Oils and Less Allergens in the Diet Can Help With Inflamed Skin, and a Dry, Itchy Coat.

      Some dogs that eat dry food can suffer from a flaky, dry, dull, coat. That skin is not the healthiest it could be. Skin that is dry and flaky or greasy can be prone to yeast infections, mite infections, and bacterial infections like staph. It is also important to find out which “bug” or parasite is causing skin problems. After years and thousands of cases passed through my hospital,I started asking,”Why does the skin of some pets allow these continual infections?”

I have found that many skin and ear problems respond to a better diet free of allergens, a bit more healthy fat, and more omega oils.Allergies cause inflamed skin which can’t fight off invaders like healthy skin can. Vets will use ketoconazole for yeast and cephalexin or clavamox type drugs for continual infections by yeast or bacteria. If a better diet is fed, in most cases, the need for continual treatment may be less or not needed at all. Dietary changes may be as simple as avoiding wheat filled treats, changing to a better dry or canned food, or feeding a raw food, or a homemade food.

    With any of those diet choices,  ingredients have to be considered. I just talked with some pet owners yesterday that thought that a beef based “raw diet” caused blood in the stool, and that is was something in the “rawness” that was bad. Remember, dogs that are fed kibble their whole life may need to transition to a different diet slowly. If you ate “cheerios” your whole life and were fed beef and beef fat all of a sudden, I guarantee that there would be some indigestion, and possibly diarrhea.Perhaps, since the raw food was a beef mix, their dog may have been allergic or sensitive to the beef, causing blood in the stool.

By the way, small purebred dogs often come into the clinic with blood in the stool after eating commercial, wheat filled treats or chews. Colitis, or Blood in the stool can be caused by allergies( Of course, parasites,worms, and parvo virus can also cause bloody stools. Don’t hesitate to get a checkup if your pet has the symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, or a bloody stool)

So I have found that the ingredients are the most important thing to consider with an allergic dog. I usually recommend going to your local pet store and asking which brands in your area help dogs with allergies. My local pet store sells “Taste of the Wild” salmon and sweet potato, “Natural Balance” limited diets, Merricks canned foods, and orijen for allergic dogs or for people that want to feed a better diet. Less allergens and more healthy oils will help your dog feel it’s best…whether you feed a better commercial food, add healthy ingredients, or home cook using my recipes in “Feed Your Vet to Avoid the Vet”, or those of Karen Becker DVM, Real Food for Healthy Dogs and Cats or Nutritionist Lew Olson,Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs. I read them both! The main difference is my recipes are easier due to slow cooking and I talk more about allergies. Both the other books talk more about rotating and feeding raw ingredients.

An allergic dog,needs few ingredients in commercial food or homemade food so that you can find out what works for your pet! In “Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet” I teach pet owners to slow cook for their dogs and cats.In Dog Dish Diet I explain how to change commercial food, add human food, or slow cook food to help with medical issues.

An easy way to add healthy oils is to give canned sardines twice weekly,eggs twice weekly, olive or canola oil on the food twice weekly, and a piece of cooked or raw chicken a couple times a week(That’s what I do!)  Fish and eggs are two  of the healthiest ingredients you can give your pet!

Many people write to say that their vet really didn’t know what other nutritional options there were. Why don’t most vets talk about this stuff? That’s because we weren’t taught nutrition…just kibble-ology.Many nutritional books tell you to visit your vet for advice about the diet. Many vets admit to not knowing much about nutrition other than advising which prescription diet to feed. Don’t blame your vet! It’s how we were educated! I had to relearn nutrition from the animals point of view. What do we feed our domesticated predators with their allergies to help them feel their best!

A reader of “Feed Your Pet” recently wrote,”

Michelle Lawrence commented on your post.
Michelle wrote: “Love this book! Currently cooking for my cats. They love it!”

dogdishdiet.com is 38th of one hundred on the list for pet blogs to follow in 2013. Check out the other blogs. I don’t really know how my blog was nominated or judged. Maybe there was only 100 judged! However, it made me realize that I haven’t been blogging as much as I should, and to try and produce a weekly blog.A little pressure is good!

;lTop 100 Pet blogs to follow


An infographic by the team at CouponAudit


Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet

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Aww of the Day: Cop Stops Highway Traffic to Save Dog

Cujo, a Miniature Rat Terrier with a bad hip, ran away from home one morning several days ago in La Porte, Texas. One of his owners, Jeremy Zapalac, quickly organized a search party. It started raining. Things were getting critical.  

“He hates water,” Jeremy later told KHOU 11 News

He also said the tiny dog is named Cujo because “he’s a monster, frankly,” and that he’s “a Napoleon type of dog. He’s very short, with a very big ego.” 

