The Kooks – Tick of Time (Live From Abbey Road)

Belongs to Channel Four and The Kooks. The Kooks performing “Tick of Time” for Live at Abbey Road. Recorded on September 2nd.

デビュー25周年を記念し、トリビュートアルバムに参加した気鋭のアーティストと2日間にわたり繰り広げた「BUCK-TICK FEST 2012 ON PARADE」を映像化!!永久保存版!! ◇「B…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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42 Responses to The Kooks – Tick of Time (Live From Abbey Road)

  1. zairiuxpaletiux says:

    a beautiful high vocie of a girl it’s just a typical thing… but a beautiful high voice like Hug’s vocie it’s just a treasure.

  2. AriadnaSyn says:

    oh ti<3

  3. tenzel1231 says:

    I know, I’m not.

  4. davskok says:

    so don’t take any care of them ;-)

  5. Nicolas Osses says:

    Interesante -> goo.gldRLQz

  6. Vinnie Barbaro says:

    We are a teenage indie rock band from Australia and have recently released our debut E.P, Please stop past my channel and listen to the single “Girl” or the second song on the E.P “Go Away” Please find the time to have a listen it would mean more than you think. If you like one of the songs please download the full 4 track E.P for free! We would love to hear from you!!

  7. Kingof40minutes says:

    I’m sorry but do you expect to be taken seriously when using phrases like ‘fucking faggot ass bitch’ ….?

  8. tenzel1231 says:

    Mind your fucking business you fucking faggot ass bitch,THIS FUCKING BAND SUCKS ASS!

  9. Kingof40minutes says:

    Allow me to rephrase smileyxstefanie’s comment.
    Fuck off then.
    No reason to be offensive towards the band we all clearly like. Instead just stop watching and listening to them. Make sense?

  10. MrBolossdu82 says:

    3:17 Hi What’s app!

  11. Oriana Garzon says:


  12. aplhaparticles says:

    I’m such a batman

  13. tenzel1231 says:

    Very true

  14. smileyxstefanie says:

    we all have different tastes bby

  15. tenzel1231 says:

    Can you fucking read asshole besides being ugly I said they suck that means I listened to a bunch of their shitty tracks and felt nothing, How’s that grab your soul?

  16. smileyxstefanie says:

    u hear music with your soul not with your eyes

  17. milenkaMM says:


  18. Maicolinowilians says:

    Get off this situation and feel fine…

  19. jjadiel2011 says:

    This Song Describes Me /:

  20. Alex Portillo says:

    Voice of an angel

  21. kfpsf93 says:

    i love you luke
    fuck me please hahaha

  22. tenzel1231 says:

    Did u read the first sentence smart ass THEY SUCK!

  23. Joem Opina says:

    Because when it comes to MUSICians, it’s the looks that matter…

  24. tenzel1231 says:

    This band really sucks and they are so fucin ugly!

  25. Fer Tesoro says:

    couldn’t make it through this 0:02

  26. UsegiEiriYuki says:

    i really want to see them in Romania!! <3

  27. dodolook1975 says:


  28. percury says:


  29. rockwesttown says:


  30. shaz7miku01121 says:


  31. HopeSoooo says:

    Subscriu!! Hai Romania! :) 

  32. kenta watanabe says:

    just one more kissて、雨上がり決死隊の蛍原のカラオケの十八番らしいね。前、アメトーークで言ってた

  33. ioanabuzz says:

    Buck Tick greetings from your fans from Romania. We love you !!!!

  34. 卓貴 積谷 says:


  35. murderxfreaks says:

    que paso con acid android ? D:

  36. adgjm rxion says:


  37. Jide911 says:


  38. LordAkaneon says:

    Shouldn’t the release date be 2013.2.20 though

  39. LordAkaneon says:


  40. xhiems says:


  41. Iris Ferre Murua says:

    Dios mio! ♥_♥ cuanto daría por a ver estado hay :c

  42. TheSilverMoon5 says:

    no abc?? i really want to here abc’s take of buck tick!

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