Lascar, Bassett des Alpes,

This is Lascar, the new puppy belonging to Romain, the young hunter in Gorbio. He’s a Bassett des Alpes (also called a Alpine Dachsbracke) The breed originates from Austria and is used to hunt wild boar and also to find wounded animals. He will be used as a hunting dog alongside Romain’s other dog, Tina who you can see HERE. She’s also in the third photo alongside Lascar.

Voici Lascar, le nouveau chiot appartenant à Romain, un jeune chasseur de Gorbio. C’est un Basset des Alpes (appelé aussi Alpine Daschsbracke). La race est originaire d’Autriche , elle sert à chasser le sanglier et également à retrouver les animaux blessés. Il servira  de chien de chasse aux  côtés de l’autre chien de Romain, Tina que vous pouvez voir ICI. Elle se trouve également dans la troiseme photo à côté de Lascar.


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Latest Pest News

Vermont Garden Journal: Companion Planting For Pest Control
It might happen that you get fewer pests on your tomatoes if onions are growing nearby, but that may be due more to weather or just coincidence. One common companion flower often touted is the marigold. However, modern marigold varieties don't have a …
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Cotswolds pest control officers preparing for a busy summer
In Cotswold District, two pest control officers – Alex Badger in the north and Steve Floyd in the south – are preparing for their busiest time of the year. Wasps tend to be the biggest problem during the summer and there are always rats, mice and other
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Do-It-Yourself Pest & Weed Control
From rodent infestations to dandelions and crabgrass, the small family-owned-and-operated business prides itself in offering expert advice and quality lawn, garden and pest control products at reasonable prices. The store is a wholesaler to local
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Halo Pets’ in-house vet, Dr. Donna Spector, recommends that once your pet is eating all Halo you do not need to transition your pet to different diets of Halo recipes.

Watch this video where she explains rotating Halo diets.

For more information:


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Friday Funny: It’s MINE

I just love the little puppy barks in this one. (Penny did, too. She was running around the house looking for a new friend!) This is your dose of cute for the weekend. Until next time, Good day, and good dog! Dog Blog

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When you raise a turkey with ducks…

Strange things happen:


Canis lupus hominis

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And still we are here


So here we are. I wake up every morning and do what I have to do, because that is what you do, and write articles about broken toenails and plan for the book release, and then when I pause in my activities I remember: oh yes. That. It wasn’t a bad dream.

I have done what I am supposed to do. We held hands and stood in the face of a futile fight, and laid down our weapons. You may come, death. We do not fear you. And yet now that we have welcomed him, he hesitates, the rotten bastard.

We spent Mother’s Day at the beach, and afternoons watching the balloons drift by overhead. We enjoyed what moments we had, knowing they were to be short. And they are short, even shorter than we all had realized. The last full conversation we had was about a currant pudding, and then she moved into that chill fog of wandering from this plane into the next.

One of the last things I heard her say clearly, besides “I love you,” was “My bags are packed.” It doesn’t get much clearer than that. Our slates are clean, our consciences clear, and all we can do now is wait for the capricious whims of a malignancy that creeps this way and that in the motherboard of the brain, until at last, millimeter by millimeter, it overwhelms.

When you talk to the dying and ask them what they fear most, it is not being dead, something which is when all is said and done, rather dull by all accounts. It is the journey that worries them, the brambly path and the hands that pull them back or the quicksand of ineffectual treatments that, despite our best attempts, cannot make us immortal. They worry that they will suffer, and they are right to do so, because we do much to prolong it.

“Cherish every moment,” they say, and I did. There was a time, days or weeks ago, when there were still moments to cherish. But despite what some people will tell you, there is a line that some cross, a time where those moments are gone, where 22 hours of agitated sleep are interrupted by an hour or two of fretful wakefulness and perhaps a nod, and when they tell you the suffering is worth those small remaining moments, they are wrong. “Cherish these last days” does not bring me comfort, because she is gone in all but the literal physical sense.

Perhaps for you, the one by the bedside drinking those drops of life like a parched man in the desert, these last hours are worth it, but I do not believe they are for the one in the bed. I understand not everyone agrees, but I do believe we have the right to decide for ourselves when that line has been crossed. I’ve always felt that way- after all, I do this for a living for pets. The vast majority of people, in that situation, recognize the line way before the body reaches it on its own, and we can conjure death to our sides when he’s dragging his feet.

