Lice Kayacak Jandarma Karakolu olaylar sürüyor yaralılar var, biber gazlı müdahale

Diyarbakır Lice’de olaylar sürüyor yaralılar var, biber gazlı müdahale Diyarbakır’ın Lice İlçesi Kayacık Köyü’nde jandarma karakoluna yapımı süren ek inşaatı…

Margaret Cho’s new music video featuring Ben Lee, directed by Liam Sullivan. “Lice” is on Margaret’s comedy music album, “Cho Dependent.” Get the song: http:…

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Car Sickness in Dogs

Many dogs, regardless of breed, can experience carsickness on either short or long trips because they are not able to adjust to the shifting movements and varying speed of your vehicle when riding in your car or truck. Sometimes even a smooth ride on a relatively calm auto trip can upset a dog’s delicate digestive system.

Car (or motion) sickness is caused by an over-stimulation of a dog’s inner ear and it can make a dog feel miserable. But did you know that stress can also make a dog carsick because many dogs associate car travel with an embedded memory, like an unpleasant trip to the vet or being left at a kennel overnight or for a longer period of time where they experienced separation anxiety. Also, if a dog is young and has ever been frightened by a noisy truck or car, he may become stressed when experiencing the same situation while traveling in your vehicle.

The most obvious symptom of car or motion sickness is vomiting. Your dog may also pant more rapidly than usual, salivate, or pace nervously by your car before you even load him into it. If your dog exhibits behavior like this before you even start the engine, it’s likely he’s not going to enjoy the ride and there’s a good chance he’ll get carsick.

Most dogs eventually outgrow motion-induced carsickness, but if you find that your pet is still having a particularly hard time traveling in your car, try using a natural supplement such as Calming Soft Chews from These specially formulated chews have high potency natural ingredients that are properly formulated for optimal results. These chews will help your dog relax whether traveling or staying at home. Calming Soft Chews help with separation anxiety, nervousness, and pacing. They are a safer solution than over-the-counter products that can cause drowsiness in your pet.

You can also prepare your dog for traveling by car if you do not give him any food or water just before you leave on a trip. A dog will travel better if you give him just half or a fourth of his usual serving of food before you leave. Make plenty of rest stops if you notice your dog exhibiting any of the signs of car sickness. You may need to stop occasionally and take him on a short walk, or a little longer walk if he seems unusually stressed. This will give him an opportunity to walk off the stress.

If you have found other useful ways to handle car sickness in your dog, please feel free to share that with our other readers. They would appreciate it.

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Style with a Vision

Today I’m teaming up with Nine West and VSP Direct to talk to you guys a little about how the right frames can complete any personal look when it comes to fashion (and how eyewear is the only fashion item for which you can get insurance!). I’ve mentioned a few times here on the blog that I am all sorts of near-sighted and wear glasses most of the time.  Thankfully, I love the look of a good, chic pair of specs and fully believe that they can make really great accessories.  Not so thankfully, my health insurance does not cover vision, and for many years, I’ve been forced to pay out of pocket for my exams, lenses and frames (which if you don’t already know are not cheap). 

Lucky for me, I recently signed up for VSP Direct.  Their individual vision insurance is super affordable, and gets you access to a large selection of frames from classic styles to modern, trendy ones (including dozens of top brand names – woohoo!).  Paying for glasses out of pocket can cost hundreds of dollars, and like I said before, glasses are truly the only fashion item that can be covered by insurance. So for me, it made perfect sense to take advantage. 

Here’s some more information on VSP Direct, in case you want to check them out (which you totally should):

1. They are the nation’s only not-for-profit vision care company, and they have spent a whole decade developing high-quality, affordable individual plans that are now available in every state.  Pretty impressive.
2. Know someone who needs vision care?  You can purchase VSP Direct insurance benefits for yourself or as a gift ( for as little as 41 cents a day or $ 16 a month!).  Love this idea.
3. Coverage includes the eye exam with a low co-payment, provides allowance for glasses or contacts (with fully covered lens options).
4. They have the lowest out-of-pocket cost in vision care with a typical annual savings of $ 227 (woot!).
5. They offer 30,000 providers, which makes them the largest doctor network in the industry.

A minimalist look featuring some of my favorite Nine West styles:  1. Black Nine West Frames  //  2. Tribeca Dome Leather Satchel  //  3. Tieler Boot  //  4. Bleeker Leather Card Hold  //  5. Beaded Hoop Earrings

One more thing…  Nine West and VSP Direct are currently hosting a ‘Style with a Vision’ Pinterest sweepstakes where you can win a Nine West shopping spree and a year of free vision care!  Yes please!

Do you wear glasses?  Does your healthcare cover vision, and if not, have you ever considered an individual eyewear insurance plan?

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Cleveland Pest Control | Tel: (216) 239-0390

Cleveland pest control services are never far away when you call the above number. Visit us at…

Steve Durham from EnviroCon Termite & Pests discusses regular home pests control treatments in the kitchen. We look at pests around the sink like ants and co…
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WINNER, Winner Chicken Dinner!!

