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Another Lump

A few months ago we discovered a hard lump on Lacey’s back right foot. It looked nothing like the cancerous lump we’d found a few years ago between her toes but it freaked me out regardless. It was small, and hard and deep under the skin layer. The vet wasn’t able to get a sample and she suggested we X-ray it to make sure it wasn’t a bone spur or anything like that. Her X-rays were clear and we decided they’d try and get another sample the following week (Her anal glands were badly infected so she had to get sedated for a flush and they’d have an easier time getting a sample). They got three samples, sent them off and they all came back as negative. No signs of anything. Yay.

Fast forward to earlier this week when we noticed her lump had ballooned out suddenly. It looked almost like a swollen ankle would, but it was quite firm and she wasn’t showing any signs of lameness. So back to the vet for more samples. This time the results weren’t as good – there were mast cells in the sample.

Just a few days later and the “swelling” seems to have gone down again and we are back to just the hard lump. We see the oncologist on the 2nd and we are hoping that it will be able to be fixed with a simple removal again. I’m a little worried by how deep it is (Dr. Google isn’t helping) but there is nothing we can do in the meantime, so worrying is pointless and I’m vowing to stay off google as much as possible.

Marlin and I both cleared our schedules yesterday afternoon and took the girls to the beach for some happy time. It was good for all of us.  We definitely feel more prepared this time.

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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I’m Badder

I fought you for 4,000 miles. And the fight has only begun. #companionsagainstcancer

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New Species of Mite Discovered in Puerto Rico, Named after Jennifer Lopez

New Species of Mite Discovered in Puerto Rico, Named after Jennifer Lopez
Scientists led by Dr Vladimir Pešić of the University of Montenegro have discovered a new species of pontarachnid mite in Bajo de Sico – a mesophotic coral reef ecosystem in Mona Passage off Puerto Rico – and named it Litarachna lopezae after the

Longitudinal skin prick testing may indicate increased risk for asthma
Researchers assessed 492 children who completed skin prick testing for cat, dog, dust mite and cockroach aeroallergens at ages 1, 2, 3 and 4 years. Parental reports of lower respiratory symptoms and bronchodilator spirometry or methacholine testing …
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Easier ways to do things
First veterinarian that had originally examined Mimi and Verdi pronounced them ear mite free. Either that vet erred; or the man who rescued, then gave me the kittens did; or, the felines contracted the infestations after I brought them home. Since
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Primitive, bizarre, beautiful: New mite species reveal a lost world awaiting
The mite Tuckerella japonica is no stranger to hot water. For centuries untold numbers of this tiny arachnid (cousin to spiders and ticks) have ended up in teapots, invisibly steeping alongside the leaves of the tea plant on which it lives. Today, this
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Jan 12, Corn-Free Kidney Disease Dog Food

Hi Barbara, My brother has a 13 year old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix that has been diagnosed with kidney disease. They want to switch her
Dog Food Blog | Best Dog Food Guide

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Giveaway: Halo Night at the Oscars Goodies Grab Bag!

When I was in college, I volunteered one night at a Grammys gifting suite. As a peon, I wore my one nice dress and handed bags full of ridiculously extravagant presents to celebrities and/or celebrity assistants. In return, I got….well, to say that I did it, I guess. Swag has gotten even more crazy in the ensuing years. Out of control, even.

Compared to the Grammys, the Oscars are even more insane- the “Everybody Wins at the Oscars” bag given to the non winning nominees in the top 5 categories is valued this year at $ 160,000. Included: glamping trips, “adult massagers”, cars, wine, jewelry, and- for real- mind control lessons. All the things a needy star could desire. Ah, Hollywood, you’re so crazy.

To balance out the scales of ridiculousness, Halo and are donating something to the bag that everyone will love: 10,000 meals to the shelter of the nominee’s choice (that’s $ 6K in food!) So when they sort through the bottles of moisturizer and tooth care items, they will also find this:

Halo Oscars 2015 certificate


So you don’t have to give up on humanity entirely. Some good will come of this bacchanalia.

