Savage Mountain Two

On the last day of my holiday, Ginger and I met Marei at the Deal PA Trail head to see the magnificent vista from the highest point on the Great Allegheny Passage – an image forever etched in my mind and a memory with so many, many meanings to me now.  
But the intent I thought was one last grand hike before the start of our non-stop, back-to-back two month tour turned out to be a ruse.  Sort of.  As we were rounding our second mile, it was time to rest and water the fuzzybutts.  The entrance to Savage Tunnel seemed an ideal place for respite but Ginger pointed out a bench under a shade canopy that was closer.  I was some twenty paces ahead of the girls and nearing the spot when I saw some of the engraving… something about dog and a 2 and some zeroes.  
“What the hell?” I was thinking, quickening my pace.  ”This is MY trail.. Who… What…”  And then it came into clear sight.  
…”Who did this?  Did you know about this?”  The two tricksters had caught up with me by that time and were giggling like a coupla school girls.  
My shock and surprise was down right and absolute and I couldn’t help getting choked up from the gesture.  From the depths, thank you Ginger and Marei for immortalizing our journey at such a special place!  
Hudson awaits…

2 Dogs 2,000 Miles

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My Style >> A Fall Fashion Challenge

I have something to share with you guys today: I love a good challenge.  So when Marshalls asked me to participate in a fashion challenge (adding ‘fashion’ to a challenge automatically makes it even better), I didn’t hesitate.  I was instructed to head to my nearest Marshalls store and shop for a head-to-toe look incorporating a top fall 2012 fashion trend.  I was given three trend categories to choose from: color, print, or ‘ladylike with an edge.’  There was one other guideline as well: make sure that the entire outfit totals around $ 100 or less.  Finding a head-to-toe outfit for $ 100 is kind of a feat in itself, but finding one that is also stylish and on trend seemed almost impossible (and admittedly made me a little nervous).  I decided to go into it without a plan, try on a whole bunch of stuff, and hope that I could somehow bring it all together. 

I’d actually never been shopping at Marshalls before and didn’t know what to expect.  The first thing I noticed was that they had a really (really) large selection of different pieces.  It felt a little bit like thrifting; it was fun to dig and treasure hunt.  I was also surprised at how many items I came across that were from high-end designers and/or clearly high quality.  Avoiding fast fashion (cheap, overly trendy clothing that falls apart) is something I strive for, and this little shopping spree was probably one of the first experiences I’ve had where I found a lot of very well-made garments for very low prices.  Marshalls had mentioned to me that their buyers are their ‘secret ingredient’ (that they literally travel the world searching for the best deals on stylish clothing and accessories), and I knew exactly what they meant when I headed into the dressing room with about two dozen items.

I ended up deciding to focus on color for my trend.  I absolutely loved the pops of mustard yellows and muted hot pinks on the fall 2012 runways this spring, especially when paired with dark greys.  Pantone even had three of these color hues in their fall 2012 fashion report (honey gold, pink flambe, and titanium).  I ended up discovering a really great pair of mustard jeans, a gorgeous over-sized hooded sweater in dark grey, and some super cute Steve Madden flats in bright pink.

Finding pieces in these color hues was my main objective, but I also wanted to incorporate some other fall  trends. Colored jeans are still really big this season, as are brightly colored ballet flats and flats with embellished toes.  Lucky for me, between the mustard denim pants and pink shoes, those trends were already covered.  Chambray is also one of my absolute favorite ‘big things’ right now because it’s so versatile and timeless, and I was really excited to stumble upon a very well-tailored chambray button-up top.  Another of my favorite current trends is tribal prints, and I fell instantly in love with a big, gauzy grey and white Aztec print scarf.  The scarf was the perfect find, because it added a little more neutral to a very bright look, added some print to a very solid outfit, and tied in the dark grey of the sweater. 

In the end, my entire outfit totaled $ 105. I was a tiny bit over budget, but I still successfully completely the challenge by staying around the $ 100 limit.  And I have to mention that this sweater is probably the most amazing find I’ve come across in the past few years as far as sweaters go.  I’m truly impressed by the quality and the knit work and the design itself, and I have a feeling that once the weather cools off, I’ll be wearing it on a daily basis.  I’m also still a little bit in awe at the fact that it came with a $ 34 price tag.  I would expect to see it selling for $ 200+.  Pretty cool.

Shirt, scarf, sweater, pants and shoes c/o Marshalls

Before I go, I have to say a huge thank you to Marshalls for asking me to participate in such a fun challenge.  I think I’m still a little shocked at the amount of goodies I was able to find for that amount of money!

I also have some good news for all of you…  You guys get to be a part of it too!  I’ll be giving away a $ 100 Marshalls gift card to one lucky Bubby and Bean reader who will get to go on a fall shopping spree of their own!  Make sure to check back next week for this very special giveaway.

