Today’s Hoda Kotb Adopts A Rescue Puppy

A rescue puppy is looking forward to a bright tomorrow thanks to his new pet parent, Today co-host Hoda Kotb. After meeting 10 potential tail-wagging chums (all from PAWS Chicago and other rescue…

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Cool Lice images

A few nice Lice images I found:

Bark lice on tree

Image by Bessu
Mesopsocus immatures, Nopporo Forest, Hokkaido

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10 Amazing DIY Easter Egg Decorating Projects

DIY Easter Eggs
1. Colorful Stamped Easter Eggs, Lovely Indeed  //  2. Sharpie Doodled Easter Eggs, Alisa Burke
3. White Pen Easter Eggs, Joy Ever After  //  4. Paper Napkin Decoupage Eggs, Martha Stewart
5. Pantone Easter Eggs, How About Orange  //  6. Patterned Silk Transfer Eggs, Country Living
7. Tissue Paper Parsley Eggs, Aunt Peaches  //  8. Polka Dot Eggs, La Receta De La Felicidad
9. Calligraphed Easter Eggs, Oh Happy Day  // 10. Floral Decal Easter Eggs, How About Orange

I love dying eggs you guys.  Really, I do.  And it’s funny, because I don’t really celebrate Easter.  I don’t have kids, so there aren’t any fun egg-hiding activities happening at our house. I don’t like most Easter candy (I have an over-the-top sweet tooth; just not for Peeps or Cadbury Eggs. Ew.).  Easter dinner usually involves something like frozen pizza, or if we’re feeling fancy, take-out.  I adore spring, but Easter just isn’t a big deal around here.  Every year though, without fail, I boil a dozen eggs (at least) and color them up.  I usually choose organic brown eggs because the color comes out so rich and earthy (and they’re better for you!), but this year I was thinking it would be fun to try something different.  The decorated eggs you see above are some of my favorites that I’ve come across while looking for inspiration.

Are you a fan of decorating eggs this time of year?  Any cool DIY Easter egg projects you’ve tried?

Bubby and Bean on Bloglovin

Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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This is Hulk, a 3 month old Neopolitan Mastiff, who lives in Menton. He’s pretty big at 3 months but will grow enormous and with all those folds of skin will need great care as he gets older.  A Neopolitan Mastiff (or Italian Mastiff) is an ancient breed originally used to guard property and family due to their protective instincts and fearsome appearance. Fang in the Harry Potter films was played by a Neopolitan Mastiff.


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Cool Flea images

Some cool Flea images:

Flea Market & RV Park at Menge

Image by MissMalaprop
Flea Market & RV Park at Menge, Pass Christian, Mississippi

Flea Market & RV Park at Menge

Image by MissMalaprop
Flea Market & RV Park at Menge, Pass Christian, Mississippi

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Frosty Day

The other day we headed out for a walk to enjoy the frost.  Turns out we didn’t need to go so early as the frost stuck around for the whole day.

We went to a different section of the park than usual just to explore.

Lacey was her usual smiley self.  She really likes the crisp tempertures.

 Coulee’s feet have done a turn for the worst again so she did more standing than running.

Lacey helped me out by stealing the toy whenever she could.

She isn’t always that smart about it though – she is waiting for me to throw it and meanwhile, Coulee is busting in to grab it.

 Coulee on the other hand makes sure that no one other than me is going to steal it.

I wasn’t expecting many squirrels in this area, but Lacey found not only squirrels but fresh poo too.

I wanted to get some pictures of Coulee with the frosty trees in the background so we headed into the campground area.  I love the lack of colour in these.  And while it may appear that I just photoshopped her into all of these due to her identical stance in most of these, I didn’t, she just always stands like that. :)

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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Animal Activists Sued By University Of California Regents For Threatening University Reseachers

Documents stated that they hurled firecrackers at his house and planted Molotov-cocktail-like explosives at the homes of other faculty members and threatened to burn down their houses.
Itchmo: News For Dogs & Cats

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Head louse – כינת הראש

Some cool Lice images:

Head louse – כינת הראש

Image by Eran Finkle
Pediculus humanus capitis.
Photographed handheld at night using improvised reversed lens and a table lamp. A bit missed focus and lack of DOF.כינים

Grass lice

Image by fakhir.shaheen

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Helpful Tips on Caring for Senior Pets

A relationship with a companion animal can be one of the most rewarding experiences we humans encounter in our lifetimes. In the last 20 years, medical science has repeatedly shown that having a dog or cat in your life can result in health benefits for you, including improved, self-reported mental and physical health, and even fewer doctor visits compared to no-pet people. Additionally, caring for pets can help us to develop a greater sense of responsibility, elevate our own sense of self-worth and foster a mutually beneficial bond that enriches not only our lives but those of our pets, too.

Read More…

The Perfect Pet Food Blog

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Dog skin Problem: Mites

Dog skin Problem: Mites


dog mitesPerhaps your dog will be one of the lucky ones who never get any dog skin problem.  But sometimes, even the most pampered and well groomed indoor dog can catch a dog skin problem.  Any dog, no matter what kind of breed or environment he’s in, can be a candidate for a variety of dog skin problems.


Examples of parasites that attack even the cleanest of the dog are mites.    Mites are very tiny parasites that cause dog skin problems by triggering irritation and also cause infection.  There are three types of mites that cause problems in dogs.  Demodex and Sarcoptes both cause mange and Otodectes causes inflammation of the ear.


Among the three types of mites that causes dog skin problem, Otodectes is the only type that can be seen without the use of a microscope.  Seldom, you may see them as tiny white moving dots in the ear.


Demodex is another type of mite that causes dog skin problem.  Although they are naturally carried by most dogs, this type of mite does not usually cause nuisance.  But it can become a dog skin problem from time to time when your dog is undergoing stress.  It can also attack puppies and causes dog skin problem because puppies’ natural defenses are not fully developed yet and are more susceptible to this parasite’s attack.


Demodex causes what is termed as pustular dermatitis in your cute puppies, located around the head and shoulders.  Sometimes it becomes infected, a dog skin problem that is known as juvenile pyoderma.  Signs of this dog skin problem are: hair loss, flaky and oily skin, and a characteristic “mousy” odor.


In treating this type of dog skin problem, your dog must be taken to the vet within 24 hours of this developing or serious scarring can occur.  Your vet can prescribe antibiotics and drugs that give your dog effective relief.  Your vet might also suggest a special shampoo to control the oiliness of the coat as well as the smell.


Sarcoptes is another type of mites that cause dog skin problem that can affect your dog regardless of his age.  This type of mite is more commonly known as scabies, a dog skin problem that can also affect humans.  The Sarcoptes burrow through the skin and produces tunnels where they lay their eggs.  When this type of dog skin problem attacks humans, the infection usually dies away, although you should still consider treating it.


The following are signs of this type of dog skin problem in your dog; itchy rash of red spots usually located on ears, elbows, and hocks.  On human skin, the “tunnels” can actually be seen.


Rapid treatment is also very important in treating this type of dog skin problem in order to avoid human infections and also to prevent your dog from harming himself by scratching and biting.  The vet can prescribe special chemicals that are applied in insecticidal shampoos.  The vet can also prescribe drugs to help stop your dog from biting and scratching himself.

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