In honor of this event, Halo is helping me out by offering something to you as well: two goody bag items, one dog and one cat. While I can’t give you guys any adult items (this is a family blog!) or 10,000 meals (though I promise if I’m ever an Academy Award bag recipient I totally will donate my prize), I can offer the following:




The dog and cat prize will each contain:

1 bag of Halo food (dog or cat depending on the prize)

1 container of Halo Liv-a-Littles treats

1 autographed copy of All Dogs Go to Kevin (to be sent after release on July 14)

At least 2 additional surprises such as a Gentle Leader, K9 Cakery kit, Yeoww! catnip cigar, Blinking Buddy cat toy, Through a Cat’s Ear CD, Groom Genie brushes, Hidey Hole cat bed!

Estimated retail value: $ 125


Terms: This giveaway starts NOW and ends at midnight PST Tuesday, Feb 24 2015- so enter now before you forget in your haste to watch Fashion Police on Monday! All you need to do is click here and enter your email address. One winner for each prize will be selected randomly and notified by email. US only (There’s weird laws about international food shipping, sorry.)


As for the Oscars themselves? I’m rooting for Grand Budapest Hotel, personally, but that might be because it’s the only Best Picture nominee I’ve seen. Who cares? It’s all about the dresses anyway!

Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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How to Identify Head Lice – Los Angeles Expert 310-874-4550 310-874-4550 Amy Chinian, Owner of My Hair Helpers, tells us how to identify, treat and prevent getting head lice. She introduce…

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PawZaar Offers #FreeShipping Through Feb. 28

To celebrate the first month of our new PawZaar store, we’re offering free shipping through Feb. 28! You can shop for products like our Guatemalan Water Bottle Tote, perfect for those spring…

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IMPD mounted police seeking donations for sick horse

IMPD mounted police seeking donations for sick horse
The officers thought they beat it for a while with a laser treatment, and then a topical treatment. "It came back with a vengeance, though," Whitesell said. After the surgery, Jake will rest for about four to six weeks, Whitesell said, but after that
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Germantown residents share coffee, concerns with congressman
Wednesday's topical issue: Would Delaney attend Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's upcoming speech before a joint session of Congress in early March? “I'm going to be there,” he said. “I don't think boycotting the speech accomplishes anything.”.
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Sun Damages DNA in Skin Cells Long After Exposure
The researchers hope their work will help create topical treatments or “evening after” sunscreens to block this chemical damage, Brash says. In the meantime, people can protect themselves by wearing sunscreen and staying out of tanning beds. “Basically …
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treats-cat-sefoodDid you know that, in addition to several varieties of great food for your pet’s breakfast and dinner, Halo also makes treats? Whether for distracting a dog on a walk or teaching a cat to sit, a tasty treat is a necessary tool for the modern pet parent.

Unfortunately, it’s common for tempting treats to just seem like a nutritional waste that’ll just increase your pet’s weight. However, once you look at Halo’s natural treats you’ll never think of treats as simply empty calories again.

Every Halo treat has more than just delicious flavor, they also all provide important nutrients or other benefits to your pet.

For example, Halo’s Healthsome Baked Treats for Cats not only have catnip which many cats enjoy, but the treats also provide protein and taurine along with a crunchy texture that helps to clean your cat’s teeth.

64224Also consider our Liv-a-Littles dehydrated treats for dogs and cats.

Available in salmon, beef, and chicken, you can give these 100% meat dehydrated bite sized pieces as individual treats or you can crumble them over your pet’s normal food to add a special flavor twist.

It’s like sneaking vegetables to kids in a cheese sauce – they think they’re getting a treat, but you know they’re also getting some healthy benefits.

So go on, treat your pet. Your pet doesn’t need to know he’s eating something healthy.


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