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Back to School Nightmare: Lice
School means contact. Contact means sharing. And sharing isn't just about toys. Children don't have to be reminded to share when it comes to cooties, colds and flus. No parent is happy about sharing when it comes to discovering your child has head lice.

Waukee Parents Start Petition Regarding School District's Policy on Head Lice
An online petition is gathering signatures from parents in the district who want to see the district's policy changed so parents are notified when a case of head lice is reported in their child's classroom or school. The petition states, "This petition

Head Lice Reported at Eason Elementary in Waukee
"We have several cases of head lice in the Before & After School Program that have been reported to me already this school year," wrote Grevas. "We currently have the head lice 'health alert' sign posted near the sign-in/out table so that you are aware

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New ‘Kittendle’ E-Reader Now Available [PHOTO]

Kitten in a book


The Daily Treat: Animal Planet

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Dog Health Problems-could Someone Help Me Know How Serious This Is/what is Wrong?

I came home today to my 11 year old, female, American cocker spaniel trembling and having trouble walking. We just recently moved back to the States from Germany and we are currently staying at our family's house. She seems to be having a lot of pain getting up or moving from laying or sitting down and when she walks she arches her back upwards and walks with her two back legs stiffly and closely positioned together and her tail tucked tightly (she rarely tucks her tail). I have felt all over her body and nothing seems to be sensitive. At first I thought that maybe she had pulled a muscle jumping up on a bed or slipping on the wood floors but I don't think she would have to arch her back if that was the case, so that leads me to believe it is something more serious. I also did take her on a 3 mile walk this morning but she was eager the entire time and showed no signs of slowing down/pain. She also had some slight hip problems years before but they were never much of a problem and I am wondering if it has gotten worse. I'm extremely worried because she is getting pretty old and I would just like for her to be comfortable. If anyone could tell me how serious this is or even what it seems to be and how I can help ease the pain that would be such a help!


"She seems to be having a lot of pain getting up or moving from laying or sitting down and when she walks she arches her back upwards and walks with her two back legs stiffly and closely positioned together and her tail tucked tightly (she rarely tucks her tail"

If one of my dogs had those symptoms, they would already be at the emergency vet. Yes, she IS in pain and needs to have the problem diagnosed. To happen so quickly, I'd suspect an injury–might be something minor, or might be something serious like a ruptured spinal disk. If nothing else, she needs painkillers and probably steroids.

There is nothing you can do to ease the pain, since you have no idea what is causing it.

Source: Dog Health Problems-could Someone Help Me Know How Serious This Is/what is Wrong?

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Nice Tick photos

Check out these Tick images:

Tick – Adult Male Lonestar?

Image by purtycherty
What looks like a ‘cutwork’ pattern is actually a pattern of white spots? Identified using:

Tick Riders

Image by USDAgov
MRP Under Secretary Ed Avalos riding with the Tick Riders along the Rio Grande.

Olive’s Ticks

Image by Waldo Jaquith
Sixty-odd ticks that I pulled off of Olive, one of the Jack Russells that I found on Thursday evening. It took a half hour to produce these. They represent perhaps a third of the total ticks that I found on her. About the same number were found on the other dog, Dixie.

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“Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet”: Slow Cooked Home Made Pet Food

My veterinary medical education was slanted towards diagnosis and treatment and not nutrition and prevention. That’s the way vets are trained. Don’t expect your vet to embrace home cooking. We were trained to advise owners to stick with “complete and balanced” commercial food. When I started re-learning nutrition 10 years ago, I had no idea that would lead me to home cooking for my dogs. In fact, I’ve been trying to entice my cats to eat some also!  I know there are already lots of cookbooks out there, filled with healthier alternatives to commercial pet foods. What makes my perspective and recipes different?

My recipes are different because they take minutes to prepare and cost less than better commercial pet foods. Many pet food recipes are more time consuming and use a variety of costlier ingredients. My perspective as a veterinarian helps people choose hypoallergenic ingredients to help with allergies. I use simple wholesome ingredients and a slow cooker to slowly cook the meat and veggies and soften the bones.  That way the veggies absorb the flavors of the meat and the bones are soft and safe to eat!

In fact in my new eBook, Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet, I have recipes for weight loss, skin and ear issues, and even diabetes, pancreatitis, and seizures. They are actually based on a few ingredients that you combine in different percentages to help with the medical problem. I even have a recipe for slow cooking pig’s feet, so that dogs can get all the goodness from eating bones, cartilage, and ligaments easily prepared and fed in small cubes ….just like treats! Did you know that Glucosamine and Chondroitin (pills often prescribed for arthritis) are just components of bones and joints? Why buy pills when you can make your own nutritious bony treats!

Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet is a great addition to my book Dog Dish Diet. Together, they tell you how to feed both your dog and cat to avoid common medical issues like skin and ear problems , urinary problems, obesity, and diabetes.

Reasons the recipes in my new eBook ,Feed Your  Pet to Avoid the Vet ,may help your pets:

Your cat is suffering from diabetes or urinary issues.