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In any case, Cujo was out in the rain. Where, nobody knew. Until Police Officer Kyle Jones spotted Cujo huddled in the cold on the well-trafficked Spencer Highway, hatching a plan. Cujo, it seemed, was going to cross the road. 

"He’s not going to make it if I don’t do something," Jones said of the tiny dog. "When I saw [the dog] and saw the size of it, I immediately hit my lights and shut all the lanes off."

Yep, a cop shut down a highway to save the shivering little dog, who hates water. After he did that, the rest of the rescue operation was all on Cujo. Jones was worried the dog would scamper away. 

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"You know how Chihuahuas [sic] are. You're not really sure if you can trust 'em or not," the officer said, laughing. "But he kind of looked at me and said, 'Man, I'm glad you're here.' He let me pick him right up. Stuck him in the back seat of the patrol car."

Cujo had tags, so he was quickly back in the arms of Jeremy Zapalac.

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"I was just happy to have him back," Jeremy said. "He was all wet, he was soaked. We got him in, wrapped him up, dried him off, and he just slept in his bed all day." 

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Which might have been the end of this story, had not a passing motorist -- well, one of the stopped motorists -- pulled out a camera and snapped a photo of the cop sweet-talking Cujo over to his car. She posted the the photo to Reddit, along with the line "This police officer stopped traffic, in the rain, to save this wet and limping little dog. Faith in humanity.... Restored," and the Internet took it from there.  

The Scoop | The Scoop

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sergej ćetković – Reci Mi u Lice

ekstra pisma
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Why Dogs are Better than Boyfriends. :)

Two of my favorite forces- The Honest Kitchen and Lili Chin from Doggie Drawings- teamed up for this awesome little V-Day nugget. Enjoy!

Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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Guest Post: Keeping Your Other Kids Safe in the Car: Dog

Would you ever think that your dog could drive a car? Apparently in New Zealand, dogs are doing just that. The country’s SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has created a program that teaches canines simple movements through voice commands that allow them to start, accelerate and steer a vehicle. The purpose is to give potential parents extra incentive to follow through with an adoption. See the ITN News story on the video below for a jaw dropping good time for the whole family. Yes, it’s really doggies driving cars.

Do you take measures to keep your “other kids” safe when driving or are you guilty of letting them roam free? It’s important to keep your pooch just as safe as you keep yourself and your kids. Whether you’re in the market for a new car or just need some advice for your current one, there are a few things to think about when loading your precious cargo.

The Right Ride

Whether you are an adopted mom to a couple of Teacup Chihuahuas, a Border Collie or two Great Danes (Oh my!), the type of car you have will determine the ease of the road trip, visit to the park or even the daily simple trip to the store. If you always take your little guy/s with you, consider an SUV with a durable interior. The Toyota FJ Cruiser is not only cute as could be but it’s perfect for the adventurous dog lover. With a 260-hp V6 engine, great ground clearance, swing out back door and rubber flooring for easy spray down, it’s perfect for the whole outdoorsy family from the ground up.

An option to consider if you want a few additional features than the FJ would be one of the Hondas at Jean Knows Cars. Specifically the Honda Pilot when it comes to a dog-friendly vehicle. Its boxy design gives ample space to store cargo, dog crates and people. The navigation has recently been updated, which comes in handy for us single moms trying to find our way. Jean Jennings, Editor-in-Chief of Automobile Magazine, offers a unique perspective in an otherwise male-dominated industry. Her website gives insight and inspiration to women of all ages that we, too, can find our way through research and knowledge.

Taking Doggie From Here to There

While it provides us much joy to watch our dogs loving life as their heads poke out the window, snouts sniff the breeze and hair blow in the wind, it is also putting them in danger if not held with a harness and tether. A safety system doesn’t restrain them to the point that it’s uncomfortable. It gives them freedom to lay down, stand up and move around. It also protects them from injuring (or scaring) themselves when falling to the floor during an unexpected stop. Either a harness system or a crate should be holding your dog when riding in the car at all times. It is a member of the family and everyone should be safe and sound under your watch.

PetsitUSA Blog

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Eye To Eye – Muriel Gray

Topical interview series presented by Catherine Deveney with guests who have dealt with difficult circumstances or extraordinary experiences. In this episode, award winning writer Muriel Gray speaks of her famous outspoken column.
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Liv-a-Littles® Freeze-Dried Lean Beef Protein Treats are now available on our website for 50% off. These treats let you reward your pet with the taste and benefits of a high-protein, low-carb snack. They can be given whole or easily crumbled and added to food as a tasty incentive at mealtime.

Remember, while these products are wonderful, they are not the same as what you can buy at the store. You’ll find earlier formulas, old labels, or short-dating. Short-dating means that the product will reach its “Best if Used By” date within 1-2 months of purchase.

Of course, these usually sell out extremely quickly, so grab what you can as soon as possible.

