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As you know from our previous posts about Hill’s new prescription diet food, we work hard to keep our pets’ weight at a good level. We’re not always successful–sometimes extra…

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The pup with the cropped ears

This pup lives in the Old Town of Bari in Puglia, Italy.  He would appear to have cropped ears, which I thought was illegal in Europe?

The last photo you see the little boy who owns him.


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Latest Mite News

Pecan irrigation should be at full capacity
Mites are a little tougher to know when to pull the trigger on. They can be found in the orchard throughout much of the year and normally don't reach population levels that do harm. The trees can tolerate them to a point. But, like certain diseases
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Singing Love Songs to Angels? No Tomorrow for Us? More movies that got
A mite chirpier, perhaps, but worthy of special praise? Nah. 2. Sister Act: 天使にラブソングを (Tenshi ni Rabusongu wo / Singing Love Songs to Angels) 12.8% of the vote. We're not the biggest Whoopi Goldberg fans, but calling Sister Act “Singing Love Songs …
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Pet insurance- the good, the bad, the somewhere in between

I admit I am biased about pet insurance. I like it, mostly. Clients who had it were, in my experience, much more likely to approve necessary treatments. That dog with a case of happy tail who wagged it so hard and so fast he got a nasty deep infection that ended up necessitating a partial tail amputation? Insured. Hit by car? Insured. From my perspective, it allowed owners to focus on the pet’s immediate needs and get them taken care of.

I also liked it because I didn’t have to do anything to get it taken care of, other than fill out a brief form.  The owners paid me upfront, and were reimbursed by their company after the fact. If the owner and the insurer had a disagreement about what should or should not be covered, it wasn’t something I had to get involved in. It was nothing like human medicine. The summer before I started veterinary school, I actually worked the front desk in an internal medicine MD practice and good lord, those staffers spent probably 33% of the day dealing with insurance issues.

Source: Trupanion.com

Source: Trupanion.com

Just a few years ago, I could list three pet insurance companies, tops. Now there’s almost too many to count, with good policies and bad policies and fine print a mile long and exclusions even longer, especially if you have a bulldog in which case you might as well just get a second job.

Some pay a flat percentage of your bill. Others use benefit schedules, and specify exactly what amount they will pay per procedure. Most reimburse you, but I know of at least one that is rolling out a program that will pay veterinarians directly. Some cover preventive care. Some cover accidents. Some cover breed related illnesses, and others don’t. Tooth extractions? May or may not be a pre-existing condition. WHO KNOWS.

It’s gotten so confusing, even for me, that when people ask me what I think all I can say is, “Yes, go for it, but with caution.” Caveat emptor. But even then, even knowing all there is to know and asking all there is to ask, I’m hearing more and more people tell me they just spent five hours on the phone with an insurance rep trying to figure out how a newly diagnosed endocrine condition counts as “pre-existing.”

If this sounds familiar, that’s because that’s what all of us have done with our health insurers at least once, right? It’s confusing, and getting even more so the more players that enter the field. All companies are not created equal. I think most people completely understand the need for exclusions and limits, but for goodness sake let people know when they sign up what, exactly, they are signing up for.


While lawmakers in California had hoped that pet insurance would fall under the auspice of state insurance regulators, it hasn’t happened, and people with complaints have found they were pretty much out of luck. Fortunately, a new bill that already passed the legislature and is headed for the governor’s desk should give consumers a good deal more protection.

AB 2056 will make California the first state in the nation to specifically pass regulations about the pet insurance industry, separate from its current designation as miscellaneous property and casualty. It specifies the need for clear language about co-pays, exclusions, waiting periods, and caps- all the stuff people run into issues with now.

This is good news for everyone: the excellent insurance companies out there whose reputation is being sullied by the shyster groups, veterinarians who are able to better care for pets, and most of all the clients and pets who stand to benefit from better access to care.

So let’s hear it: what’s been your experience lately? Have you been blindsided or pleased with your insurance coverage?

Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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GIVEAWAY // Win an Organic Moon Dress from Gaia Conceptions!

GIVEAWAY // Win an Organic Moon Dress from Gaia Conceptions from Bubby and Bean!

Today I’m teaming up with long time sponsor of Bubby and Bean, Gaia Conceptions, for a special giveaway featuring a pretty remarkable dress!  Andrea, the owner and designer behind Gaia’s gorgeous, eco-friendly clothing, created this stunning piece with the ability to be worn 25 different ways.  If you only had this one dress in your closet, you could literally wear a different outfit everyday for almost a month!  Crafted by hand from beautiful hemp/organic cotton knit, the Moon Dress is also hand dyed and available in 23 different colors.  It’s perfect for late summer and fall, and can be easily dressed up or down for almost any occasion.  And now one lucky Bubby and Bean reader is going to win a Moon Dress of their very own (worth $ 165) in their choice of color and size!

Before you enter, you have to check out this video that Andrea and the Gaia team put together, demonstrating some of the ways that this incredibly versatile dress can be worn.  I’m seriously impressed!

