Dog Food Almost Kills Second Dog

It pays to trust your instincts when it comes to taking care of your dog.

In February a woman from Indiana found her 10 year old dog was lethargic and dehydrated.  She quickly took her to the vet where her condition worsened and she began to have seizures and going into cardiac arrest.  Her Dog, Abbey soon died.She asked the vet if it could be the Pedigree dog food that she had been feeding her dog and the vet said that he didn’t theink it was the cause.  Her Dog Abbey soon died.

Three weeks later she got a new puppy and fed her the same exact food.  The same thing happened to the puppy and she was rushed to the vet.  This time the vet listened when she told him she had fed her the same food and they immediately put her on IV’s and antibiotics.  Fortunately the puppy recovered.

Later she found that the Pedigree dog food she had purchased in February at a discount store because she couldn’t find it any where else had actually been recalled in August the previous year.

She stated “If when they had a recall they just set a little tag out where the food used to sit on the shelf why its not on there I never would have bought this.”

The vet bill for her two dogs came to $ 1400


Dog Food Comparison

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True or false: The World Vets Technical Animal Course rocked

“What time does your flight land?”

My husband asks me this every time I go to Nicaragua (OK, it’s only been twice, but still.) He asks because the State Department brief on Nicaragua mentions armed robberies along the highways at night, and he is worried that this will happen to me. And I appreciate his concern, I do, but I sometimes wonder what the State Department would say if it were telling travelers what to do when travelling out of LAX, an airport I lived by for 5 years, or what he would have said had he known I was hopping into a taxi by myself at 1 am in Nairobi, something he didn’t think twice about when I mentioned it after the fact but everyone who has actually BEEN to Nairobi thought was a particularly gutsy stupid thing to do.

The point is, you take calculated risks all the time in life, and do the best you can to protect yourself, because at the end of the day the coolest things in life require that tiny element of risk. Why did the chicken cross the road and all of that. Despite wanting to be able to talk about my mad danger cred, I have to be honest: not all countries in Central and South America can say the same, but Nicaragua was not a worrisome destination for me. At all.

For those who don’t recall why I am talking about Nicaragua, I was there a few weeks ago as part of the Inaugural Technical Animal Rescue course with World Vets. I didn’t talk about it too much beforehand for the simple fact that I really didn’t know what we were going to be doing, other than ‘learning technical animal rescue’ and that I would need a life preserver, but the element of surprise is what makes these adventures so great. And because I ended the course with a test, you get one too. That’s how we roll here. That’s how you LEARN, people.

True or false: Most travelers to Nicaragua end up robbed, jailed, or otherwise victimized.

The area of Nicaragua we were in (Granada) feels very safe. Violent crime is certainly more rare than it is here in San Diego, and the only assault I had was on my dignity during that awkward massage (but I digress). All that stuff you hear about the terrible Nicaraguan jails on Locked Up Abroad? Told by people who were smuggling drugs. Don’t do that. This place is crawling with tourists, who come with money to spend, and the community doesn’t want to jeopardize that by showing people a bad time.

True or false: Granada is ugly.

Granada is gorgeous. It is one of the oldest cities in the Americas, founded in 1542. That means there are lots of old, old churches;

Strange incongruous city blocks whose architecture depends on what century it was built in and which pirate burned it down;

And walls stretching to the horizon, punctuated by doors that lead into the unknown; could be a pharmacy. Could be a pile of rubble. Or it could be a beautifully manicured courtyard, such as that at Casa la Merced, where we were fortunate enough to stay.

I opened my bedroom door to this every day. Hideous.

True or false: World Vets hired some random bozo to teach the course as a front because we all just wanted to go to Granada.

On the first day of the course, we met our instructor, Kim Little from Rescue 3. The first thing we learned about him is that he has been teaching rescue courses professionally for three decades.

The second thing I learned is that he is teaching us the same material taught to the HSUS Disaster Response team and all the other big players you see on the news when disasters happen domestically. So we learned the real deal, FEMA certified, official course. By the way, if you ever invite Kim over for dinner, which you should, ask him to tell you stories from his rescue work during Hurricane Katrina. There’s a story with a tiger, and another story involving a massive pig, a crate, and a film crew.