Your dog has chronic skin or ear problems

Your dog or cat is overweight

Seizures, diarrhea, arthritis, bladder stones and other medical issues are also helped by a hypoallergenic, moist, home cooked diet

My new eBook is available at

and at

You’ll never have to worry about the ingredients in your pet’s food when you buy and cook them yourself!

You’ll be part of your pet’s health care team. The slow cooking recipes help cure and prevent many health care problems!

I have been cooking for my dogs for years and I will never stop! I think that healthful, homemade, foods prevent so many chronic medical problems and may even help our pets avoid cancer!


Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet

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Update on Jim Sak and Snickers

Clearly a deadly creature

Last week I posted twice about Jim Sak and Snickers, his service dog that happens to be pit-bull-shaped.

Aurelia IA has a breed ban and ordered Snickers out of town, literally under pain of death. This is, of course, in direct conflict with federal law with regards to service animals and despite the fact that Mr. Sak has had Snicker for more than 5 trouble-free years. Snickers is pit-bull shaped, and no amount of common sense, evidence or facts is going to get in the way of Aurelia Iowa’s city government.

For example, here’s a very revealing quote from a story on MSNBC.

City Council member Jeff Bowen refused to answer questions about whether he thought the City was in violation of the Americans with Disabilities act. “Well I guess the attorneys will have to figure that out” Bowen told us, “I don’t have any comment.”

Wow. Nothing like standing up for yourself and your opinion. (Really. It’s nothing like it at all.)

See an update here:

Tomorrow there will be a hearing in Sioux City (which also has a failed breed ban of its own, BTW.) It’s possible that this hearing will result in Mr. Sak having his service dog returned immediately. It’s also possible that it will result in more delays or just a temporary decision.

Aurelia’s city government has refused to respond to request for comment, so there’s no reason to believe that they will go down without a fight.

Until this is resolved I am going to continue my fundraiser. While Mr. Sak’s legal representation is being supplied pro bono, Animal Farm Foundation has already provided housing and care for Snickers for over a week, and they still are a worthy beneficiary of our donations anyway.

Please chip in!

Update on Jim Sak and Snickers is a post from: Dog Spelled Forward

Dog Spelled Forward Website and Blog

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Lice: Myths & Facts part 1 of 2 – natural treatments

The Mamarama Crew gets head lice: How to treat without harsh pesticides. Promoting Hair Fairies
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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What to feed a dog with bladder crystals?

I was working out with my trainer this morning. He has two adorable little Springer spaniels, young rescue dogs. One had crystals in his urine and was put on a special pet food. Justin was feeding them Canidae, I had given him a bag of Life’s Abundance and I keep him in dog treats, but the little dog had a bladder problem (not related to the food) so the vet put him on Science Diet C/D.

Knowing that I’m a holistic pet person and animal rescuer, asked me what he should put his little guy on. He definitely wanted a better food because the little dog is not gaining weight as well as his brother.

I was cautious about putting him on Life’s Abundance because in my experience with cats, UTI’s can be deadly so you have to give them prescription diets. But I gave him a 3.3 lb sample bag that I had in my car just to get him off the Beneful and told him I’d do some homework.

I’m so happy to say that, as long as the dog doesn’t have a chronic UTI problem or kidney stones, he can be on our food! Crystals don’t lead to kidney stones in dogs the way they do in cats. And they’re apparently quite common. It’s all about making sure you DO treat any infection that is present.

I am not a veterinarian so you should always run these ideas by your vet.

Here is my homework:

From — answered by a real vet

The main thing I see on the UA is the pH is high.

So now that I have some history…I will give you “my opinion” on this

Struvite crystals in a dogs urine…in the absence
of a UTI, don’t mean anything
…and don’t lead to anything. Acutally the crystals
can form in urine as it cools. In any case, you can take the urine from 100 dogs with out UTIs and maybe 40% have crystals…doesn’t mean anything. I do not agree that C/D is the correct food at this time.

Unfortunately, lots of vets treat these like they do cats, but the formula for cats, like acidifying urine and special foods…are not the treatment of choice.

Now, if this dog becomes chronic with UTIs, and struvite crystals progress calculi…then problems…but it will not be because she has crystals now…the issue
relies on the infections.

A premium food that is balanced is fine. Some of my clients will occasionally use cranberry pills…but the urine acidity is not as important in dogs as cats, but it can help alittle.

Here are some great natural tips to help your dog avoid crystals:

Once a diagnosis has been obtained from your veterinarian and treatment has been
implemented, it is important to adhere to these tips:

Keep fresh water available for the dog at all times, and encourage consumption of water. Keeping the kidneys and bladders flushed is of paramount importance to help prevent crystals and stone formation. Water consumption is very, very important!

Try and feed moist diets, such as fresh food diets, broths, canned diets and extra
water added to foods served.

Do not keep the dog confined, but allow access for urination at all times or as frequently as possible. Holding the urine causes concentrations that encourage crystal and stone formation.

