dunbar-dog-lgWhen Maria Dunbar of Toledo, Ohio was sentenced to two years in prison, she knew she’d hit rock bottom. What she didn’t know was that helping homeless dogs would help turn her life around in more ways than one.

While incarcerated at the Ohio Reformatory for Women (ORW), Maria joined the Second Chance Greyhound Program, where she earned her Dog Training Certification. “It was there that my rehabilitation had begun,” Maria said.

In the program, Maria trained retired racing dogs to become adoptable pets. The work changed her outlook. “I learned to be patient, compassionate, and trustworthy,” Maria said. “I began to trust again, as well. I let my guard down for the first time in a long time.”

But once she left prison, she had a hard time. “I struggled to find the peace I felt when I was with the dogs,” she recalled. Soon after, her mother died, sending Maria into a downward spiral of sadness, anger and regret.

One day she found herself at an adoption event for Toledo’s PET bull Project. “I had no idea it would change my entire life,” Maria recalled.

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Tuesday Top Ten: Dogs Stuck in Awkwardness

OK, so there are more than ten, and there are even a few cats included, but I’m still calling it a Doggies Top Ten. Thanks to all of you (sorry – none of these had names attached) who took these pictures of your dogs in their less-than-glamorous moments, and thanks to my friend Roxanne who […] Dog Blog

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cat-wave-lgOne homeless cat knows what it takes to get adopters’ attention.

According to Love Meow, a Reddit post by a volunteer at Tabby’s Place, a cat sanctuary in Ringoes, New Jersey, told the story about Sienna, a sweet senior cat looking for a new home. Sienna was left at Tabby’s Place after, sadly, her owner passed away.

This wise 13-year-old kitty obviously knew how to charm humans and had no intention of being homeless for long. Whenever anyone would pass by her enclosure, she would run up to the window and “wave” at them by pawing at the glass and rubbing up against it.

“The staff and volunteers are gaga for her because she always runs to the window when she hears someone go by. She’s missing her human very much… she has a lot yet to offer, too,” a volunteer of the Tabby’s Place wrote via reddit.?

Sienna’s efforts paid off and now she has a forever home! Good job, Sienna!

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Bad hair day …

Bad hair day …

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Pet Food Recall: MARS Petcare Nutro Chewy Treats Apple 4 oz.

MARS Petcare has issued a voluntary recall of its Nutro Chewy Treats Apple 4 oz.  The recall information is below.  It was found at PetSmart.

Dear Valued PetSmart® Customer,

MARS Petcare has issued a voluntary recall of the following Nutro dog treat due to potential mold.


Product Description


PetSmart SKU


Product UPC


Impacted Lot Codes




Lots codes beginning with ‘4 50’, ‘5 02’, ‘5 03’, OR ‘5 05’ (regardless of best by date).


The Lot Codes are located on the bottom of the bag under the Best By date as shown below:



Please stop feeding this product to your pet and bring any remaining Nutro 4 oz. Apple Chewy Treats affected by this recall to your nearest PetSmart for a full refund. PetSmart sells a wide variety of treats from many brands, and our associates can help you find the right item for you and your pet.

If you have questions about this voluntary recall, please contact Nutro Customer Service at 1-800-833-5330.

PetsitUSA Blog

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Friday Funny: Awkward!

Nothing to see here! Keep moving! Come back on Tuesday for a Top Ten Pictorial of more dogs stuck in awkwardness. Until next time, Good day, and good dog! Dog Blog

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286_Dogster_LogoHalo, Purely for Pets is so proud to be the founding sponsor of the PBS inspiring series Shelter Me.

In the “Hearts and Paws,” episode where filmmaker Steven Latham profiles an icon in the dog world, at least to those who enjoy the Sunday funnies: animal advocate Patrick McDonnell, creator of the MUTTS comic strip.

“I realized that Mooch and Earl have such great homes and loving guardians, and I thought about all the dog and cats who don’t and are just sitting in shelters waiting,” McDonnell said in the Shelter Me episode, debuting in May.

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My Hair Story (Embarrassing Pictures Included)

So today I thought I’d talk about something fun and light-hearted and even slightly embarrassing, and share with you guys the long, ever-changing story of my hair. Yep, my hair. I am by no means a beauty expert (which is the main reason that beauty posts around here are few and far between), and as far as makeup and skincare go, I’ve had pretty much the same routine for a good decade. But when it comes to hair, I’d covered all the bases – from hippie dreadlocks (true story) in my college years to bleach blonde to natural, from curly to wavy to stick strait, from bangs to no bangs back to bangs again, to my hair today (see above photo). I’ve admittedly never had short hair aside from the chin-length bowl cut I sported in the 80s (thanks mom!), but aside from that, I’ve been all over the place.