And the third thing I learned was:


This is important, as I will get to when I talk about how during lake practice I accidentally demonstrated how one might accidentally kill both oneself and one’s victim during a water rescue, if one forgets this cardinal law.

True or false: Technical Animal Rescue involves the most complicated and expensive elaborate machinery that exists.

After our first day doing classwork, reviewing the hydrodynamics of swift water rescue and me getting to gleefully nerd out on vectors and flow diagrams, we sat down with the meat and potatoes of any rescue team: bags of ropes and carabiners.

It’s amazing what you can do with rope. No, really.

We spent more time doing knots than anything else in this course. Knots, and knots, and more knots. Knots that swivel and knots that pull and knots with two loops and knots that lay flat.

Those who have done climbing fared better than the others, but we all got it eventually. Dr. Augusto Barragan from Panama, seen here with Dr. Lester Tapia from Granada, was particularly adept. He spent a lot of time sitting opposite me trying to explain in his non-native language what I was doing wrong.

Answer: taking too many pictures.

Jen, having quickly mastered the lessons due to her climbing experience, started to freestyle.

Kim had but three precious days to whip this motley bunch of veterinary do-gooders into cool, calm rescue pros who could grab a duffle bag of ropes and clips, look over the edge of a ravine at a dog and human in distress, and figure out how to magically transform those tools into a successful rescue. After that first day of tumbled knots, things were looking grim, but we persevered.

Day One: The newly formed team gathers at the defunct Granada train station, wondering what we had in store.

But did we learn enough? Stay tuned.

Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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Holly Hunter To Star in New Play Off Broadway

Holly Hunter To Star in New Play Off Broadway
The lights are definitely back on at the Flea Theater in TriBeCa, which like many downtown theaters struggled in the wake of Hurrican Sandy. The Flea announced on Friday that Holly Hunter, an Oscar winner for “The Piano,” will star in the premiere of
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At the Flea Theater, Learning to Share the Stage
Starting this week, Mr. Iskandar is bringing his work to TriBeCa's Flea Theater with "Restoration Comedy." The production, which runs through December, is an expansive take on Amy Freed's play, which knits together two late-17th-century plays into a
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Zestos event previews future store offerings
Volunteers helped organize items to be sold during a Flea for All this Friday and Saturday. The indoor event will be in a downtown Le Mars building that will soon house the Shepherd's Closet. Zestos, a faith-based nonprofit organization, plans to open
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Ft. Lauderdale Water Extraction And Mold Removal

In the aftermath of water damage, there are many things that need to be done quickly, First, you need to call the services of a Ft. Lauderdale water extraction company. These professionals will be able to come to your home and assist you with the cleanup of your building. One of the main reasons why [...]

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The Importance Of Hiring A Delray Beach Flood Damage Repair Company

Anyone living in the Delray Beach area that owns a home knows how devastating water damage can potentially be. One of the best ways for property owners to protect themselves from the damaging aftermath of water damage is to have the phone number for a local Delray Beach water removal company. These water removal Delray [...]

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Help a Mom: New drug kills lice in one treatment; what's worked for you?

Help a Mom: New drug kills lice in one treatment; what's worked for you?
Lice, that common annoyance of childhood, has a new enemy. It's ivermectin, a drug used since the 1980s for parasitic diseases. A study has found that a single application of an ivermectin lotion kills lice in three out of four children and with no nit

Loss for public health: FDA lags behind the rest of the world, refuses to
As the parent of a young toddler, I haven't yet had the pleasure of experiencing the panic that happens when your kid comes home with lice. But I have been warned that it is a fairly inevitable part of going to school. So I'm bracing myself for the
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New pet owners have many options for pet care

For the third year, PetsitUSA is pleased to be part of the Pet’Net blogging event.

I grew up with pets and having to take their needs into consideration is something that is second nature to me. But, for many people who adopt a pet after never having one, it can be a bit of an adjustment. It’s likely things will come up that you hadn’t even considered. As a lifelong pet person though, I can tell you, having a constant companion, always eager to give you unconditional love makes it all worthwhile!

A potential adopter will need to consider quite a few things before adopting a pet. Some of these things include deciding what type/breed to adopt, what to feed, where the pet will sleep, training, veterinary care, and much, much more. Deciding who will care for your pet when you can’t do it yourself is another. There may be times when you need to work late or leave town for work or vacation. If you’ adopt a puppy or young dog, it may just mean the little guy needs a break while you’re at work every day. And, although nobody wants to think about it, if you’re in an emergency situation you’ll want someone you can rely on to care for your pets.

