Spanish flea ukulele solo

(suggest headphones) This is the old Tijuana Brass instrumental from the 60′s, with a backing track taken straight off the iPad/iPod app “iReal b”. For a bri…

Herb along with Jerry Moss founded A&M Records and set the Carpenters on the road to success amongst many others.
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  1. davidbeckingham says:

    Hi Jan, I haven’t got into the iRealb forum – looks a bit of an effort. If you can email me at I will reply with a screenshot of the chord progression. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Jan Zalewski says:

    Hi Dave , Great tune and arrangement cant stop listenin to it. Thanks for the Tabs . I cant find the backing track in iRealb forum? can you point me in the right direction please or can you let me know the chord progressions its driven me nuts!

  3. AusraOnly says:

    My respect and admiration for nice job!

  4. Rob Powers says:

    Love it. Thanks.

  5. Stu Herreid says:

    Thank you so much. All your hard work and practise is MUCH appreciated! Stu

  6. davidbeckingham says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Much appreciated.

  7. davidbeckingham says:

    Hi Stu. Thanks for the feedback. The tab is on it’s way to the Uke Hunt website as we speak. Should be posted there soon.

  8. Selwyn Heatley says:

    I like it……. can we all play that one tonight …oh I forgot, I have sore fingers!

  9. sniper530 says:

    One of the best I’ve seen on YouTube in a while – nice job!

  10. Stu Herreid says:

    Superb, David! Do you have a tab available? (I finally got your Whistling Milkman down, you give great tabs…) Stu

  11. Al Wood says:

    Awesome arrangement, David. It’s been too long since the last one!

  12. JChoneybell says:

    Sasspatorious !!!

  13. Gofel55 says:


  14. Littleflowerfamily says:


  15. odakhyper says:



  16. Kevin Mendoza says:

    Que buena cancion… siempre bailo y memuevo sensualmente con ella

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