warts & lice

A few nice Lice images I found:

warts & lice

Image by mag3737
Tenuous Link: CVS pharmacy

Body Louse

Image by IrishErlina
An old high school lab drawing…from 2000

Published in French Newspaper 03-12-2010


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Orders, orders

You might think, because I blog, that all of my customers come from the Internet. Not so! Just about EVERYBODY I know who has a pet is on this food! Most of the time, I send them to the web and they order whenever they want. They like that independence. But for some, I help them keep the cost down by having it all shipped to me.

People tend to order a day or two before they run out of food. I can’t really stock lots of food at my house (I have some aggressive kitties who can even figure out how to open a bottle of the kitty supplements — there’s one at my side right now who is persistently ripping into a bag of hairball treats ). So I keep the 2 and 3 lb dog and cat sample bags in my car to give to people as they order, and then every two weeks I put in a very large order. When you order $ 500 at a time, S&H is free so that works out all around.

I came home Saturday to a long handwritten note in my mailbox from the neighbors to the north of me. It’s a mom and her two adult daughters and an aunt, all living in this house with its basement apartments. They are GREAT neighbors! Woo, read my story on 16 cookies at my marathon running blog!

Anyway, they have a kitty and a new therapy dog. They were already great fans of the cat food and Instinctive Choice and after trying a sample bag of the dog food, they wanted to order a 60-lb bag and some treats and porkhide bones.

Then, some friends from church called and they need another case of canned cat food and a bag of Life’s Abundance for their kitty.

We’ve picked up about seven new customers between Val and my friend Joyce and I this last week via the Internet.

So it’s keeping me busy but I LOVE it!

A day in the life of a HealthyPetNet Rep

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Spicing Things Up

What better way of spicing things up than stepping out of the box?  Friday I had the stupid brilliant idea of hosting some Christmas themed mini sessions to raise money for the Windy City Canine Rescue.  I emailed Lorelei to see what she thought and she jumped on board.  So much for the voice of reason!

So Saturday morning I got up early and put together a little flyer advertising the mini sessions that were going to be scheduled the next day and sent it off to all our clients.  I wanted to send it early so that there would be enough time to fill the 8-12 spots. It was so last minute I thought there was no way we would get more than 8 people able and willing to come. In an hour (by 8 a.m. on a Saturday!) the 12 spots were full and I still had more emails coming in.  So we opened it up for a little longer and then a little longer again.  In two hours we had 25 slots full and by the end of the day we had another 12 people on the waiting list.  Wow.  First off, what the heck is everyone doing up so early on a Saturday?  Secondly – who knew so many people wanted Christmas photos of their pet?

But as the emails kept pouring in, I started to panic.  Can we do this?  Is it going to be chaos?  By the time Marlin got out of bed, we were already full booked up and I knew we needed his help manning the door.  So before he even had his first coffee I was begging for his help.  Being the sweet guy that he is, he agreed.  Phew.  Lorelei is also bringing reinforcements. So now I just need to worry about posing the dogs – something I don’t really like to do – mainly because they never sit still.

Jo came over late yesterday afternoon to help us figure out what the heck we were doing.  First of all, stringing Christmas lights for the background is more of an art form than you’d think.  I started off with a couple multicoloured strand.  The blue didn’t show at all and the white lights were orange and overpowering.  It looked more like a Halloween themed background.

Thankfully I’d also brought along our strings of outdoor lights that are only red.  MUCH better.  Then Jo got the boys to pose.  Wow.  They were perfect.  Never even put a toe out of line – even while wearing the elf hat.  I have a feeling today won’t go quite a smoothly. :)

And Tate.  Wow Tate.  He just had the best expressions the whole time. Love his pics.

I didn’t take any pictures of the set up (I’ll try and remember today) but basically the dogs are standing in an open doorway (facing out) and the overhead lights are off in the building behind them.  I’ve then strung the lights on the fence halfway across the room… Maybe 20 feet away from the door.

Who knew pictures taken at the daycare could be so pretty!

Lorelei has a white background and is set up inside the building with lights and such.  You can see her sneak peaks of the boys (and 1 of Lacey!) on her facebook page.  It’s going to be wild and fun and scary and crazy all at once.  Wish us luck!

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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Flea interview playing bass

exert from the 1988 VPRO interview with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Flea Solo (LiveRock In Rio 3)

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Shar Pei Pups Leaving One Out

These Shar Pei pups are almost all happy

Group of Shar Pei Pups

Whatcha lookin’ at? Haven’t you ever seen Shar Pei pups eating before?

Submitted by Kat T

More about this breed

The post Shar Pei Pups Leaving One Out appeared first on A Place to Love Dogs.