To be the first to receive limited-time specials plus other offers like free shipping, sign up for the Halo Pets newsletter.

Shop the Halo limited-time special now.


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Project Life – Week 6

Hmmm.  Another pet filled week.  I just can’t seem to help myself.

Bedside – Day 34
Coulee will launch herself on to the bed without asking when we aren’t on it, but if we are, she usually politely rests her chin on the edge and waits for us to call her up.

Daily Life – Day 35
This is a pretty typical day at work.  I didn’t have the patience to let the dogs settle back into their routines (snuggling, wrestlying, running, playing, etc.) but it is pretty accurate in terms of always having some dogs curious with what you are doing and hanging out at your feet, while others are off doing their own thing.  It is the prettiest of pictures, but neither is the building itself.  :)  I wanted to do an indoor shot and include as many pups as I could as that is where we all spend most of the time.

Travel “Arrangement” – Day 36
This is how we roll….

After decent fuel efficiency, fitting the crates inside the vehicle was our number one priority.

I wish Coulee was in a hard plastic crate (they do better in a crash) but visibility is also important and I can see through this one – even when she is in it.  And yes, my car is horribly dirty.  The line-ups at the car wash have been crazy long and I just can’t bring myself to wait 45 minutes just to wash the car.

Saved Up – Day 37
I hate waiting in line at the recycling depot, almost as much as I hate waiting in line at the car wash.  By the time we FINALLY go it looks like we drink – a LOT!  Although in my defence, these are very small and very tasty.  ;)

My View – Day 38
I was imagining a sweeping prairie landscape for today’s image, but in reality, this is probably a more accurate depiction of my daily view. Whether I’m at home or at work, there is always a furry critter near by. It’s no wonder they are the subject of most of my photos.

Center – Day 39
Feeling a little uninspired for this theme so here is Coulee in the centre of the road.  :)  I need to get back out here in the fall though – I think it would make a gorgeous picture.

Adventure – Day 40
According to Wikipedia, an adventure is an exciting or unusual experience; it may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking with an uncertain outcome.

I truly believe that every day is an adventure for a dog. You can walk in the same place every day for years and they will still be excited to go.  Going for a car ride is an adventure.  Heck, getting up and eating breakfast is an adventure – it is definitely exciting anyway!

And when they have a giant grin like this on their face, there is no mistaking that today, is yet again, an adventure in the making.
Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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Cool Pest images

Some cool Pest images:

Substrate for killing insect pests

Image by IITA Image Library
Substrate on display for killing insect pests. (file name: PHM_083)

0407H Horticulture Res – Pest Stor & Res | 2004 | East Side

Image by Facility Records | MSU Physical Plant
0407H Horticulture Res – Pest Stor & Res | 2004 | East Side

0407H Horticulture Res – Pest Stor & Res | 2004 | South Side

Image by Facility Records | MSU Physical Plant
0407H Horticulture Res – Pest Stor & Res | 2004 | South Side

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Should You Supplement Your Older Dog’s Diet?

Many dog owners wonder if they should add a supplement to an older dog’s diet. As your dog ages, it becomes even more important to feed it a healthy dog food and add a beneficial supplement.

Older dogs, unlike puppies or young adult dogs, cannot absorb some vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes through their intestinal tract, and will expel more of them through their kidneys and urine. Some older dogs also eat less food and may not be getting their daily requirements of vitamins and minerals. Antioxidants such as vitamins A, E, and C (beta-carotene) may be instrumental in protecting against some of the normal aging processes that affect older dogs.

One of the very best supplements for an older dog is Winston’s Senior Complete Multi vitamin and mineral supplement. Winston’s Senior Multi-Vitamin contains close to 50 active ingredients that provide additional nourishment for an older dog. Even if you don’t believe your dog is suffering from nutrient depletion due to a poor diet, stress, or disease, giving it a supplement along with its normal diet, will guarantee your pet is receiving all the vitamins and minerals it needs for a healthy, active life.

When choosing a supplement for senior dogs, carefully check the label to be sure it includes the following ingredients:
* At least 8 essential vitamins including Vitamin A, B-complex, D, and E, as well as the B vitamins. Vitamins A and E are important antioxidants that help maintain a healthy immune system.

* All or most of these important minerals – Phosphorous, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, Magnesium, Copper, Manganese, Iodine and Selenium.

Not all vitamin supplements contain these quality ingredients. Winston’s Senior Complete Multi does, and also contains lutein for the eyes, CoQ10 for the heart, digestive enzymes, lycopene for the cells, antioxidant Perna for the joints, vitamin K, zinc, calcium, Grape Seed Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, amino acids, vitamin C and more.

It doesn’t matter what species your dog is or its age, a healthy supplementation like Winston’s Senior Complete Multi will help it live the best quality life possible.

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