Regardless of the type of pet you adopt, it’s important to think ahead when it comes to providing stand-in care for your pet. Here are some options available to pet owners:

Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers

For most pets this is going to be the best choice. Pet sitters and dog walkers can make life pretty easy for you and your pets. The fact that they come to your home to care for your cat, dog, or other pets means your pets will be comfortable in their own home, with their familiar surroundings. They’ll be able to sleep in their own bed, eat their regular food, and be kept on a routine as close to their usual routine as possible.

Hiring a pet sitter or dog walker to do mid-day visits for puppies and active dogs. This way your dog gets out for a needed potty break, but it also helps break up the boredom of being home alone for hours on end.

For more information on pet sitters, how to choose one, and how to make the most of your pet sitter/pet owner relationship see our Pet Owner Resources section on PetsitUSA.

Boarding Kennels

This is an option many people choose for dogs that have separation anxiety or are too protective of their home environment to allow a pet sitter in the home. A stay in a kennel can also be a good way for your dog to interact with other dogs if he is dog-friendly. Although staying home is normally the best choice for cats, some kennels have separate boarding facilities for cats.

In-Home Boarding

Taking your pet to the someone else’s home is another option available to pet owners. This may be a friend or someone who offers this as a business. If you do choose this option, be sure to visit the home and ask what precautions will be taken to keep your pet safe, if there are kids, other pets, etc.

Friends and Relatives

It may seem like asking a friend or relative to care for Fido or Fluffy would be the best bet. However, friends and relatives may feel obligated to say yes to your request to leave Fido or Fluffy with them while you’re away. This may result in care that’s not quite up to your standards. For this reason it’s best to have someone with a pet care business care for your pets. Most often they will be insured, will often be trained in pet first aid, and will have protocols in place to deal with aspects of the care-giving. Having a business relationship with your pet’s caregiver also gives you more freedom to expect a certain quality of care that you may not feel comfortable expressing with a friend or family member.

There really is no one right choice for pet care. Although, after so many years in the pet sitting business, I am sorely biased and believe an in-home pet sitter is the best choice for the majority of pets. Ultimately though, your choice will depend on your needs, what you’re comfortable with, and what will be best for your pet. Regardless of the type of care you decide on though, it’s wise to have something in place before you need it. Trying to find a kennel or pet sitter at the last minute can be stressful, if not impossible. This is especially true around the holidays. So when you adopt your new pet it’s a good idea to take a look at the various options to see what will work best for you and your new pet.


 Pet Net Contributor

PetsitUSA is pleased to be participating in this year’s Pet ‘Net Adoption Event 2012 by

Be sure to visit for a list of other bloggers taking part in the event, and a link to their blog posts. And while you’re there be sure to see the voting module and enter your zip code. Once all the zips are tallied, a $ 5000 donation from will be given to a local animal shelter in the winning community.

PetsitUSA Blog

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Stop Excessive Dog Chewing in 5 Easy Steps

Chewing is a very natural physical activity for dogs, however you would not want to tolerate this kind of activity with them as this is quite unhealthy. Finding different solutions to stop dog chewing can be quite a challenge, but is not totally impossible.
Dog Food Blog

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UOG: Pest Uses Plant Hairs for Protection

UOG: Pest Uses Plant Hairs for Protection
Guam – Everyone needs to eat. But it's a dog-eat-dog world, and with the exception of the top predators, everyone also gets eaten. To cope with this vicious reality, a tiny insect that eats plants has learned to employ the plant's hairs for physical
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Ash dieback one of ten 'epidemic' tree pests and diseases
She said that a total of 19 pests and diseases are now attacking trees in the UK, of which 10 are considered to be at the 'epidemic stage'. At least a further 11 deadly diseases are a potential threat “on the horizon”. The first really dangerous

Homeowners asked to help in battle against citrus pest
The recent discovery of and Asian citrus psyllid in Tulare County threatens the ability for homeowners to grow citrus in their backyards, as well as the livelihood of thousands of California citrus industry workers and the $ 1.8 billion in economic
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This is beautiful!

This is beautiful!

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