Momoiro Clover Z – Mite Mite ☆ Kochicchi

I love Pokémon~ But I don’t like the song very much… Momoiro Clover’s 8th single. Tracklist: 1. Otome Sensou 2. PUSH 3. Mite Mite ☆ Kochicchi 4. Otome Sens… Bee populations are dramatically diminishing. One of the main causes is the Varroa Mite. This video from a segment of 60 Minutes …

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3 Responses to Momoiro Clover Z – Mite Mite ☆ Kochicchi

  1. NintendodogsGerman says:

    i love this song like who dose not like it i can to this song

  2. grethel105 says:

    la coreografía no esta tan difícil, pero no me atrevería :S, me muero de tanto salto jajaja

  3. xzrvbenzx says:

    tan buena ke asta ganas de aserle un cover

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