Holistic Supplements For Dog With Mast-Cell Tumor

I read the following segment of an article about holistic supplements for a dog with mast-cell t
tumors.  I felt the information was valuable enough to pass it along.  The full article information is below.  I especially like the last couple of sentences.

“I have a 6-year-old Lab/beagle mix who has had many problems — the latest being two mast-cell tumors. The tumors were removed on separate occasions, and the surgeries were successful; however, we were told that we needed to be diligent about checking for lumps.

“Our veterinary oncologist has recommended that the dog be put on 4,000 milligrams of fish oil and 10 milligrams of Pepcid. She suggested Pepcid because dogs with mast-cell tumors tend to get ulcers, and the fish oil helps discourage the return of the mast cells.

“Also, a friend of mine in Florida said that her holistic vet uses food-grade liquid aloe in diets for dogs that have had cancer. Neither my vet nor vet oncologist have heard of this before, but from what I’ve read on the Internet, it makes sense. What do you think of using food-grade aloe as a supplement? And how much should a 45-pound dog drink?

Answer from Dr Michael Fox: “There are many treatments that can be integrated into a holistic therapeutic regimen for your dog’s cancer.

“I concur with what the two veterinarians recommend: You can give 1 tablespoon of aloe vera in your dog’s food twice daily. I would also recommend New Chapter’s anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor Zyflamend and anti-cancer Immortal Mushrooms combination of beneficial fungi. Daily treatment with a mild antihistamine may also be beneficial, along with a super-antioxidant supplement such as N-acetyl-L-cysteine and alpha-lipoic acid. Above all, avoid any treatments that may compromise your dog’s immune system, such as “booster” vaccinations and spot-on anti-flea drugs. Feed your dog a whole-food diet rather than manufactured dog food, good nutrition being the first medicine.”

You can read the full article here:

Important Information About Feeding Your Dog

Dog Food Comparisons


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Beta Sitosterol Topical (Hormone Cleanse)

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My Second Always

My love and admiration for Austin TX couldn’t have been better exemplified by an experience I had this morning while looking for a place to breakfast by my hotel.  Yelp wasn’t much help so in driving around I came upon a steely shelled structure with a simple, circular sign that said ‘Biscuits and Groovy’.
It was seven til open so I sat on a picnic table and and waited trying to figure out what exactly it was.  It has wheels but isn’t quite a food truck and has flower planters up front that implies permanency.  
I was first in line as the window rolled up to a slight and genial looking fellow still looking a little sleepy.  After placing my order I scrounged through my pockets only to realize much to my chagrin I left my wallet back at the hotel.  A crinkled fin and one spot was all I could find, not near enough to cover the $ 12 bill and I turned to go when he said I could pay him whatever I had on me.  
Despite feeling like a huge boob, I took him up on the offer and awaited my Philly Nelson and side of bacon for the fuzzybutts.  Whiling away the time on Fark.com, my favorite productivity wasting pastime, a couple walked up with a stroller and three puppers, one of which seemed to be a beagle mix and a blind one at that (pictured nearby). And if wasn’t already cool enough, the guy had on a hound rescue shirt.  
I could talk about Zilker, Travis, and Town Lake, the bats, Hippy Hollow, 6th Street, hiking the Hill Country, Eeyore’s birthday party, Blues on the Greens, and even the homeless musicians on the Drag.  But none of those would give you a more simple, perfect sense of Austin’s energy than this.  
And although I lived here for almost a decade, a lifetime full and a lifetime ago it feels like, it still and will always remain my second home.  
I don’t know where or when home is for me anymore but I know enough now that that isn’t up to me.  The path takes us for as long as it takes us.  I often refer to myself as homeless, and it drives some of you nuts, but I do so for purposes no other than simplicity and consistency. 
I felt a kinship with that food stand and when we leave Austin this evening in route to Santa Fe NM, our next tour stop, my thoughts will reflect on this experience.  But I wanted to share it with you before we get back on the road.  
If you have a moment, visit the Biscuits and Groovy website or friend them on Facebook and  thank them for keeping Austin weird.  And, if you’re still at the PSI conference, the food there is excellent… stop by if you can…

2 Dogs 2,000 Miles

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Halo’s testimonial page is different from most brands; we get so many wonderful comments from our family of Halo customers that we do not post a “best of series” from the last 26 years.

However we feature some of our favorite comments from the last two weeks in a live Twitter follower feed.

Tell us your Halo story @halopets on Twitter, and you might find yourself here as well!