 Congratulations to Kimberly!!
I would like to say “Thank You!” to A Mommy’s Blog Design for offering up this prize of a premade blog template of the winner’s choice for either Blogger or WordPress.
The sad part is that I had to have Rafflecopter pick five winners before I actually got a TRUE winner. The first four names drawn said that they completed the MANDATORY entry of leaving a blog comment when in fact they did NOT. And you know what the worst part about that is? Three out of those four names are well known names to me because they are bloggers who run regular giveaways. Needless to say, I was disappointed.



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Shelter Sunday: Karen and Friends Animal Rescue / Charleston, WV

Meet Shelby! This beautiful boy is being fostered in Charleston, West Virginia by Karen and Friends Animal Rescue. Here’s what their website has to say about him: Shelby was rescued from a hoarding situation where the dogs had lived in a basement without ever seeing the outside for years. He was anemic, almost died, and […] Dog Blog

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2010 DoD Pest Management Workshop February 2010 (20)

A few nice Pest images I found:

2010 DoD Pest Management Workshop February 2010 (20)

Image by Armed Forces Pest Management Board
Picture from the DoD Pest Management Workshop held in Jacksonville, FL.

2010 DoD Pest Management Workshop February 2010 (50)

Image by Armed Forces Pest Management Board
Picture from the DoD Pest Management Workshop held in Jacksonville, FL.

2010 DoD Pest Management Workshop February 2010 (13)

Image by Armed Forces Pest Management Board
Picture from the DoD Pest Management Workshop held in Jacksonville, FL.

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On God and Google

This isn’t the first time my I-Phone has altered the course of things for me.  One of our supporters asked for my help on a cancer related issue and in my haste, I texted my reply as ‘At your service’ but autocorrect sent it as ‘At your cervix’.  

Sunday, I was on my way to the flagons, dragons, and wenches of the Renaissance Festival in Connecticut and when I typed in the address for it at 14 Stott Avenue, Google Maps autocorrected it for 14 Scott Street. 

And that took me to a place I’ve never been to before, but to a known yet forgotten land.


The Saint Peters and Saint Paul Church sits atop a rolling Northeastern hillside in Norwich, and it was there I found the 14 stations of the Cross.  It’s a beautiful, bucolic place of pray and it’ll now and always be one of my just circles.  

I walked the grounds, reflected on its grace and glory and historical significance, wept for our loved ones lost by cancer, then got back in my car and carried on to the Renaissance festival.  

Our path isn’t up to us.  I forgot about that.  Shit.  I forgot about a lot of things.   But I just got reminded.  It’s up to Google.  And God.  

2 Dogs 2,000 Miles

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Poke, pay, push off

I used to work in a clinic that offered twice a week vaccine clinics. During those times, we would waive our customary exam fee (at the time it was $ 45), as long as the client was coming in solely for vaccines and had no health questions.

We did this to provide a service to those clients who would go to the weekend vaccine clinic at the pet store instead of coming to us. I know how those weekend clinics work. They are much like the flu clinic I took my kids to last week. You go, you get your shots, you leave. If you ask about your kid’s ear infections you’d be given a blank stare as they ushered you out the door. Poke, pay, push off.

And you know, it works as long as that is truly all you need. But you would be shocked, or maybe you wouldn’t, I don’t know, at how many times that was not at all the only thing clients need. Especially in the vet clinic. I love questions! That is what I am here for, to educate nervous new pet owners and also say, hey, look at this tooth or this mass or this ear. To say, hey, I see Rover is 14 and has never had bloodwork and you said his appetite is low; perhaps we should postpone these vaccines and make sure he’s OK. But all of that stuff? That’s an office exam. And we have 15 people in the lobby waiting for a bordetella vaccine.

I hated those vaccine clinics with a passion, because at least once a clinic I would get a client who said, “no concerns! Just rabies!” to the technician, waited until I came into the room, and asked me for an allergy consult. And I would either do it because I felt a professional obligation, even though it meant everyone else outside had to wait, or risk being called a (insert choice insult here.)

With the exception of rabies vaccine, our local feed store carries all the other regular canine vaccines. Yes, it’s less than coming to me. Anyone can learn how to give a shot to a dog in about 5 minutes, that’s not the hard part. When you come to me for an exam and vaccines, you are paying for all the other intangibles, captured here so nicely by a colleague with better graphic design skills than me:


I understand why people go to those clinics- it’s inexpensive and it’s convenient. It is not, however, a replacement for an office call. Give us a chance. You might be pleasantly surprised at what our staff can do for you, and most importantly, your pet.

Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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Topical Steroid Creams NYC – (212)-644-9494 – NYC Cortisone Creams (212)-644-9494 Corticosteroids – Topical Corticosteroids are a class of medications used to control inf…
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