Win a Jewelry & Book Prize Pack from Auction4PetSupplies!

We’ve got a fun prize pack from Auction4PetSupplies, a site that lets you sell or shop for new and gently used pet supplies by auction. (The site does NOT permit selling of animals on the site,…

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PEST Ft RAR _ خنڨة

New Shit from the pilot mixtape 2 RECORDS.
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The pest, spank it scene.
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Chinese yeti dog

This is what the Chinese have done to the Tibetan mastiff:

chinese yeti dog

China’s nouveau riche are buying Tibetan mastiffs as status symbols. Currently, there are breeders selling them there for as much a $ 2 million. They want the dogs as bear-like as possible and as big a possible. The rumor is that these dogs are part lion, and as we’ve seen with the English mastiff (“What the Lion is to the Cat the Mastiff is to the Dog”), the breeding goal is to create a leonine form of canine flesh.

(And it must have worked. One Chinese zoo put a Tibetan mastiff on display as an African lion.)

Of course, when I saw this photo, I thought, “Yeti!”

It is important to note that this drive toward breeding exaggeration from novelty is not solely a Western feature.  It exists in other cultures. It just requires some disposable income and an animal that has some symbolism to be projected onto it.



Canis lupus hominis

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We're coming up on the 5-year anniversary of t…

We're coming up on the 5-year anniversary of the Trumbull County raid. We have a pitbull mix we took in as a foster and ended up adopting her. We really spoil her to compensate for all she's been through.

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Latest Dog News

Sledding Kids Covered With Dog Poop in West Loop, Neighbors Angry
Maesel, who lives near the park with his wife, two dogs and two children, said that Bartelme's dog problems have been "consistently bad" during his five years on the board. Now that more people are using the park, the problems have only gotten worse, …
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Is your dog no longer a cute puppy? PuppySwap says trade it in
But then, alas, the critter grows up and those floppy ears and oversize paws and that charming lack of coordination all fade and you're stuck with just another dog. A website called PuppySwap has an idea for you: Just trade your grown dog in for
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Dog taken by neighbors who think it was being neglected
“The dog was clearly starving and in really bad shape so we got a group of us and go over there,” Niesz-Ramos said, according to the report. Niesz-Ramos said the dog was so weak she could barely stand and was shaking because she was cold. Kiki was …

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Watching Moms Night Out and other reflections

Some time ago, I was given the opportunity to read and review “Moms’ Night out” by Tricia Goyer and the accompanying devotional, “Moms’ Night Out and Other Things I Miss: Devotions To Help You Survive by Kerri Pomarolli, then the opportunity came up for me to see the movie. As I sat there with dear friends…

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Sunflower Faith

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Je suis Charlie

Je suis Charlie. A little Shihtzu at the march for freedom of expression in Menton yesterday. This following the horrors in Paris over the last few days.

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Pest “The Crowning Horror” 2013 full album

Pest “The Crowning Horror” 2013 full album 1. The Funeral Hours (00:01) 2. A Face Obscured by Death (01:11) 3. Volcanic Eyes (05:28) 4. Devil’s Mark (08:53) …
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Love Actually

I often joke that after Malcolm died I sold my truck and put my stuff into storage but it wasn’t just a soundbyte.  Nothing I do or say ever is.

But after almost a decade, tucked away on the I-35 corridor in a 10×10 closet, it was time for a reckoning. That’s an interesting word.  Reckoning.

Its origin can be found in old English which gave rise to such concepts of calculation and conclusion.

2014 is the 10 year anniversary since Malcolm was first diagnosed.  How many miles, how many years have I walked since then?  How many people have we touched and inspired?  How many lifelong friendships have we forged?

It’s incalculable.  Just like love.

Another true joke is that in short order, in 2004 my dog got cancer, my girlfriend left me and she took the truck.  The pathetic irony is well, I’m from Texas.  But that year I was all alone I watched a movie Love Actually.

You see, I’m the last person to watch romantic comedies or really anything to do with Hugh Grant but it spoke to me about the messiness of life and love and how little I knew about it all.  But I’ve watched it every year since and today is no different.

Happy XMAS.  Love actually.


YBD’s Notes 1:  There was a reckoning tho – I cleaned out my storage locker most of which ended up in a landfill, the rest I’ve given away to friends and family.  I am unencumbered.  Except by love. 

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Gracie’s Guardians Loses Its Namesake

When Michael Vick’s dog-fighting ring was busted in 2007, fifty pit bulls needed to be rehabilitated and rehomed. One of them, a bowl-legged black dog named Gracie, ended up living with Sharon Cornett, president of the Richmond Animal League’s no-kill shelter. The Animal League then began a program known as Gracie’s Guardians, focused on improving […] Dog Blog

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