Adam Woodbridge – September 19
@awoodbri 24-day supply of @halopets cat food. #cats #catfood #onlythebest http://instagr.am/p/Px5ZYOxdpS/

24-day supply of @halopets cat food. #cats #catfood #onlythebest

mikefly562 – September 17
@halopets I avoid by-products and fillers. My cats deserve the best, thus it’s Halo for them!

Gorilla – September 17
@halopets Your food rocks. I love it all. (Although I do tend to pick out the peas n carrots, I can tie a cherry stem w my tongue too).

Jeanie 3 Legged Dog – September 7
@halopets This is my “Please buy this for me? And while your at it, can you carry it too?” face. pic.twitter.com/mDS5oJCX

Click here to Halo’s testimonial page to read more.


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Cool Topical images

Some cool Topical images:


Image by alexhughescartoons


Image by alexhughescartoons

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Pug On Pug


Pug on Pug on a rug

A Place to Love Dogs

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After Four Long Years, Cassey the Collie Comes Home

Expecting their third child, Brandy and Dave Metcalf of Wake Forest, N.C., came up with a plan to calm the household during those often chaotic first months with a newborn: They decided to let Brandy’s sister, Chelsee, dog-sit.

It was not a bad plan. They had a small house, two other children, and understood that Cassey, their Border Collie, might get shoved to the sidelines in all the commotion. It would be good for the dog — a short vacation with a member of the family who knew and loved the dog, who could give her the attention she needed. Even if she lived in another city. 

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Border Collie playing by Shutterstock.com.

“We just had our third child and we live in a small three-bedroom, so it was close quarters with baby stuff. We were just trying to give the newborn the attention she needs,” Metcalf told ABC News. “My sister was living alone in Charlotte and she’s not good at being alone and she’s known Cassey, so she got a roommate while we got past the newborn stage.”

Dave dutifully checked up on Cassey by phone for months, and Chelsee reassured him that all was fine. The phone calls got fewer and farther apart. After six months, Dave drove over to visit Chelsee and Cassey. The dog didn't run out to the car. The dog wasn't in the house at all. Cassey had run off. 

As Dave relates what his sister-in-law told him, "There was a lot going on at the house one day. Cassey is very intuitive about big noises and is very sensitive when it comes to sounds. Something startled her.” 

They searched for their dog, but she was nowhere to be found. Time passed, and the Metcalfs got on with their lives. Years passed -- four years passed -- but they never forgot Cassey. 

“We gave up hope a long time ago, but every day she was mentioned in our house,” Brandy told CBS 6 WTVR. “My daughter just said two days prior to [finding the dog] that ‘I wish we had our Cassey back.’”

Then, on September 11, the phone rang. Someone had Cassey. She was without a collar or tags, she was covered in fleas, and she had lost weight, but it was Cassey. A microchip confirmed it. The people who had found her -- Cheryl and Scott Smith of Charlotte -- had some trouble locating the Metcalfs, since the information on the chip was outdated, but they kept at it and within a few days had located Brandy's mother. 

(In fact, the Smiths even had trouble locating the microchip, since it had migrated from under Cassey's neck to under her ribs. The Smiths, who had met the dog three days earlier and were convinced she had come from a good home, had refused to leave the vet until it was found.)

The Metcalfs jumped in the car and drove to Charlotte, ecstatic. 

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Running Border Collie by Shutterstock.com.

“It was a beautiful experience. You’re just in shock. You feel like this couldn’t be the miracle that you want it to be, that it’s too good to be true,” Brandy told CBS 6.

“When we got out of the car and called her name, and she came running up to us, it let us know for sure that yes, she remembered us,” she said. “She came right up and jumped in the van. She was ready to go home."  

The Scoop | The Scoop

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Cool Mite images

Some cool Mite images:

House dust mites

Image by Gilles San Martin
House dust mites (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus).
More information here :

Scale : mite length = 0.3 mm

Technical settings :
– focus stack of 67 images
– microscope objective (Nikon achromatic 10x 160/0.25) on bellow

House dust mites

Image by Gilles San Martin
House dust mites (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus).
More information here :

Scale : mite length = 0.3 mm

Technical settings :
– focus stack of 95 images
– microscope objective (Nikon achromatic 10x 160/0.25) on bellow

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Friday Funny: Pug Slide

Geronimo! Until next time, Good day, and good dog!

Doggies.com Dog Blog

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What We’re Loving: Keyless Entry Bulldog

Have you seen this hysterical new commercial from Volkswagon? <3 


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Volkswagon Jetta bulldog

Can't find your keys? No matter – keyless bulldog entry is here.





The Daily Treat: Animal Planet

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