A Place to Love Dogs

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How to Stop Dog Food Aggression

If your dog growls when you or your children approach his food bowl during mealtime, you need to be aware of a potentially serious problem. It is essential that dog food aggression be stopped quickly before you or your children are injured by the dog. Dog food aggression is frequently related to other behavior problems so your dog’s daily routine should be examined. It is highly likely that your dog has other behavior problems that have not been fully addressed.
Dog Food Blog

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Cool Lice images

A few nice Lice images I found:

Sea Lice

Image by Alan R. Light

Sea Lice

Image by Alan R. Light

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Jan 3, Digestibility of gel caps for fish oil liquids

I give my dog several supplements and sometimes meds from the vet. I wonder if the capsules or sometimes gel cap for liquids like fish oils dissolve in
Dog Food Blog | Best Dog Food Guide

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Holidays can be Dangerous for Dogs and Cats

You all know that dogs and cats can get into trouble on the Holidays, and some may need a trip to the animal ER. Animal emergency clinics are fully staffed and ready to handle all types of sickness and trauma. With that 24 hour ability, comes a bigger bill than most daytime practices. When your pet needs that level of support, the emergency clinics are invaluable. Just be prepared to pay quite a bit more by cash, check, or credit card.

You can prevent trips to the ER by keeping a watchful eye out for common problems.  I’ll outline a few for you!

  1. Dogs or cats running out open doors or gates. Guests, friends, and family may not notice escapees. Let everyone know or post a sign! Keep nervous dogs or cats in comfortable bedrooms, studies, garages, or laundry rooms with warm areas and water. Warn guests that nervous dogs or cats don’t really want attention!
  2. Make sure human medication and over the counter anti-inflammatory medicine like Tylenol, Ibuprofen are kept off counters and night stands.  Keep bedroom doors closed because dogs and cats love to explore and lend their odor to a stranger’s room. They may pee, poop, chew, or puke on a family members things. Of course that may be a good way to shorten a visit. Just kidding…we all love our family!
  3. Keep known toxins out of reach.(chocolate, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts , bread dough, and plants  like poinsettias, mistletoe, and Easter lilies)
  4. Puppies and Kittens will hunt and destroy stuff! The world is for smelling, chewing, attacking, and destroying when you are a young pet. Power cords are to be chewed on. Ornaments, tinsel, plants, Christmas trees, and treated tree water are all fair game. Puppies and kittens may become nauseous from eating plants, flocking, and trees or drinking tree water. That may pass after a puking session or two. However, tinsel and ornaments can cause intestinal blockage in dogs or cats. Kittens and cats love to jump and attack light moving tinsel, but it can knot their intestines up and require surgery to fix. Tinsel may not be a good idea with pets. Keep those younger pets away from the pretty, yet dangerous tree!
  5. You can use hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting in dogs(not cats) by giving them several tablespoons. Vomiting will get rid of medications or chocolate. If your dog is down or real sick do not give peroxide. Just head for help at the nearest vet ER.
  6. If a dog or cat is used to dry kibble or cat food, a different food or fatty food may cause stomach upset, vomiting, or diarrhea. Pieces of chicken, turkey, fish, pork, or beef may be fine for those used to meat and not sensitive to the meat in question. Vegetables like green beans , carrots, potatoes, peas, or fruit are also healthy human food you can feed to dogs . Rice is also a good treat. However, a dog not used to other food beside kibble may become ill when fed too much fat, or a meat they don’t tolerate well. Some people are allergic or sensitive to ingredients. We wouldn’t advise a sensitive human to eat peanuts, glutens, shrimp, beef, or other ingredients they are sensitive to. Dogs are no different.  Fasting for 12 hours , then feeding white rice with a tsp of chicken baby food  and tsp of plain cultured yogurt may help with mild cases of diarrhea. Take your dog or cat to the ER if they are acting really sick (lots of vomiting and diarrhea).
  7. You can use pepcid AC for mild stomach upset in dogs. 10mg tablet (1/2 for a small dog, one for a medium or large dog daily for a couple days)
  8. Cooked bones can be brittle and sharp. Big pieces, or too many bones can cause intestinal obstruction or severe constipation. In Dog Dish Diet and Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet I advise feeding slow cooked or raw bones for the minerals and joint nutrition. Dogs that wolf down bones may be at risk for intestinal problems. However feeding the right bones and letting dogs chew on them can clean teeth and provide great nutrition.

Greg Martinez DVM has advised his clients to feed better diets for years.  He wrote Dog Dish Diet and Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet to help pet owners learn how to cure medical problems  or prevent new ones with a better mix of ingredients. He has found many medical problems (skin problems, ear infections, bladder problems, bowel problems , and seizures ) respond when allergens are avoided, carbohydrates are decreased, omega oils are added, and moisture in the diet is increased. He feeds his pets home cooked food , raw food, and hypoallergenic  canned food .

Video on Holiday Dangers in Pets

Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet

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Dog Pull at Winterfest in Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Check out these Dog images:

Dog Pull at Winterfest in Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Image by elviskennedy
Dog pull contest during Winterfest in Cedarburg, Wisconsin on February 14, 2010.

Dog Pull at Winterfest in Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Image by elviskennedy
Dog pull contest during Winterfest in Cedarburg, Wisconsin on February 14, 2010.

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