my house and get the bags, then. But I’m not supposed to give them to you.”

It was after a full morning and early afternoon of these shenanigans that Freeman tracked us down at our location in a local marketplace. It wasn’t too hard to spot the conspicuous team of mizungus in our matching cornflower blue scrubs, so he stopped by to let Toccoa and Alana know that, at long last, their baggage was safe and sound at the lodge. It was a fiasco. An imbroglio. A mystery and action sequence worthy of Ocean’s 11. And it all worked out.

And this is why Toccoa looks so happy in this picture. Here she is is with her baggage savior, Freeman:

And the thing is, for every Juma, there are five Freemans. This was my experience of Africa.

Pawcurious Vet Blog: With Pet Blogger and Veterinarian Dr. V

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Can Someone Give Me Advice on Dog Training?

My dog is a pitbull/boxer mix and is about 2 years old, and he doesn't do so well on the leash… I like to take him for walks but it's hard when you're trying to walk an 80 pound dog that just wants to pull you around. How can I get him to stop pulling and just walk calmly beside me?


Leash training can be difficult, but here's a little help!

Your dog, believe it or not, has made himself alpha dog in your home. He is the leader of the pack, and walks ahead of you during your outing. He sees himself as dominant and the boss!

To change that, here's a simple way I train my dogs to walk properly.

When you are about to go for a walk, stand inside the door, with the door open. Stand your ground and don't move if the dog tries to pull you. He'll then realize pulling will get him nowhere and is useless. Once your dog is done jumping around or licking you to get you going, calmly and confidently walk out of your house.

Once your dog even THINKS about walking in front of you, I want you to firmly, but not angrily pull him up and to the side. This will throw him off balance. Tell him "No." In a firm tone and once again stand your ground and stand where you are. Your dog may try to pull you, or he may whine or jump. Don't move, and don't give in to this behavior. He's trying to boss you around. When he calms down and stops whining, start walking again. When he starts to go ahead and pull, repeat the cycle.

It may take some time, but repitition is key! Continue to show him you are boss and he will be a happier, more obediant dog.

Fun fact, dogs usually don't like being the alpha. They can be very stressed from it, always making sure you are "in check." A submissive dog is a happy member of the pack, and not a stressed Leader.

Source: Can Someone Give Me Advice on Dog Training?

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Cool Mite images

Check out these Mite images:

“Red ball” water mite

Image by Bushman.K
This mite is just 1mm (1/25") and it’s a kind of my "childhood mystery". When I was four, I was amazed by so small and so bright red objects, moving fast and randomly in the pond water.

And this photo is my first attempt to take picture of such a small living object. This morning I collected three of them in Botanical garden of Academy of Science, where I saw them first time 28 years ago. Than I had to keep them in cool place to reduce their extreme activity during "photo session". Tomorrow I’ll release them in the park pond near my home.

Itch Mite Demon

Image by swanksalot
Itch mite photo after I clicked "enhance" in iPhoto 7.….

Velvet mite

Image by karenandbrademerson
Info from the very nice Katleen Walker at Univ. of Arizona: "This is not actually a bug (insect), but a velvet mite (related to spiders). Most of the year they live hidden away, but just at the start of the monsoon season they emerge briefly in great numbers to reproduce. They are not harmful to humans, and I think they look charming." We think so too!

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