Looking For A Dependable Miami Locksmith

Having a reliable and trustworthy locksmith’s contact information in your cellphone can be one of the smartest things an individual can do. There is nothing more exacerbating than having to scramble to find a locksmith when you are in a hurry to get somewhere. More often than not people end up settling on the first [...]

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Pet Emergencies That Require a Visit to the Vet

Pet emergencies often require a visit to the vet, especially any serious health problems where diagnostic help is available only from a veterinarian.

Since our four-legged friends are unable to tell us when they are in pain or when something is terribly wrong with them, it’s critical to their health and well-being that we watch out for warning signs that indicate our pet needs to be examined by a veterinarian as soon as possible. If your dog displays any of these symptoms, immediately call your veterinarian and explain the problem. Your vet will decide whether your dog’s problem is serious and requires an immediate visit, or whether a later visit can be scheduled at an appropriate time

The following symptoms and signs indicate an emergency condition. You need to contact your veterinarian right away if your dog:

* Has suffered an injury to the eye;
* Has been in a fight with a cat or wild animal like a raccoon (your pet could contract rabies);
* Is bleeding heavily from a cut and you are unable to stop it;
* Has been hit by a moving car or truck (even if there are no visible injuries, your dog could be bleeding internally);
* Has visible puncture wounds to its chest or stomach area;
* Has broken a bone or has had a hard blow to the head;
* Has been bitten by a snake or poisonous spider;
* Has a fever over 105°F (normal is less than 102.5°F);
* Its abdomen appears large, or it continues to try to vomit but nothing comes up;
* Your dog has fallen or jumped from an open window higher than the first story;
* Has chewed an electrical cord and received a shock or burn;
* Has inhaled smoke from a fire and has trouble breathing;
* Has sudden, severe difficulty breathing;
* Is vomiting blood or has uncontrolled vomiting of liquids or food;
* Has bloody diarrhea or black, tarry stool;
* Has continued bleeding from the rectum;
* Suddenly cannot place any weight on one or more of its legs;
* Strains continually but is unable to urinate, or the urine has blood in it;
* Suddenly suffers from extreme lethargy, becomes unconsciousness, or lapses into a coma;
* Has seizures;
* Appears to be in severe or continuous pain;
* Cries while trying to urinate or when touched or picked up;
* Bleeds from the urinary or genital area;
* Has cloudy eyes, squints, or appears to be unable to see.

These are all symptoms indicative of a pet emergency that requires quick action and rational calm thinking on your part. Your faithful companion deserves the best loving care you can give it.

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Ticked Off Trannies protesters Shankboen 2010 NYC

Check out these Tick images:

Ticked Off Trannies protesters Shankboen 2010 NYC

Image by david_shankbone
Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives Shankbone blog post.

(About David Shankbone)

Deer Tick (Ixodes scapularis) female, dorsal view

Image by Michael Bok
This deer tick tried to make a meal of me, in a last ditch effort to get fed in time to reproduce. arthropoda.southernfriedscience.com/?p=4255

the tick

Image by The Untrained Eye
Here’s The Tick, I drew him on my new graphics tablet. I seem to be better at copying than drawing my own stuff, perhaps I ought to become a tattooist.

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Put Aside the “Pawlitics” and Stand United for Adopted Pets

I promise you, I did NOT write all of these puns, but I do approve this message! During an election season marked by heated debate, PetSmart Charities wants to set aside the “pawlitics” and bring everyone together to support a common cause: standing united to save homeless pets. Let’s stop fighting like cats and dogs [...]

Doggies.com Dog Blog

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Adopting The “Worried Dog” From An Animal Shelter

Adopting The “Worried Dog” From An Animal Shelter


When we adopt a dog from an animal shelter, we are also bringing home a personality that may not suite our household. This personality needs to be worked on and carefully trained. For example, many dog’s come out of an animal shelter as a “worrier”. The worried dog is a pup who frets over every loud noise, every strange-looking object, every unfamiliar person or situation.


Dogs who grow up without loving, reassuring families especially during early puppy-hood – are likely to become worriers, so shelters are full  of overly concerned canines. My first adopted dog – named Sebastian – was was one of these: he spent his first few weeks shrinking in terror from all sorts of things, from ballpoint pens to remote controls to men with beards. He still has doubts about vacuum cleaners and exhaust fans, but he’s learned to keep his anxiety in check, and he no longer fears new objects, experiences or people (even bearded ones).


Sebastian just needed to be exposed to as many new things and people as possible and to learn that they weren’t going to hurt him. If your adopted dog is a worrier, the best thing you can do for her is not to shelter her from the things that frighten her. That doesn’t mean, of course, that you should deliberately scare her, but you should make sure that she’s introduced to new objects, noises and acquaintances every day.


If your dog is uncertain, for instance, about your remote control, let her get used to it slowly; show it to her (just put it down or hold it still in front of her; don’t wave it in her face) and pet her. Say “What a brave girl -  this remote control isn’t scary” or something similarly reassuring, and (as with a submissive dog) demonstrate to her that you are happy and confident in the presence of the remote control, so she can be too. You can do the same thing if she gets anxious about a thunderstorm or a plane flying overheard. But if she runs to you for salvation when she’s scared by something, don’t reward her timidity by cuddling and praising her; just be upbeat and try to take her mind off her fear by playing a game or having a training session.