Distilled water may be helpful in averting some cases of stone and crystal formation and check your own water supply for minerals if possible, especially if you have
hard water in your area.

Giving a B vitamin supplement may be helpful and has been indicated in use for humans with these problems. (good site for human stone problems)

There is also some question that high calcium, rather than causing stones,
may help dissolve them. This is also true of vitamin C. (See above link)


A day in the life of a HealthyPetNet Rep

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Home Cooking Helps Pets Feel Better!

Dr. Greg,

First let me start by thanking you. Your Dog Dish Diet info has saved our wonderful doggies from a life of painful deterioration!
The oldest is a 9 year old German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix, so I don’t even really need to mention that she had hip problems, right? Made worse by her being hit by a car at around age 2, no doubt, and in the last year or so the hip and leg on that side of her body had been giving her trouble, being easily injured and re-injured, shaking when standing still, etc.
Notice how I used the past tense above? Yeah, that’s because her bad hip isn’t bad anymore, a fact evidenced by how she can once again rear up excitedly when she’s happy… And she’s happy A LOT lately! In fact, all 4 of our middle-aged dogs are now happier and healthier than ever before, bounding around like puppies full of energy–especially at dinner time. They all once again have waists, too, even the snausage-shaped beagles.
Also none of them has noticeable gas anymore, which I’m sure I don’t have to tell anyone is truly a blessing when you let dogs live in the house with you!
This is after just 3 short months of feeding them your stew (gas problems stopped within the first week or so). Well, your stew made my way.* I also recently began incorporating more raw veggies into their dinner, and it was since then that the Rotty-Shepherd’s leg became noticeably better.
And… now this may sound strange… I think she even LOOKS younger! It’s hard to describe, but the looks she gives as well as the way her face itself looks, her mannerisms, her perky ears, ready wagging tail and seemingly boundless energy just make her seem like a younger version of herself, and at an age where she was starting to go downhill, health-wise.
Again, notice the past tense :)
And again, thank you so much for your wonderful book, website, blog, and all that you are doing to save our pets from our own wrong-headed thinking. Maybe I can find the same success with our fellow humans…
Keep up the good work!
Sandra Mach
Building Better Health, One Meal at a Time
* I’m in the business of doing the same thing for people that you are doing for dogs–teaching them how to use food more correctly, which in turn results in better health and a much higher quality of life.

One of the main tenets of Regenerative Eating is that we should eat carbs and proteins at separate meals due to their needing opposing digestive processes. I’m not sure dogs can even digest carbs at all, since they have neither the enzyme in their saliva required to start the process nor the long digestive tract needed for starch digestion. Also the presence of carbs interferes with protein digestion in the stomach, for us, so just in case it’s the same for dogs I use no carbs in my version of the stew or any snacks (not even potato, brown rice, pumpkin, or banana).

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for the great letter and support! My patients have taught me that they are individuals that need better ingredients in their diets. Commercial pet food is not suitable for at least thirty percent of my patients. After cooking for my dogs for years, I don’t think I could ever go back to a commercial kibble. I occasionally feed canned food, but can make a better quality food for less money in my crock pot. Once I saw the benefits of home cooking in my dogs, cats, and patients I became an advocate of home cooking!

I believe, as you do, that a less processed diet is much better for all of us. In fact, after I saw the changes in my pets, I began following my advice in my own diet. I lost weight and feel better.

I’m glad your dogs did so well on the diet. I really believe the home cooking helps nourish previously neglected skin and joints with healthful oils and cartilage not present in sufficient quantities in most commercial foods.

I’ll post this letter to help people understand that a nutritionist and veterinarian both agree that we need to consider other options for our pets!

Many people want to”patch” a poor diet with supplements or think that a “raw diet” or BARF diet is the only way to go. Although they are the most healthful, cost, fear, or allergies to ingredients may make these poor choices for some patients. Home cooking is an easy, economical way to ensure your pet gets the best ingredients and most healthful choices.You can also change ingredients to suit your individual pet! I think that avoiding allergens, high carbs,  and increasing the moisture and oils may add years to your pets’ life.

Dog Dish Diet and Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet will help you make better choices!

Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet

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Mitt's 'mite'

B0008353 Dust mite

Image by wellcome images
B0008353 Dust mite
Credit: Annie Cavanagh, Wellcome Images

Scanning electron micrograph of a dust mite on a dust particle. Dust mites feed on non-living particulate organic material such as flakes of shed human skin and flourish in the stable environment of houses. Dust mites are a common cause of asthma and allergic symptoms worldwide.

Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons by-nc-nd 2.0 UK, see

Mitt's 'mite'
He should remember Jesus' parable of the widow's mite: her pitiful donation of two coins was counted more worthy than the huge donation of a rich man, because she gave all she had. Percentages count for the Lord, and they should count for the
Read more on Salt Lake Tribune

Spider mites threaten soybean crop
With the corn crop in shambles from drought, many Midwestern farmers placed their hopes on soybeans. Now, spider mites, a dry weather driven pest, threaten to drive some soybean yields below even that of corn. Populations of spider mites first began to

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