To enter, just use the entry form below.  There are several ways to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will run through August 28, 2014 and is open to Bubby and Bean readers worldwide.  The winner will be randomly chosen and announced here shortly after. 

Thanks again to Andrea and gang over at Gaia Conceptions for giving Bubby and Bean readers the chance to win this magical dress!  Good luck!

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Latest Mite News

Weather, mites and unknowns burden area beekeepers
As if uncontrollable weather and dwindling familiar food weren't enough, honey bee colonies are being invaded by multiple types of mites and diseases. A U.S. Department of Agriculture study said varroa destructor — mites that cling to the insects
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Presidents of the United States of America
Mite" can attest, and let's just say you will never look at finger puppets the same way again after you listen to "Finger Monster." Creating such vibrant, unique material is a result of the band doing things on their own terms, even if that means not
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Home Decor: Our Favorite Simple Lines

By Home Contributor Paige Ronchetti

Our Favorite Simple Lines
one // two // three // four // five // six

Clean lines aren’t a trend for me so much as “A Timeless Classic That Will Never Do You Wrong.” They’re en vogue thanks to the midcentury/retro direction a lot of companies are taking right now, but even when that style eventually shifts into something else, simplicity will always be there like a dependable BFF. (Minus the bottle of wine because, duh, your furniture can’t buy wine.)
The thing that makes simple shapes work so well with other stuff is exactly that–they’re simple. Because there isn’t too much going on, it’s easy to pair them with whatever you want. Maybe a geometric side chair? A large scale floral? Damask?! Even if something wild isn’t your jam, clean lines still look great all by themselves. It won’t shock you to hear that the look lends itself to modern styles really well:

clean lines2

So light! A lot of things in this example are very linear–the chairs, picture frames, curtain rod–but it’s not stark. Going with a wood table breaks the monotony and adds some warmth, while the colorful artwork keeps all of the white from feeling blah. If I had a room with that much natural light, I’d have my butt parked at the table all the time.

For those of you who prefer a more traditional swagger, here’s how simple lines can work in your place:

clean lines3

You have the clean lines on the floor, bed frame, and windows, but look at that sofa in the corner. The rolled arms! The skirt! The matching throw pillows! All of those features are very traditional, yet they look great with the simple lines that pop up everywhere else. Even global bits like the rug and the pink accent pillow don’t look out of place because the bones of the design are so minimal. See? They will never lead you astray.

Do you use any simple, linear shapes when you decorate? What’s your favorite piece here?  Do you like the clean lines in the modern room or the traditional room? – Paige

As a fellow lover of simple lines, I am so appreciating this post.  Thanks Paige! In addition to writing for Bubby and Bean as our Home Contributor, Paige is an Interior Designer (check out her biz, The Room Kit), and also blogs over at Little Nostalgia.  You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram

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My dad’s famous family recipe for catfish

This is the first and probably only recipe I will ever post. It became an important recipe in my family even though no one actually prepared it. When I was growing up in Indiana my grandfather had a pond on his property which he stocked with catfish. My cousins and I (there were 14 of us) loved to take our fishing poles, squish a worm on a hook and catch them. Mostly they were small,…
The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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Food safety coaching (Part 3): Pest control

Keeping pests out of your business – What to look for and what action to take.

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10 Great Basil Recipes

10 Great Basil Recipes // Bubby and Bean
1. Fresh Basil Hummus, The View from Great Island  //  2. Thai Inspired Basil Margarita, Rachel Cooks Thai  //  3.  Layered Sun Dried Tomato and Basil Spread, My Recipes  //  4. White Pizza with Tomato and Basil, Cooking Light  //  5. Basil Pots de Creme with Balsamic Strawberry Reduction, Food Babbles  //  6. Basil Quinoa Cakes, Greatist  //  7. Fried Mozzarella, Basil, & Nectarine Stacks, Etc //  8. Succotash Salad with Basil,  The Kitchn  // 9. Lemon Snow Pudding with Basil Custard, House & Garden  // 10. Ricotta and Basil Fritters, Taste

As summer begins to wind down (noooo!), I become more appreciative than ever of the little harvest that we get from our container garden.  Getting to walk outside each day and pull a couple of tomatoes from their vines or carrots from the dirt is a simple pleasure in which I relish, and one that I miss throughout the winter.  This year, our tomatoes, usually the shining star of our garden, haven’t done as well as usual.  What has proven to yield all sorts of fresh, green goodness, however, has been our lone basil plant.  It continues to flourish, and I continue to try to dig around online in search of new and creative ways to use it in recipes.  For this edition of 10 Great, I’m sharing some of my basil recipe finds with you.  Some I’ve tried, and some are on the ‘to make’ list.  Some are more traditional, and some are quite unusual.  But they all contain this deliciously fragrant – and surprisingly healthy – summer herb. 

Are any of you growing basil this year?  What is your favorite basil recipe?  Here’s a quick tip: throw a couple basil leaves in your morning smoothie.  I did this as an experiment and fell in love – it’s incredibly refreshing.

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