When you introduce her to new people, follow the same procedure as with a submissive dog: Both you and the new person must make the encounter as casual, non-threatening, and cheerful as possible for your pup. Chatter with her, make eye contact with her, pet her, even have the new person slip her a treat if necessary. She’ll learn that you’re not going to put her in situations that will harm her, and gradually she’ll begin to be a bit less on-edge about life in general.


By the way, lots of people who adopt submissive or shy dogs assume that their pups must have been physically abused in the past, and they respond with pity rather than positive training. More often than not, submission and shyness are the result not of direct abuse but of a lack of early education and socialization. If your dog cringes when you reach out to her, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s been hit; more likely, it simply means she didn’t grow up knowing that a hand moving toward her was something to welcome rather than fear. You can change her mind – but with gentle perseverance, not pity.

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Latest Lice News

Bye Bye Bugz Busts Nasty Head Lice
Bye Bye Bugz LLC, a head lice removal service founded by Laura Eppolito of Webster Groves, provides education to families, schools and the community about head lice. Bye Bye Bugz has a hotline and website that provides immediate answers to head lice
Read more on Webster Kirkwood Times

Londonderry's North School dealing with minor lice outbreak
LONDONDERRY — Parents of children attending North Elementary School are being urged to watch out for signs of head lice at home after 10 of the school's 474 students tested positive for the condition over the past several days. According to Principal
Read more on The Union Leader

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Yep, doubled sister’s check and added $100 to my own!

My efforts in December paid off. My sister’s small check (normally $ 50) doubled to $ 100, which was my whole goal! But because I have a downline, somehow, my efforts added $ 100 to my own check! Nice!

I could tell that new blog articles made a huge difference. In fact, take a look at the stats from my pet food blog:

But we also did it with Christmas cards and thank you letters on new orders.

So far this month, I’ve added two new customers for one friend and six new customers for my sister. If I will be sure to write new articles for my blog at least three times per week — on the hot topics (such as pet food recalls, ingredients, and health issues that can be resolved through nutrition) — I’m confident we can keep attracting loyal new customers.

But this business only brings in modest money with customers. You really need to build a network of distributors under you. So I will figure out how to do that online, next.

A day in the life of a HealthyPetNet Rep

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5 Funny Small Dogs With Impressive Hidden Talents [VIDEO]

 Little Dogs, Big Ideas!

1) Dog Plays Fetch With Self: Dog has figured out how to both throw and fetch the ball.

Dog Plays Fetch With Self



 2) Boxer Pup Gains Acceptance Into Cow Herd: Dog has been apparently listening to "The Cow Whisperer" books on tape.  [Learn More]


Cow Herd Warmly Welcomes Boxer Pup



3) Dog Will Dance For Food: Dog works for his kibble and burns a few calories

Dog Will Dance For Food

4) French Bulldog Secretly Sobs to Adele: Dog has appreciation and understanding of emo-pop music.

Funny French Bulldog sobs to Adele



5) Dutiful Dog Carries Cat Around Like A Sack Of Flour: Entrepreneurial pup provides escort and sherpa Services [Learn more...]

Dutiful Dog Carries Cat Around Like A Sack Of Flour

The Daily Treat: Animal Planet

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Nice Lice photos

Check out these Lice images:

Blief, Louse

Image by Rebirth Cycle

binegar and lice

Image by mdid

Blief, Louse

Image by Rebirth Cycle

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Protective Gear Required

So the other day after the Word on the Street Festival, I needed to unwind, so I took the girls to Park Lake.  I was going to go for a nice long stroll with them – the weather was beautiful and on Sunday evenings, the park isn’t busy so I was sure the path would be almost deserted.

It started off great.  The colours were beautiful and I still had Lorelei’s camera so I had fun playing around.  We didn’t really have a fall last year – we had a cold snap and all the leaves just died on the trees while still green – but this year the colours are amazing.

We hadn’t been out for very long when I managed to step in a gopher hole, stumble and fall.  I fell right on the knee that I hurt 2 weeks ago.  It still hadn’t totally healed.  I was able to do stairs pain free but kneeling was impossible and even the pressure on it if I’m laying on my stomach in bed causes pain.  So it REALLY hurt when I fell on it. I also scraped off the almost healed scabs and had fresh blood seeping through my pants.

The good news is, it didn’t seem to do much more damage.  The stairs hurt for the first few days but now I’m back to where I was before this second fall.

The girls still needed exercise though, so instead of walking, we just hung out at the spot where we access the lake.  Lacey got lots of cookies and became quite demanding by jumping up and holding on to my leg.

And Coulee got lots of swimming in, which is better for her feet anyway.

I seriously think I need to start wearing protective gear while I’m out on a walk.  I’ve turned into an absolute klutz these past few weeks.  I can’t imagine what I’ll be like when things start to get icy!

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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