How long can you stay on topical steroids?

APFED’s Educational Webinar Series Presents… Answers from Experts How long can you stay on topical steroids? Jonathan Spergel MD, PhD Chief, Allergy Sectio…
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CORRECTION: I haven’t been healed for 30 months; I meant to say I’ve been off of topical steroids for 30 months. This is an update on my skin after suffering…
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  1. Rochelle Sliwinski says:

    Hi Adam, I healed 90% (pretty much healed) at 16 months and 100% at 19

  2. Maleeha I says:

    Hi, i’ve been going through tsw for exactly 12 months now.. only used
    topical steroids on my face but that was for around 1 year and everyone
    says the face absorbs the steroids the most, did your face take the longest
    to heal? it’s also spread to my neck where i never ever applied steroids,
    did anything like that happen to you? So happy for you anyways, you look
    amazing X

  3. Audrey Chan Gek Kim says:

    Thanks Rochelle. I will persevere and I take strength seeing your recovery
    and now loving a healthy and active life

  4. Adam Williams says:

    i thought you were healed after 16 months ?

  5. CaraWardMusic says:

    I am 5 months in and I look at this video so much as inspiration! Thank you
    for posting it. I know I am jumping the gun in asking this but was
    wondering what your skin care/make up routine is like now? What do you use
    on your skin because it looks flawless. Thanks again Rochelle Cara xxx

  6. Rochelle Sliwinski says:

    Hang in there! It is curable!

  7. Rochelle Sliwinski says:

    Hi Audrey…from what I understand from Dr. Rapaport, this caused by
    topical steroids. Obviously steroid inhalers are a matter of life or death
    for asthma, and Dr. Rapaport has suggested to stay on them if that’s the
    case. You can consult with him and talk to him more about it though. He has
    an office in Beverly Hills you can contact or e-mail him.

  8. Rochelle Sliwinski says:

    You’re welcome Tanya. And I’m so sorry you’re going through this torture,
    but you’re exactly right…each day that passes is another day closer to
    healing! God Bless You!

  9. Rochelle Sliwinski says:

    You’re welcome Krys! Glad I could help.

  10. Tanya Patterson-Fussell says:

    Thanks Rochelle! I needed the reminder that I will heal. It’s been a
    horrible time for me. I have to keep remembering that each day that passes
    is another day closer to healing.

  11. Audrey Chan Gek Kim says:

    I was on topical steroids and oral steroid and steroid injections. Just
    wondering if you we’re also subjected to the full range of steroids? Is the
    red skin and tsw hell resulting from only topical steroid or all kinds of
    steroid meds.? Did you stop all steroids to heal or only the topical

  12. Audrey Chan Gek Kim says:

    Hi Rochelle. My name is Audrey from Malaysia. I have been on steroids for
    10 years and just discovered from by chance itsan and now understanding the
    hell I am goin thru

  13. krys chiem says:

    That was helpful, thank you Rochelle!

  14. Rochelle Sliwinski says:

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