judy1-lgFor some British soldiers in WWII, the only reason they survived was due to the bravery and loyalty of a military dog named Judy. In 1945, Judy was awarded the United Kingdom’s Dickin Medal, which honors the wartime service of animals.

According to National Geographic, Judy, a purebred English pointer, began her career as somewhat of a mascot for a group of British soldiers aboard the H.M.S. Grasshopper.

When Japanese planes bombed the ship, the survivors swam to shore. Stranded without food and water, the desperate men were incredulous when Judy sniffed out a freshwater spring under the sand and dug deep to bring the drinkable water up to the surface.

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Friday Funny: Cone of Shame

Somehow, the cone’s not so shameful when shared with a friend. Hope you and all of your friends have a share-ful weekend! Until next time, Good day, and good dog! Dog Blog

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When you hear “Dog Film Festival” what do you envision it might be like? Would you imagine a Gala Premiere cocktail party with dogs welcome on a Green Carpet with professional photographers the night before? Would you envision spending a whole day seeing a banquet of short films celebrating the remarkable bond between dogs and their people – sitting in a luxurious theater at Symphony Space on New York’s Upper West Side, surrounded by 764 other dog-loving audience members?

Instead of having to choose which films to see (as in most film festivals), what if the Dog Film Festival was one big banquet of short films from around the world – animated, narrative and documentary- all served to you as one continuous experience of more than two hours (with an intermission!) of dog-centric entertainment?

What if it was like one of those restaurants where instead of having to study a menu and guess at what to order – in the hope you’re choosing something good – that you get a tasting menu, the Chef’s Choice, leaving you open to adventure and surprise? And what if you could binge on your love for dogs and film and there was a second completely different program of dog-themed short films you could enjoy a couple of hours later?!

DFF-logo-ProudSponsor175x166All this is going to be a reality, my dog-loving friends! The New York Dog Film Festival is my dream come true, and can be for you, too, on October 3rd in New York City.

The night before is the gala Pooch Party and heartfelt thanks go to Halo, Purely for Pets, that has helped to make this dream a reality as a top tier sponsor of the Festival. Halo truly understands the power of film to express positive values about animals in shelters.

On Saturday October 3rd there will be two Shorts Programs of canine-themed films, with 40 amazing films divided between the two programs, edited into a smorgasbord of artistic depictions of our relationships with our canine companions. You won’t want to miss the joy, amazement and amusement you’ll experience from the whole experience – so be prepared to buy tickets to both programs (seating is numbered and reserved) and settle in! It’s a great family event, too since the films are all appropriate for children of any age.

If you want to have the ultimate experience, splurge and get a $ 150 Founding Member ticket that entitles you to the super fun Pooch Party on Friday October 2nd, a high value doggy swag bag (dull of goodies from Halo!) at the party, and a VIP entrance at the theater and reserved seats for both shorts programs on Saturday the 3rd.

See you at the movies! (and you can catch a glimpse HERE)


RPLN-NewLogo-ProudSponsor175x197Tracie Hotchner is the author of THE DOG BIBLE: Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know and THE CAT BIBLE: Everything Your Cat Expects You to Know.

She is also a renowned pet radio host and producer, having spent 7 years on the Martha Stewart Channel of Sirius/XM with CAT CHAT® and even longer with her award-winning NPR radio show DOG TALK® (and Kitties, Too!) that continues to broadcast in the Hamptons and the Berkshires.

Her most recent accomplishment is the pet talk radio network she has created on the Internet called The Radio Pet Lady Network.


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HelenHalo, in partnership with and, has donated 10,000 bowls of Halo pet food to the Helen Woodward Animal Center in San Diego, California.

In 1984, the Helen Woodward Animal Center created AniMeals, a program that participates in home delivery and other food assistance programs, and includes pet food with its deliveries to low-income seniors and other homebound residents.

In 2014 alone, AniMeals delivered over 50,000 pounds of pet food to its clients, helping to keep both at-risk residents of San Diego county and their pets, healthy and together.

Halo is particularly proud to help support the Helen Woodward Animal Center and its AniMeals program because it serves more than one group in need: low-income seniors, disabled individuals and their companion animals.

People who receive this service don’t have to put their own health at risk by sharing food with their beloved pets. They can rely on AniMeals to provide the highest quality pet food and don’t have to worry about giving up their four-legged companions because they can’t afford to properly feed them.

As one recipient said: “You are helping our two dogs which are like our children!…These are hard times and now our beloved doggies will eat very well and be very happy!”

Halo is happy, too and extends its thanks to the Helen Woodward Animal Center and the many volunteers for the AniMeals program. Their hard work combined with Halo’s pet food donations provide nutritious food for San Diego county’s two and four-legged residents in need.



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“With every damn dog I love, I learn something I didn’t know.”

Since I’ve been off the road from the West Coast Walk and perhaps what I witnessed while on it, I’ve been wondering why Hudson has had 3 mast cell tumors in less than 2 years despite favorable path reports and negative genetic indicators.  