When the line is crossed with people, all that remains is an agonized twiddling of the thumbs, a bedside vigil that stretches ahead, vast and unrelenting. Those at peace have been waiting for it, and welcome it with open arms and relief and often not a small bit of impatience.

My mother is not suffering too much I suppose, though more than I would like because to me she shouldn’t suffer at all. We are managing her with a large and extensive brew of medications, consulting with the hospice team, feeling her feet for signs of cold and moving her this way and that so she doesn’t develop sores. What dignity she strove to live with her whole life is reduced to the fact that what we must do, is done by family and not strangers.

I am sad, because I know she is dying, and there is so little control of the situation.The pain of her being gone from my life is nothing compared to the feeling of helplessness while we try to ease her discomfort. We are doing all we can, and in my conversations with the hospice staff I know what we are doing as a family is more than most are able to, and that makes me both grateful and sad for others.

I believe she can still hear me, so for now I can whisper in her ear and hold her hand, choking down tears I don’t have time for- I can do that later. It will have to be enough. But do not tell me to be grateful for these last hours. There are many blessings in this journey, but this is not one of them.

Maybe someday I can look back at the ghosts of this experience and make something of it, but for now, all I can do is be frustrated at a world that views compassion so very differently for a person than they do a dog.

And it is a lesson I shall not soon forget.


Pawcurious: With Veterinarian and Author Dr. V

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Nov 12, How to prevent excessive weight gain in dogs following worming

I am doing research on how to prevent excessive weight gain in dogs after they have been successfully treated for a significant worm infection. Kindly
Dog Food Blog | Best Dog Food Guide

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Lice Shouldn't Keep Kids from School, Doctors Say

Lice Shouldn't Keep Kids from School, Doctors Say
Head lice are annoying, but they don't actually make people sick, and children with the condition should not be kept away from school, according to new guidelines from a leading group of pediatricians. The guidelines, from the American Academy of …
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Seuls trois Canadiens restent en lice
Les noms des 12 demi-finalistes du Concours musical international de Montréal ont été dévoilés tard, mercredi soir. Le grand match Canada-Corée du Sud tourne pour l'instant à l'avantage des Asiatiques. Il ne reste en effet que trois Canadiens en lice
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Roland-Garros: Les Français en lice demain
Roland-Garros: Les Français en lice demain. © AFP/MIGUEL MEDINA. Publié par Rédaction, le Samedi 30/05/2015, 20:13. Les Français en lice en huitièmes de finale du tournoi de Roland-Garros lors de la huitième journée demain: …
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Latest Tick News

Ticks already out in full force in West Michigan this season
"What you don't want to do is rip it off and leave parts of the tick embedded in the skin; and infection can happen and irritation and it kinda festers for a while," said Dr. Houchin. "Usually, we want to put alcohol or peroxide on the tick and let it
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Tick Studies Seek To Better Understand Disease-Carrying Populations On The
When asked if ticks are out and biting, Cape Cod Cooperative Extension entomologist Lawrence J. Dapsis's response is simple and direct. “They have been out there all year,” he said. Subscription Required. An online service is needed to view this

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Himalayan Corporation Recalls Specific Ruff Roots Dog Chew Toys

The following recall information can also be found here.

Himalayan Corporation has issued a voluntary recall of specific Ruff Roots All-Natural Dog Chew Toys due to potential metal contamination. While this recall affects all lots of the Ruff Roots Dog Chew Toys sold by PetSmart, no other Himalayan Corporation products are impacted by this issue.





Himalayan Ruff Roots All Natural 4″ Sprout Dog Chew Toy



Himalayan Ruff Roots All Natural 5″ Stump Dog Chew Toy



Himalayan Ruff Roots All Natural 7″ Stalk Dog Chew Toy



If you are concerned about your pet’s health, please contact a veterinarian immediately.

Please stop using any affected product immediately and bring it to your closest PetSmart store for a full refund. If you have any questions about this voluntary recall, please call the Himalayan Corporation at 425-322-4295 or email

PetsitUSA Blog

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