Unfortunate Impressions on Bull Dog Terriers

People might be wondering why there is such a name as “bull dog”.

Originally, Great Britain and later, America were obsessed with bloody fights between bulls and dogs. The main function of the canine is to hang on to the bull’s neck and worry the poor animal until it dies. Obviously, these dogs had developed great strength in their jaws.

Among the popular choices of dogs for this sport were the pit bulls. Back then, the selection of pit bulls was so varied that many showed a variety of characteristics that made the sport highly interesting. Later in the life of the sport though, the center of attraction switched towards the fight between pit bulls and not against the bulls themselves.

From these canines rooted most of the bull dog terriers that we know of today.

One of the significant bull dog terriers we have is the American Staffordshire Terrier who is of great interest since it possesses intriguing seemingly opposing characters.

They project strength and physically power but they are not vicious. In fact, this dog is very much associated with its relationship to its family, especially among children. The physical features it has are now only due to their basic nature and orientation during their bloody fights as fighting machines. But this does not negate the fact that they can sometimes show aggressiveness which may somehow work against them. Nevertheless, this can be set off with their loving nature and devotion to human family. Thus, it has a stable temperament which make them good pets and excellent watchdogs.

AmStaff terrier, as it is called by its shorter name suffers in reputation though since it is commonly associated with pit bulls. These dogs are known for their love for challnge and are therefore employed in illegal dog fighting.

Most of the problems root from irresponsible training. Sadly, there are too few AmStaff that are properly trained. And what’s even depressing is that there are innumerable pit bulls that are continually ill-treated by sadistic owners.

We are often confused of what true pit bulls are. In fact, many contend that these dogs must not be called by that name since it elicits unwanted images of gory dog fights. While this breed is not yet officially recognized by the American Dog Breeders Association or the United Kennel Club, the legitimate name remains to be American Pit Bull Terrier.

While it is true that American Pit Bull Terrier is violent in nature, this doesn’t imply that they are made purely for brutal stuffs. As we have earlier said, these dogs are only products of maltreatment and exploitive training (and inhumane) for self serving purposes. Otherwise, American Pit Bull Terriers can be very people loving.

These are also known for their being hardworking on which they excel from. They are also fond of excessive physical activities that would exhaust their power reserves. Thus, this breed is great for those who need company during athletic training. If you are the couch potato personality, please find another breed of dog that would suit your lifestyle.

To clear things off, American Pit Bull Terrier are not officially recognized not because of its ill reputation but mainly due to beliefs that it is not a purebred. One major standard for a dog to be distinguished as member of Kennel Clubs is that it should be purebred. Until more comprehensive findings on its origin are found, this dog will remain unfortunately tagged as “nasty”.

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Topical Questions – Scottish Parliament: 14th May 2013

http://www.scottish.parliament.uk – Scottish Parliament Topical Questions. 1. Rhoda Grant: To ask the Scottish Government whether it considers that North Sea…
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A Bed of Cobblestones

You’d think these ancient cobblestones in the village of Bussana Vecchia across the border in Italy, would be uncomfortable, wouldn’t you?  Seems not. In fact, I worried for one second this little dog was dead as he didn’t move until another dog came along and woke him up. 

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Don’t Fitch the Homeless

I’ve never bought a piece of Abercrombie and Fitch clothing in my life, so to say I’m not going to in the future wasn’t a big loss for me. I’m with everyone else who was disgusted with CEO Mike Jeffries’ recent statement about their painfully shallow approach to marketing:

“Because good-looking people attract other good-looking people, and we want to market to cool, good-looking people,” he said. “We don’t market to anyone other than that.” And so on and so forth we only sell small sizes and hire models etc.

The reaction has been, unsurprisingly, not so positive for good old Jeffries. One man, in an attempt to damage Abercrombie’s reputation as much as possible, decided he would take them on with a YouTube stunt called “Abercrombie and Fitch get an attitude readjustment #Fitchthehomeless.” Having read all the “You GO GREG!” responses on the net, I checked it out. It was a video of a guy sticking it to Jeffries by giving Abercrombie & Fitch clothing away to homeless people.

I felt immediately uneasy.

These aren’t props, they are people

One of my first experiences working with the homeless was at Loyola Marymount University, volunteering at a soup kitchen in Venice called Bread and Roses. (I was shocked the first day to discover Martin Sheen, standing elbow deep in suds in the kitchen. He volunteered every Tuesday I was there, though you wouldn’t know it since he never advertised that fact.)