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TreT – American Staffordshire Terrier

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Slow Cooking Meat and Veggies is Like “Superfood” for Pets! Especially Labs!

Feeding the right ingredients to dogs can have an amazing effect on their health. Labs seem to be really affected by the allergens and lack of oils in commercial foods. So many labs have come into our clinic with hotspots and ear infections over the last 30 years that I really thought that it came with the breed! The more that I preached better ingredients in their food, the less the labs in our practice had to come in with problems!

Feeding better ingredients does not mean simply covering bad food with healthy food. If your dog or cat is heavy, and there are no other medical problems, then high carbohydrate kibble may be to blame. Constant skin and ear problems may be due to other allergies to pollens and molds, flea sensitivity, or allergies to the meat, grain, or chemicals in dry food. Your dog or cat may need more oils than the standard 10% in dry food. Both humans and domesticated dogs and cats require 30% healthy fats and oils in the diet. Why does commercial dry food only contain 10%. That is a recipe for dry, irritated, skin for sure!

“Super food” is often in the news these days. Berries and juices with more nutrients and antioxidants are touted as the way to prevent illness and live longer. Avoiding allergens or chemicals in pet food and feeding a higher percentage of moisture, nutrients, and oils is like feeding “super food” to your pet.

The more I read about the interactions and variety of vitamins, the more I realize that doctors, veterinarians , and even nutritionists may not know the whole story of the vital ingredients to keep us or our pets healthy! That is why I advise the feeding of a variety of healthy ingredients, more moisture, and more oils, to keep our pets healthier. If you feed your pet a variety of natural foods and the ingredients they evolved to eat, their bodies will respond by being healthier! Commercial pet food is not good for 30% of pets, they need help!

That’s why I wrote “ Dog Dish Diet” and “Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet” They both help pet  owners understand why commercial pet food does not agree with some pets. Along with recipes for slow cooking, Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet” contains advise for feeding your cat a better diet . Believe me, I have seen so many pets feel so much better by eating better food!

Amanda wrote me:

“Hi Greg, hope you have all had a wonderful summer :@) So Tess Kennedy my Black Lab has been on a wonderful diet since October 2011 when I found you and has become a new dog, before she had hot spots, smelly coat and breath, terrible ears full of yuck, she was even limping after her walks. I thought she was really ill, but now she is a new dog like a puppy again. But she started to get a little bit smelly so I gave her less to eat as its been so hot hot hot. Now I am wondering could it be all the fruit she has been eating, especially figs and lots of them. Her back is full of dandruff and she is a bit smelly, no way as bad as before. She gets more lamb then chicken as that’s what my butcher gives me, I am thinking of just giving chicken to see what happens and no fruit. She swims in the sea most days and I shampooed her a week ago, she was lovely for a few days. But her back is full of dandruff again. I don’t wash my dogs much as I feel they are so clean from swimming everyday, they get a sweet water shower after swimming. I have Tess Kennedy daughter Tara Kennedy who has the most amazing coat she is so shiny

and never smells :@) Poor Tess I feel so bad if its me giving her the wrong food or is this Tess and I can do no more!!!!! Thank you for being there, your wonderful ?”

Amanda’s dog may need more oils in the diet or more liver or carrots to supply better ingredients to nourish the skin. Dry, flaky, or yeasty skin is often mal-nourished and is need of better nutrition to help. Olive oil, canola oil, and sardines are not expensive, but can be great medicine! If your dog or cat has problems, check out the easy, economical , world of slow cooking in “Feed Your Pet” or the educational way to avoid allergic commercial food and add healthy human food in “Dog Dish Diet”. Both are available through the website and at

Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet

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Menu Foods Reaches Settlement Agreement

Menu Foods

Here is a press release dated April 1 on Menu Foods website:

Menu Foods Income Fund (TSX: MEW.UN) announced that the parties to the Pet Food Multi-District Litigation (including Menu Foods) today advised the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey that their mediation has produced a comprehensive, cross-border agreement in principle between the parties, addressing all major terms of settlement.

The settlement in principle is subject to several conditions, including the approval of certain other parties, the execution of a definitive settlement agreement and review and approval of the U.S. District Court and the Canadian courts. The parties advised the court that they are confident that a definitive settlement agreement can be reached.

The definitive terms of settlement, together with a motion for preliminary approval thereof, are scheduled to be filed with the U.S. District Court on May 1, 2008, with the hearing scheduled to occur at 11:00 a.m. on May 14, 2008. The scheduling for Canadian court approval has not yet been determined, but is expected to occur in a similar time frame.

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Cool Dog images

A few nice Dog images I found:


Image by techburst
Dog re-styled into the TechBurst colour scheme. Inset wireframe for anyone interested in that kind of thing. My first rendered scene from Cinema that I deemed good enough to save to the hard drive instead of deleting it instantly, heh.

meet moss the dog & his red ball

Image by Adam Foster | Codefor
i met moss on a farm my friend works on, my friend had previously told me moss was a bit of a legend and that i had to meet him.

