Monaco Dog Show – the Griffon Korthals

This is a breed I could easily give a home to.  He’s a Griffon Korthals – called a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon in the UK.

Remember Peter Mayle’s dog ‘Boy’ in ‘A Year in Provence.’  He was a Griffon Korthals and that’s when I first heard of the breed. Peter Mayle even wrote a book about him, called, unsurprisingly ‘Boy.’ I loved it and still do.


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Jul 19, Dog training infographic

I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know about our latest dog infographic. It took us a long time to put together. The research involved
Dog Food Blog | Best Dog Food Guide

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Minecraft is too easy! MITE Mod Ep.1

MITE (Minecraft is too easy is a singleplayer mod that increases the difficulty of minecraft I cant even. Playlist…

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Yes, It’s Dog Poop — But Is It Also Art?

So, let’s talk about poop.

It’s not my favorite subject to start the day off with, but it is a reality in the life of everyone who has ever had a dog, cat, or one of those little people who sometimes show up about nine months after certain incautious heterosexual encounters. As Lauren Zimmer points out, most people never quite get used to the idea of cleaning it up; they just grit their teeth and do it, because that’s what grown-ups do.

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The original picture of glitter-covered poo that Gothamist published, kicking off a hipster fury. Source: still._dixon on Instagram

What they don't do, typically, is cover dog poop with glitter or gold spray paint and leave it there for the community to appreciate. But this is a story about Brooklyn, and folks do things different there, especially the specimens of the Northern American Hipster residing in Bushwick.

According to the Huffington Post, Brooklyn has not one, but two poop artists, and a little bit of a turf war has developed between them. It started when the NYC blog Gothamist printed some pictures of a number of dog poops covered with glitter that had been spotted along Dekalb Avenue in Bushwick.

Longtime dog poop artist Gold Poo saw the pictures and called foul, claiming that the anonymous glitter-bomber was trying to ride on his coattails. "I was surprised at first," he told HuffPo. "Seeing how I have been doing this for just under a year straight and have gotten little to no attention." Apparently, all the cool kids are gilding poop these days. Or something.

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From Gold Poo's Instagram, a picture of Dekalb Avenue, the glittered poop having been "reclaimed" with spray paint. Source: goldpoonyc on Instagram

For Gold Poo, the idea started out as a gag, but then turned into something more important (or pretentious, take your choice): "People are insanely superficial and really attracted to shiny things," he says in HuffPo. "And nine times outta 10, it's all shit underneath anyways."

There is a very distinct difference between the two artists: The one featured in Gothamist uses gold glitter, while Gold Poo is strictly a spray paint kind of guy. In fact, he's openly disdainful of glitter, and refers to it in his Instagram feed as "the herpes of arts and crafts." Right. Whatever.

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Still more of Gold Poo's art, from Feb. 2014 Source: Source: goldpoonyc on Instagram

Gold Poo apparently resented the bastardized version of his art so much that he actually went to Dekalb Avenue and "reclaimed" the glittered turds with spray paint.

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This is how they did bathroom art in 1917. Duchamp's "Fountain," photographed by Alfred Stieglitz. (Source: Wikipedia

The funny thing about Gold Poo's outrage is that painting poo isn't particularly insightful, original, or even unique. It's kind of reinventing the wheel, even. Marcel Duchamp made more or less the same point in 1917, when he signed a urinal "R. Mutt" and put it on display as "Fountain," one of the seminal (so to speak) works of 20th-century art.

For contemporary poo art, Gothamist notes that "the concept does evoke the more baroque stylings of canine fecal artist Miss Heather, whose holiday-themed excrement adornments have sold for millions at auction." Judging from her blog, Miss Heather also seems to take herself a lot less seriously than Gold Poo.

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Examples from Miss Heather's "Poo Corner Project." More effort, and less pompousness.

But in the end, whether gold or brown, it's probably better to just continue bagging the poop. Even if you have to hold your nose a bit while doing it.

Via Huffington Post and Gothamist

Laugh with us on Dogster:

The Scoop | The Scoop

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Topical Lidocaine Makes Sex Less Painful

Topical Lidocaine Makes Sex Less Painful
CHICAGO — The application of topical liquid lidocaine to the vulvar vestibule allows for comfortable intercourse in breast cancer survivors with severe menopausal dyspareunia, new research shows. "Women can prevent their own pain," said investigator …
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Pivot Premieres Topical Nightly Series TAKEPART LIVE Tonight
Pivot's nightly topical series, TakePart Live, is a destination where Millennial audiences can engage in an intelligent dialogue about what truly matters to their generation. Offering viewers a forum to discuss the issues of the moment, TakePart Live
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Best Stocks to Buy Now: A Topical Version of Botox, Cash In on High Rent, and
A Botox competitor, whose drug can be applied topically instead of injected, is completing advanced clinical trials and looks very promising. Three clean energy exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that are up more than 40% over the last 12 months stand to
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Nuvo Research collaborates with Ferndale to develop 2 topical dermatology
Nuvo Research Inc. (TSX: NRI), a specialty pharmaceutical company with a diverse portfolio of topical and immunology products, today announced a collaboration involving Ferndale Laboratories, Inc. (Ferndale) and a leading Contract Research Organization …

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Bundles of Fluff

These two tiny bundles of fluff were at the recent Monaco Dog Show.  I thought they were Pomeranians but I think the owner told me they are German Spitz – sometimes called Miniature Spitz, I believe.

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Black Labrador Loves His Bucket | Video

Black Labrador Charcoal just loves his bucket! Here is a special video made for Charcoals mommy for her birthday!

The post Black Labrador Loves His Bucket | Video appeared first on A Place to Love Dogs.

A Place to Love Dogs

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M1028-2.flv lu mite 100 ta yar : Movie title : လူမိုက္ တစ္ရာ (၀တၱဳ မင္းသိခၤ) Starring : ေက်ာ္ဟိန္း မင္းဦး တင့္တင့္ထြန္း | Kyaw Hein Min …

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Spring Like

Yesterday felt almost Spring like. So does today.  Let’s hope it lasts this time. I had a pretty good day. I spent the morning doing some work, some housework and a little bit of relaxing and then headed out around noon for a walk with the pups.

When swamp water makes your dog this happy, how can you refuse?

And once she’s wet and dirty, you just gotta go with the flow.

I tried to get them to pose together but there was something interesting on the other side of the fence, so I cut my losses and moved them along before they went off in search of it.

It might have felt like Spring, but there sure wasn’t much evidence of it yet! I think the only green things in the photo below are the fence posts!


 Then we stopped to visit with puppies on the way home!!!  It was mid day, bright sun with black pups who liked to cuddle so not many photos were taken but I couldn’t not take ANY…  They are 4.5 weeks old right now.

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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Strabismus Surgery with Topical Anesthesia | Dr. F.J Hurtado | Clinica Rementeria

Clínica Rementería | (902 04 04 24 – calle Almagro 36 – MADRID). Strabismus Surgery with Topical Anesthesia video.

The Deleted Scene of Action Bunnies 5. Removed for being too topical in a time of such unfathomable, unimaginable, in-humane, World-Shattering, Mind-Blowing,…

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