Top 6 Flea Markets in Paris

Top 6 Flea Markets in Paris
Referred to affectionately as “Le Puces”, this is easily Paris' most famous flea market and it's widely thought to be the biggest in the world. Based in Clingancourt, Montemarte, it covers 7,000 hectares and sells every item imaginable. Stay at Comfort
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Tapioca and the Flea's Transition From Bedroom Project to Break-Out Act
To appreciate the recent rise of Tapioca and the Flea is to recognize the power of persistence and dedication to the idea that a bedroom project is always just a song or two away from blowing up. For Samuel Jacob-Lopez Jr., the lead vocalist and
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Couple steal thousands in flea medicine
Store employees at the pet store reported that on Sunday, August 25, a middle aged man and woman of either middle eastern or hispanic descent came into the store at 2057 Telegraph Road, and stole approximately $ 4,000 worth of Frontline Flea and Tick 
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Kentucky school closed for flea infestation
A school is temporarily closed due to the infestation of fleas on Thursday morning. Southgate Public School will be closed on Thursday and Friday for flea infestation. Superintendent Jim Palm says that the school is closed for the safety of the
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