The current chapter in my hair story, about which I’ll also share a little today, includes a newborn baby and toddler – which, although often overtaken by thrown-together topknots, also means a (very important!) need to feel like myself again appearance-wise. To achieve this, I’ve gotten a new cut (the bangs are back, man), and established a cleansing and styling routine that seem to be working in terms of keeping my hair in a happy, healthy place. But more on that in a minute.

As you can see from the collage of pics above, I’ve gone down quite a winding road of hair adventure. From super-hippie dreadlocks (I had them for five years) to long and straight and 100% natural, from cherry red emo streaks with side swept bangs to straightened and blonde with blunt bangs, from long and wavy and highlighted to dark and bed head messy, my hair has been around the block. There were actually about twenty more pictures showcasing my hair’s intrepid journey but I had to stop myself before things got out of hand.

While we’re all embarrassed to some degree by the ghost of hair styles past, I honestly think that, just like anything else, it’s important to embrace the choices we’ve made and changes we’ve experienced with our hair – because ultimately, it’s brought each of us to where we are today. I love looking back through old photos of my hair styles, unfortunate decisions and all, because it takes me back to who and/or where I was at each of those times.

And that brings me to my hair today. I’m genuinely happy with my hair cut, style, and condition right now, but I gotta tell you guys, it hasn’t happened on its own. Although I don’t want to admit that it could possibly be age-related, my grey roots are becoming more plentiful with time, which means monthly root dying (done by yours truly in my bathroom) – and dye means damage. Let’s add to that the joy of postpartum hair effects (ahhh, sweet, sweet shedding), the dry air of wintertime, and the fact that the combination of a newborn baby and a two year old and a job don’t leave much time for hair upkeep, and my hair has taken a beating. To remedy this, I got a brand new haircut recently that involved lopping off four inches and adding textured bangs after a couple of years growing them out, and I grabbed some of the new Dove Regenerative Nourishment Collection at Target and started using it religiously. Getting rid of damaged ends and even just changing up my ‘do made a massive difference. And the shampoo, conditioner, and Serum in Oil from the Dove Regenerative Nourishment line have nourished my hair and gotten it to a place where it’s healthy, renewed, and visibly damage-free, by replenishing nutrients and reinforcing my hair inside and out – essentially making it smooth and strong against breakage. I use the Serum in Oil both on my damp hair right out of the shower and when it’s dry to give shine and prevent fly-aways. It also prevents split ends, which is a major bonus for me. I plan to keep up this routine of regular cuts and Dove Hair goodness as part of my busy (aka constant state of train wreck) mama self-care, and hopefully I’ll continue to be in a good place for this chapter of my hair story. (If you’re looking for a hair pick-me-up, I highly recommend getting a cut or even just a trim, and grabbing the new Dove Hair Regenerative Nourishment Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum in Oil the next time you’re at Target. Your hair will thank you!)

Okay, spill it guys. I know you can’t post picture in the comments, but tell me about some of your past hairstyle and/or how your hair has changed over time. Or leave me a link to a picture. I want to know!

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Dove Hair, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #MyHairStory #DovePartner


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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Feb 8, Breed Specific Dog Food | Best Dog Food Guide

Breed specific dog food a marketing gimmick or do dog food companies have solid reasons to manufacture these canine menus?
Dog Food Blog | Best Dog Food Guide

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Surviving Southern California

Most days I feel like I’m a strange man in a strange land especially since I’m a Texan wearing a skirt for the entire length of the west coast.
We’ve made the coastal turn to the SoCal Bight somewhere around Point Conception, it’s an inflection point – a concavity actually, that naturally delineates between central and Southern California.  
But it’s more than that.  It’s the point at which the cold coastal waters start to warm and the tides begin to downwell.  Too warm for the sweet succulent Dungeness crab.  
The mid afternoon fog banks that roll in almost on schedule to cool us down no more.  Where the sun hovers over the Pacific Ocean all day long and days like today which confuses the hell outta me since there’s gotta be shade at some point throughout the day.  I mean – ‘rise in the east set in the west’ thing I once learned.
The turn also marks the final descent to our seventh month west coast walk.  I write this from our tent, technically in Malibu but only a mile or so south of Neptune’s net where I had my thanksgiving meal – a disastrous tale for another time.
Heck I’m just thankful that we made it this far alive. I recently met a cyclist who travelled most of what we just did save 20 to Newport OR, 154 into SB & a few other crazy dangerous stretches & he said what the hell were you thinking?
Well, we just gotta get to LA was my answer.  Isn’t that the crux of the west coast?  The hub of the hubbub out here?  
We’re almost there – mere days away.  Keep hoping Ellen is there to greet us.  Or at least the kardashians aren’t cuz we’re too tired to turn back.

YBD’s Notes:  I put the last paragraph in there to, in my own way, thank everyone who’ve tried to get us on the Ellen Show.  As I have learned along the way ‘Les chiens ne font pas des chats’. 


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