I loved talking to the men, women and children who were there. Many of them; most, really, weren’t up for chitchat, but those who wanted a conversation were a breath of fresh air from the silliness I was surrounded by at a private liberal arts college in Los Angeles. It’s a whole different world. It’s humbling.

Later on, at Davis, I learned of a student-run clinic called Mercer Clinic, which provided veterinary care for the homeless of Sacramento. Professors and local veterinarians donated their time alongside veterinary students to provide the dogs and cats with vaccinations and spay/neuter, free of charge. Without the rabies vaccine, the dogs could be confiscated. We provided the vaccine, but also required the sterilization.

People would walk for miles to come to the clinic, waiting patiently out in the cold and occasional rain, sometimes for hours. They were happy to volunteer their stories; women whose dogs protected them from assault on the streets, veterans whose small kittens were their best and only friends in life. “This one’s ^!@hole,” said a man with the salty humor you get used to pretty quickly. “And this one’s $ @#%head.” The veterinarian that day laughed, gave the cats their vaccines, and watched as the man loaded them gently onto the pile of clothing that constituted his life’s possessions in his shopping cart.


Real cool kids recognize the value in keeping this going.

I learned basic exam room skills. I learned preventive care. And I learned, by example, compassion. It was the first time I really understood how much of a lifeline a pet can be, and how important my responsibility is to protect that. Many people I met there were more conscientious, more careful with their pets, than some of the wealthiest people I’ve since met over the years.

It was there, with the people our society has cast out, that I learned what it means to respect another human’s dignity.

And this is why that video bothers me, the use of the homeless as a gag, berating a man for his attempt to devalue a group of people by doing the exact same thing to another group. “Ha, if he thinks his clothes on THOSE people are bad, wait till he gets a load of his clothes on THESE GUYS!”


Mercer Clinic helped me be a better veterinarian and a better human, as it has done for other Davis veterinary students for 20 years. It is now in danger of closing down, and they have one month to raise $ 40,000 to get a new facility lined up.

I’ve long ago given up on being a cool kid; those labels ceased to be interesting to me a long time ago. But I’m fine being thought of as a compassionate one. I ask anyone who was annoyed by Jeffries’ remarks to resist the urge to respond by throwing his clothing at homeless people on video, and instead show him how stupid and irrelevant he is by supporting something that might really make a difference.

Mercer Clinic has helped so many clients, pets, and future veterinarians. Now I’m off to BlogPaws and about to speak to people about what making a difference really means in life. I’d love for you to help me spread the word and help me #VetTheHomeless instead.

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USPS: Buffalo ranks 11th in dog attacks
BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – The United States Postal Service says Buffalo ranks 11th in the nation for dog attacks. The USPS says there were 24 dog attacks in 2012, this is up two attacks and seven spots from 2011. The USPS says nearly 5,900 postal
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Police: Dog shot during home invasion
Officials said the bullet went through the dog's leg and caused the bone to fracture. An Omaha specialist is being tasked with performing a delicate operation to save the leg if it hasn't become infected by Tuesday. A 12-week recovery period is
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Bluebonnet Spring

The fabulous fuzzybutts and I are in the Nutmeg State now prepping for our taste testing Saturday and this morning we took our constitutional through the neighborhood we’re staying at down to Clinton Town Beach.  
The purple or tulip, as they refer to them up here, magnolias are all abloom as are the weeping cherry trees, dogwoods, lilacs, flowering crabapples, and flora I have yet to discover. I have to stop and catch my breath from the beauty of it all at times and I often wonder if the people up here truly get the gift from god they’ve been given.  
When you walk south to north, as we did on our cross country trek, you’re chasing spring and everything opens up all around you for weeks and weeks.  It’s magical really and one of our most memorable experiences was walking on the old Boston Post road or route 1 along the coastline of New England.  And though I love fall just as equally to follow it, you’d have to walk from north to south.  
Sometimes I wish I could take a projector to my brain and broadcast it for you.  I try to write that way but words often fail to capture the glory and grace of life.  
But I couldn’t help this morning, amidst all this splendor, missing the bluebonnet fields of my native state.  They stretch for miles and miles and it’s as if time stops in Texas when they bloom.  Whenever I’m longing for my family and the place I grew up, I listen to Gulf Coast Highway, a duet between Emmy Lou Harris and Willie Nelson.   It’s a simple song about love and life and one that I sang to Malcolm the day he was given rest.  
YBD’s Notes:  I’d love to share the song with you but the insidious industrial music studio oligopoly in this country doesn’t believe in beauty without a steep price and youtube removed it from my second memorial to Malcolm.  The more tragic aspect of it was it was removed after we walked through the Nashville area and spent an afternoon with Emmy Lou at her dog rescue, Bonaparte’s Retreat.  She does great work there and her rescue is named after her roadie dog she lost to cancer.  Please don’t contact her in protest – she had nothing to do with it.  Studios screw everyone, even artists.  My apologies for including this in today’s blog but I must.