Even though we’ve had two allergy tests on him for some odd reason I never thought to consult an allergist.  Until Tuesday.  We met with Dr. Shanley at Hope Vet Specialists in Malvern PA on our way to the Puppy Up Walk in Madison WI and our conversation confirmed that I’m not alone in my suspicions that there may be a correlation between allergy prone dogs and mast cell tumors.  

That Hudson is my third son with cancer, I always feel I’m so far behind no matter how far I walk.  



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Killed By Cancer

Today is Murphy’s birthday.  
This photo was taken on our walk from Austin to Boston in McEwen  TN.  We pitched a tent the night before on the grounds of a local church and upon remarking to the pastor about the Bradford pear trees full in fall colors, he recommended stopping at a local farm completely encircled by them just east on Hwy 70.  
It was a magical moment that day perfectly captured in time.  
For whatever cruel twist of fate the Gods graced us with we made it the 2,300 miles to Boston but within only a few weeks of walking the final mile from the Rose Garden at Back Bay Fens to Boston Common, Murphy was diagnosed with nasal adenocarcinoma.
The tumor inside his head must have been growing for many months as evidenced by the CT scan nearby.  
Murphy went down hard and what he did for this cause will never be forgotten. #RememberMurphy #MurphySmiles


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Dog recognizes her lost owners on TV

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

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Pooch in Portofino

A pooch in Portofino, Italy.  Couldn’t resist this boy and his dog outside his parents’ gallery in the port. The Jack Russell terrier is called Marquis.

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Heat Stroke is No Joke!

While a local news station was out at a park reporting on the death of a bulldog from heat stroke the day before, they came across another dog who was very close to heat exhaustion, if not stroke. This is despite the warning signs at the park entrance.

Though you’d think people would get it by now, some people really don’t. To make matters worse, the reporter spent time talking to the ranger about the dog’s condition and showing them pouring water on him while neglecting to mention the number one thing they should have been doing: calling a veterinary ER. Once the clinical signs kick in, they can be very difficult to reverse without aggressive care and time is of the essence.

Once you’ve seen a dog die of heat stroke, you get really agro about this stuff. It’s horrible. You have my permission to lecture strangers if they’re doing something dangerous like walking their pug on a desert trail in 100 degree weather with no water. It happens every day. I hereby appoint you all members of the Heat Stroke Patrol. Feel free to share the infographic as you see fit.


Be safe out there.


Pawcurious: With Veterinarian and Author Dr. V

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My Style // Feeling Put Together + My Favorite Watch

Daniel Wellington watch

Since my last outfit post a few weeks ago, my second trimester belly has majorly popped. And although I absolutely think pregnant bodies are beautiful, and I cherish this time more than I can put into words, the truth is that I feel pretty blah most of the time in terms of appearance. I’ve gained almost 25 pounds already, which is totally fine, and happened last time too, and came off quickly – but it makes it difficult when none of your clothes fit and you don’t want to buy an entirely new wardrobe that you’ll only wear for a few more months. My solution has been to pick up a good pair of maternity jeans and then just focus on basic pieces I already own that have stretch and/or are loose and comfortable. The outfit I’m wearing here is my basic pregnancy uniform. Yes, it can be boring to wear basically the same thing over and over, but it works.

All of that said, I do (obviously) still want to feel put together even if I am tired and bloated and feeling the pregnancy blahs and don’t feel like I look that great in clothes. I’ve found that a few things will help me achieve this – some blush and eyeliner, painted nails (even if it’s just my toes and no one sees them but me), and a great accessory. If it’s an accessory that is both practical and stylish – like my new Classic Sheffield watch from Daniel Wellington – then that’s a double win.

I actually want to talk about this watch and the company behind it for a minute, because I’m so smitten that I could (truly) shout it from the rooftops. If I had to pick everything I love in a watch design, this would be it. It’s ultra minimalistic without being boring, it has a gorgeous large face, and it’s comfortable. I feel like it works as much with my legging-dominated pregnancy uniform as it would with a formal dress for a black tie event, and could be worn by my husband as easily as it can by me. And although the Classic Sheffield is my personal favorite, every watch at Daniel Wellington is stylish and versatile. The Scandinavian roots of their company are apparent in the quality and style of their designs, which is another plus for me in terms of my personal tastes. Oh, and did I mention that their wristbands are interchangeable between watches and with one another? Yep. Technically you can have a different watch for every day of the week. That’s what I call functional.

Watch: ℅ Daniel Wellington  //  Cardigan: H&M  //  Top: H&M  //  Maternity Jeans: ℅ Kohl’s  //  Sandals: ℅ Trask  //  Essley Necklace: Best Name Necklace  //  Hat: similar  //  Earrings: old 

Here’s some great news for all of you: the fine folks at Daniel Wellington are offering Bubby and Bean readers 15% off all products on their website with code BUBBYANDBEAN. This coupon is only good through October 15, 2015, so definitely take advantage sooner than later. I don’t usually go on and on about one brand or item I’m wearing in an outfit post, but I’m telling you guys, Daniel Wellington watches are something special. I’m ordering a couple for holiday gifts for family – that’s how much I love them.

Do you have one special accessory you love that instantly makes you feel put together, regardless of what you’re wearing?

This post is in collaboration with Daniel Wellington.


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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