Malenka – the Russian Toy Terrier dog

This is a Russkiy toy terrier or Russian toy terrier at the Monaco Dog Show. She’s nine and a half month and is called Malenka. 


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Check out these Topical images:


Image by Alex Hughes Cartoons


Image by Alex Hughes Cartoons

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Check out this press release from our friends at Charitable Checkout!


Halo Pets Rewards Foundation Donors
With Social Media Kudos and Product Discounts!

— Program Powered by Charitable Checkout’s ‘Rewarded Giving’ Platform —

Charitable Checkout announces that, on May 19th, Halo, Purely For Pets, the socially responsible pet food brand co-owned by animal advocate and media personality Ellen DeGeneres, began a new program to raise awareness and support for the Halo Pet Foundation.

Visitors to Halo’s Facebook Page are afforded the opportunity to donate an amount of their choice and, in return, get thanked by Halo on their Facebook Timelines, get digital discount coupons for purchases on, as well as a printable coupon redeemable at Halo’s brick and mortar retail partners. Donors are not required to make a purchase.

The digital coupons, valued between $ 5 and $ 20 depending on the amount of the donation, include free shipping and the printable retail coupon offers change monthly. Powering this effort is Charitable Checkout’s ‘Rewarded Giving’ cause marketing platform that makes it easy for businesses to create campaigns that benefit whatever charities they want to support, while generating positive social media and sales.

David Yaskulka, Halo’s Vice President, Marketing Communications commented, “When loving pet parents buy Halo for their pets, their purchase supports the health and energy of not only their pets, but also less fortunate pets, as we donate over 1.5 million meals every year. Our customers are also very generous, and partnering with Charitable Checkout for Rewarded Giving is a way for us to show another small token of our appreciation.”

Charitable Checkout’s Founder, Jay Ziskrout, said, “We believe that the bottom line of virtually any business can be improved by incorporating cause and values-based marketing initiatives into the overall marketing strategy and we’re excited about teaming up with a brand like Halo who has ‘doing good’ baked into its DNA.”

Explaining the ‘Rewarded Giving’ concept, Ziskrout continued, “Instead of forcing people to buy a product to unlock an often unquantifiable donation amount, we enable businesses like Halo to reward the customers and followers that choose to give with product discounts and public props. Donors can rest easy knowing that 100% of their donation, after a small payment processing expense, goes to the charity that they have decided to support.”

The Halo, Purely For Pets rewarded giving campaign page is located on their Facebook
and on the Charitable Checkout Website.


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Life’s a Beach

Just some randomness from an early morning beach walk this morning.
Lacey is happy – even with a nose full of sand.

I keep forgetting to bring a toy!  I’m trying not to play fetch so I leave the toys in the car.  Then Lacey gets the snot beat out of her.  So then I have to find something to keep Coulee occupied. Thankfully sticks are numerous at the beach.

Contemplating a swim.

She’s always so sweet with the gifts.

Just happy to be out and about.

A wet, dirty dog is a happy dog.

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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Rainbow shield bugs on Jatropha

Some cool Pest images:

Rainbow shield bugs on Jatropha

Image by tonrulkens
A pair of rainbow shield bugs (Calidea dregii, family Scutelleridae, Hemiptera) mating on a leaf of Jatropha scaposa x curcas.

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Keeping Soft By Dionna Sanchez

We live in a cold, cold world. By that I mean that people seem to have developed a tough exterior to things that would normally trigger compassion, kindness, gentleness, and empathy. I’m not sure if it’s because we’ve been hurt so much or if it’s because we feel that’s the only way we will survive…

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Sunflower Faith

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Bosnia floods- when the world isn’t watching, donate a dollar

Massive floods in Bosnia and Serbia are the worst they have seen in 120 years. The world has been silent on this issue, in large part. In a place that is still struggling to recover from years of war, it’s hard to comprehend the magnitude of this disaster.

Understandably, the people in the affected regions have had little time or money to address the many thousands of animals affected by this disaster. Tens of thousands have died in landslides and floods, and thousands more are still in need of help.


World Vets is on the ground, led by my friend and all around exemplary human Dr. Teri Weronko.


In addition to the initial needs of rescue and shelter, stress can often lead to secondary problems such as pneumonia.


When confronted with such nearly insurmountable odds and tragedy, there are two choices. One, close the computer, turn off the TV, and let it go.


Two, put aside the sadness, get in, and do what you can. World Vets is a small group, but they have never shied away from going to the places that aren’t media- friendly enough to warrant the attention of larger organizations. It’s personal to me since I know the vet in the trenches, and here’s what she said:

I spoke to one old farmer who told me that from as far back as HIS father’s grandfather, no one could remember a flood of this size and destruction here…So many have lost everything. Your donation will not be lost in some big aid bureaucracy. People like me are here, at the farms, talking to the farmers and the veterinarians serving them. We come in in the evenings and call up World Vets with specific requests for needed medicines and supplies, and those items are purchased and loaded onto a pallet for shipment here. International aid donation doesn’t get more direct than this. Any contribution you can make, no matter how small, will help! -Dr Teri

I ask everyone to consider helping if you can; donate, spread the word about this silent disaster. One dollar means everything. To donate, click the link below: This fund is specifically earmarked for disaster response.


Much of what Dr. Weronko has seen is too awful to publish, and she is there still scooping up puppies and doing what she can with a local team of veterinarians and animal professionals. Although I can’t be there, I will be making a donation later today so they know concern knows no boundaries. If you contribute, post below and let me know. I’m going to see what I have in my goodie bag and will send something along to a randomly selected person.

ETA: How about this? How about, I will select someone randomly to send something from my pawcurious goody bag to, and if you donate over $ 50 I will put you in the acknowledgements in my book? You know me, I’ll do whatever it takes here. (Make sure you let me know directly if you do this- I don’t have insider access to World Vets coffers ;)  )

Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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Mayonnaise Heads & Lice

What would prompt a family to spread mayonnaise on their heads and then shower caps? Lice.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Playstation 4 #Giveaway ~ Ends 11/30

playstation 4.1   

It's November and that means it's time for Playstation 4 Giveaway. This event is Hosted by A Little Bit of Everything So make sure to stop over there and say Thanks.

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Deer Tick “The Dream’s in the Ditch” 09/25/13

Deer Tick performs a song from their album Negativity. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late night host Co…

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