Fatbeeman demonstrates Natural Mite Control with fogger

Don Kuchenmeister demonstrates controlling mites in beehives with mineral oil and an insect fogger.

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25 Responses to Fatbeeman demonstrates Natural Mite Control with fogger

  1. troystriming says:

    were do you get the fogger im in thew uk???

  2. Ang M Garcia says:

    don, what type breed do you have, also, how do you control them without the risk of them intermingling????

  3. Ang M Garcia says:

    Don, what exactly do you mean 4.0 bees?
    what mites are you treating for and what type of bees do you breed?

  4. Ang M Garcia says:

    i too want to know what bees he runs and why??

  5. jrb752 says:

    is this for varroa mites or trachea mites?


    I’ve had bee’s since 1981, But I Have learned more from the “Fat Bee Man” than any book I have read. Keep up the good work Don…..

  7. Frank Mazna says:

    Thanks A bunch for all you videos, I am a new beekeeper in Washington and this has been a big help getting started.

  8. Bob Felicito says:

    can you continue to fog when you have Honey supers on top?

  9. Radwoem says:

    I will definitely be watching more of your videos! Thanks for the information. I may have to ride up and come see you sometime. I’m from Thomson, Ga. Thanks again!

  10. Laurie Dotson says:

    Hello Fat Bee Guy, Should I start foggy my hives now in May? An how often should I fog. We lost a hive last year to the mites.
    Thank you for your Bee Wisdom!

  11. Laurie Simard says:

    Hi – where can I buy a fogger and how much do they cost?

  12. Trittydi says:

    You mentioned the outdoor temperature (40 degrees) a few diffedrent times – is that a factor in the timing of the fogging? I know you also discussed the temperate of the fogger – that part I’m clear on.

  13. Trittydi says:

    Awesome!! …. thank you.

  14. tiff butcher says:

    thanks so much !

  15. sergei gura says:

    Hello, my name is Sergei. I started beekeeping last year. I love your videos, but have some question and would like to correspond via email. My email address is sergeigura at gmail.com

  16. massobeme says:

    How does the mineral oil work against the varroa, ? Does it affect the open brood, eggs,pupae or honey flavor? Have you had colony deaths for using that?

  17. Shelley Todd says:

    The steam/high temp will not harm the bees?

  18. cassandra0369 says:

    Could you use that same fogger with oxalic acid?

  19. Gene Roll says:

    does this affect the honey in any way?

  20. Gypsy Brokenwings says:

    We have “Zombie” bees coming up here in WA State. Do you think this method will take care of the situation?

  21. canecorso0524 says:

    Can you do this all year long, or just when they cluster in cooler weather as your video demonstrates? Thank you for sharing your knowledge with others!

  22. tnskonz says:

    Thank you, Don. This video and your others have been of great help to me as I plan my first hive. I’ve learned a lot.

  23. whyeakle says:

    Don – great video.  Which treatment do you find best? Mineral oil or oxalic acid?
    Thanks again for the down-to-earth advise.

  24. slightlystooopid420 says:

    Can this be done during summer month??

  25. Bret Leversha says:

    I assume you are talking about the varroa mite. It’s great to see you are coming up with ideas to beat this terrible mite. We don’t have these in Australia at the moment and hopefully never will. But if we do get them it is reassuring to know that there is a way to combat them. Please put another video up if you find a better/easier way to kill the mite in future. thanks

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