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Pet Product Recall: Lloyd, Inc. Recalls Select Thyro-Tabs Lots

There’s an update to the recall of Thyro-Tabs.  You can read the article at PetMd.  Lloyd, Inc is recalling the following products:

  • Thyro-Tabs 0.1 mg 120 count-Lloyd Label NDC # 11789-*251-10
  • Thyro-Tabs 0.1 mg Bonus Pack NDC # 11789-*251-10
  • Thryo-Tabs 0.2 mg 120 count-Lloyd Label NDC # 11789-*252-10
  • Thyro-Tabs 0.2 mg Bonus Pack NDC # 11789-*252-10
  • Thyro-Tabs 0.3 mg 120 count-Lloyd Label NDC # 11789-*253-10
  • Thyro-Tabs 0.3 mg Bonus Pack NDC # 11789-*253-10
  • Thyro-Tabs 0.4 mg 120 count-Lloyd Label NDC# 11789-*254-10
  • Thyro-Tabs 0.4 mg Bonus Pack NDC# 11789-*254-10
  • Thyro-Tabs 0.5 mg 120 count-Lloyd Label NDC # 11789-*255-10
  • Thyro-Tabs 0.5 mg Bonus Pack NDC # 11789-*255-10
  • Thryo-Tabs 0.6 mg 120 count-Lloyd Label NDC # 11789-*256-10
  • Thryo-Tabs 0.6 mg Bonus Pack NDC # 11789-*256-10
  • Thyro-Tabs 0.7 mg 120 count-Lloyd Label NDC # 11789-*257-10
  • Thyro-Tabs 0.7 mg Bonus Pack NDC # 11789-*257-10
  • Thyro-Tabs 0.8 mg 120 count-Lloyd Label NDC# 11789-*258-10
  • Thyro-Tabs 0.8 mg Bonus Pack NDC# 11789-*258-10
  • Thyro-Tabs 1.0 mg 120 count-Lloyd Label NDC# 11789-*268-10
  • Thyro-Tabs 1.0 mg Bonus Pack NDC# 11789-*268-10

Lot Numbers: VKB11612, VKA31412, KC03312, KA33212, KA29812, VKA30812, VKD11612, KC30812, KD04012, KA30112, VKA34212, VKB20112

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Sanitation is critical for grain bin pest management
Sanitation is the first line of defense to protect stored grain from damaging insect pests. “Protecting stored grain also requires a mult-faceted approach. A single tactic will not be successful,” said Texas AgriLife Extension entomologist Roy Parker
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Wine Report Warns of New Vineyard Pest with Warmer Weather
The article quotes a Glenn McGourty, University of California Extension viticulture advisor, ““Organic growers may not have the biocontrol agents they need to control this pest. Also, conventional growers, who have done a great job of reducing
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Red weevil pest threatens 6 million palm trees
More than 100 farmers discussed last night means of preventing the spread of the red palm weevil and blamed the Ministry of Agriculture for failing to eradicate the pest three years ago when the inflicted areas were limited. Sultan Al-Thunnayan, head
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How to spot and treat bed bugs
We wanted to know more about bed bugs and how to spot them in your home, so we invited Jay Everitt from Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions to First @ 4. Click the video player above to learn how to spot a bed bug and how to get rid of them. KSDK. Comments
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Animal Abusers Registry–an idea whose time has come

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This is Rita, a two and a half year old Brittany spaniel.  She’s sitting by the 300 year old elm tree in Gorbio’s square, waiting for her owners who are having a drink in the bar.  Her eyes never leave them. And in the photo below – they are coming, they are coming …!


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