Combat Arms: Junk Flea 2 Quarentine Spots

READ~~~~~~~ The first two clips were tuts of yoki’s videos because he wants people to sub for tuts and we arent about that life :) … we don’t support…

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21 Responses to Combat Arms: Junk Flea 2 Quarentine Spots

  1. Raeed mndow says:

    can i have the first song name??

  2. Iuri Igor says:

    hello ‘-’ i am brasil > aki no rbasil lanço ese mapa esa semana ‘-’ da pra vc traduzi

  3. VitaliyGaming says:

    Add me Borodulin- on combat arms NA

  4. prende tu mente says:

    como sabes donde mover? es decir, tienes algun truco para ver donde te mueves?

  5. Davey Taylor says:

    Find me, imanoobplzge i know its hard but its worth it in quarentine regen

  6. Idontlikepooo says:

    hey the jump is a little hard to me to do getting onto the roof. could you help?

  7. MsDERPDIDERP says:

    yes!! thanks, subbed.
    what’s your CA name?

  8. Charly Betancourt says:

    Wich song is that? I love it, please answer

  9. F3rrie says:

    oh… :D

  10. F3rrie says:

    Junk Flea 2 :D

  11. Armymannn22 says:

    Junk flea?

  12. jwalkers888 says:

    just spent an hour on the map came up with a lot.

  13. F3rrie says:


  14. SuperTibo11 says:

    Which songs u used?:p

  15. oOTheSNIP3Zz says:

    Rico Blox – Million Dollar Charm

  16. alex harris says:

    What is the song

  17. GlitchersProAlliance says:

    yea we understand that but they dont have to come blaming us for “stealing ehtier glitches” when it doesnt really matter in the first place

  18. jor0012wii says:

    Guys, like you never asked for subs, they have a small channel and they just want to grow their channel a bit lol.

  19. Idontlikepooo says:

    can you get up on that rusty white container at the end from jumping from the normal container?

  20. Chromgears says:

    Good job.

  21. TeamStickpeople says:

    I don’t think y’all remember me, but do you remember TheAwesome1? I’m suprised that you only have 1.1k submarine sandviches, honestly. Once I can get over the fact that I suck at Combat Arms, I’ll try to get my friend back in it and once I see him again, I’m forcing him to subway you before he loses his doses of glitchiness.

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