So i went down one summers evening and he really is the most amazing dog, full of life and energy but at the same time really gentle and funny. He has this red ball that he cannot be without and for the 4 hours i was with him all he wanted was for me to throw it for him to fetch. We had a BBQ and most dogs would be after some scraps or the odd sausage but not moss he just kept looking at us, slowly nudging this ball nearer and nearer to us, until we threw it again for him. Arrghh i wanted to take him home so bad! lol

Well that’s moss anyway, his love for the ball gave me chance to get some cool photos =]


View more on my photography portfolio,
or say hi on Twitter :)

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This little Miniature Pinscher is called D’squard (without the ‘e’ – as in D’squared) – don’t you love it. D’squard is 6 years old and lives in Gorbio village.

Like all Min Pins he’s really active – I took two or three shots but it was hard to get him reasonably still and then later, there he was. standing next to his owner and her handbag on a wall. Voila!

Matching handbag too!


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Twilight Star Kellan Lutz Supports North Dakotans to Stop Animal Cruelty

Actor Kellan Lutz, who will soon be seen on the big screen in the final installment of the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn- Part Two, is helping the effort to create the dawn of a new day in animal…

[[ This is a summary only. Click the title for the full post, photos, videos, giveaways, and more! ]]

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kate, teddy n dog

Check out these Dog images:

kate, teddy n dog

Image by dѧvid

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Measuring Intelligence in Dogs

Everyone wants to have smart kids, right? And most dog owners would like to have smart dogs. But understand that measuring intelligence in dogs is not a simple task.

Whether a dog is considered to be smart or dumb depends upon certain characteristics of the animal’s behavior. Obviously Nobel Prize-winning physicist Albert Einstein was intelligent. He had to be or he could not have developed his Theory of Relativity which required mathematical brilliance. Yet he was so bad at simple arithmetic that he could never balance his own checkbook.

Intelligence can be measured in many ways. In human beings, verbal ability, numerical ability, logical reasoning, and memory are considered measurable degrees of intelligence. Intelligence in dogs also can be determined in measurable degrees. Instinctive intelligence refers to what a dog was bred for. For example, herding dogs were bred to herd animals. Their ability to round up sheep or cows, keep them grouped together, and drive them in a specific path is inborn. Human intervention is only required to keep the dogs under control and give them direction.

Different dog breeds have different types of inherent intelligence. Guard dogs are bred to guard people or things; retrievers retrieve; hounds track; pointers sniff out birds and indicate their location by pointing; and companion dogs are attuned to human moods. Every dog has an inbred intelligence of some sort, and to make comparisons of which is the smartest breed is really not possible because each breed has different abilities.

Another measure of intelligence in dogs is called adaptive intelligence. This is an indication of what a dog can learn to do for itself. Adaptive intelligence includes learning from experience with the environment and using that information to solve new problems. This type of intelligence can vary among individual dogs of the same breed. For example, all German Shepherds have the same instinctive intelligence, and most are quite intelligent but occasionally you will find one that seems totally clueless and continues making the same mistakes over and over again. The difference between a “smart” dog and a “dumb” dog of the same breed is the difference in adaptive intelligence.

When humans think of dog intelligence they think of highly trained animals like police dogs, guide dogs for the blind, hearing assistance dogs, or search-and-rescue dogs. A dog that responds properly to its master’s commands leads us to believe that we are viewing the peak of dog intelligence. When a dog responds to a command and appears to understand what a human is communicating, it is simply demonstrating one of the important characteristics of its intelligence. If dogs did not respond to human instructions, they wouldn’t be capable of performing the tasks that we expect of them and they would never have been domesticated. This type of intelligence is referred to as “working and obedience” intelligence. It’s the closest thing to what we as humans consider to be school-learning ability.

The top 10 dogs in terms of “working and obedience” intelligence are, in order: Border Collie, Poodle, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Doberman Pinscher, Shetland Sheepdog, Labrador Retriever, Papillon, Rottweiler, Australian Cattle Dog.

While a smart dog will learn everything that you want it to know, it will also learn everything that it can get away with. This means you may have to spend much more time “civilizing” your clever dog so it will learn and remember the limits of behavior you have set for it.

When it comes to measuring intelligence in dogs, every dog has an instinctive intelligence for which it was bred, and some dogs considered lower in intelligence have other qualities. Every year People magazine has a special issue featuring “The 50 Most Beautiful People in the World.” They have never had an issue featuring “The 50 Most Intelligent People in the World.” If we consider “beautiful” to be one of the most important characteristics of humans, then the same should apply to dogs. And beauty is always in the eye of the beholder – in this case – the one who owns the dog.

Dogs Rule!

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