Bird Mite Obsession | Infested!

Even after a house is cleared of bird mites, one of the owners still searches.. Visit
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Don Kuchenmeister, The FatBeeMan demonstrates his method of controlling mites in bee hives using vaporized mineral oil. This is a completely natural way to c…

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48 Responses to Bird Mite Obsession | Infested!

  1. Maegan Flinchum says:

    Yeah I agree Catch the house on Fire and leave everything and RUN

  2. abhorton01 says:

    How do I get those demons out of my house???

  3. abhorton01 says:

    So I am NOT ALONE!!! I thought I had a dust problem for 2 weeks and then one day while showering I saw the “dust” move! After determining what they were, locating the sources, and treating, they are STILL here. Is there no end in sight? Please help!!!! I can not take much more. I have researched, read, spoken to specialists, and STILL they remain. My nerves are shot I am not sleeping, I’m jumping all over the place, and I constantly crying. What do I do PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

  4. Xtermination100 says:

    “and he exposed mul-” CLIFFHANGER!

  5. eenayeah says:

    Jesus Christ, those look like they might be the worst insect to be infested with..

  6. donnk says:

    pesticides will NOT kill them. Mites not are insects.

  7. 13098519 says:

    Couldn’t they have just got a piece of meat soaked it in a poison and allowed them to kill themselves off with time? In the show they mentioned once removing the bird nest that the mites will roam to find a new host. Well, just replace the host with a toxic host? The principal works with ants..

  8. Ishkabibble1953 says:

    Please check the protocols and resources at year of the mite dot com

  9. LordOfYahoo says:

    Solution: Fire

  10. rosiebbyboys says:

    Why didnt the birdmites die???

  11. theneenie84 says:

    ..its not about a clean house…its any time a birds nest or some sort of nest is made in or around your house that you can be infested

  12. BubbleMonsterGum says:

    Everybody learned a lesson about CLEANING YOUR HOUSE

  13. T Rex says:

    my mom has bird mites, can anyone help?

  14. Go2Sienna says:

    Why was there no solution?

  15. jesushigh5 says:

    Good job Animal Planet for making sure that you were showing “mites” in the video. Aside from the very beginning where he looks up info on the web, and right before the entomologist speaks for the first time all of the images of mites are actually lice which are insects, not arachnids like mites.

  16. AceStars12 says:

    Burn the damn house..

  17. weekdaysweekly says:

    @quakepapi Clean It?!?!??! Fucking blow it up!

  18. twas brillig says:

    USE CEDARCIDE -non toxic

  19. Caitlyn Tomlinson says:


  20. Whiteboy7thst5th says:

    Blow up the fuckin house

  21. BloodudeXD says:

    That’s creepy…. imagine someone filming you while you are asleep…

  22. Bridgett Mota says:

    i dont know bout you, but i hate the commercials. -.-

  23. lylee028 says:

    Just watching this video made me itch all over.

  24. bluevn2002 says:


  25. Raqwaza17 says:

    i saw a very young hatchling with birdmites once, i touched it when it fell out of a pine tree i got them off my arms and that was the end of it.

  26. RothBoatWorks says:

    Carol, I just purchased my Burgess Fogger through My local stores only carry the BlackFlag Fogger which didn’t receive the positive reviews that the Burgess did.

  27. The Offical Carol Williams Channel says:

    where do I get a fogger?

  28. Will Olson says:

    Got a quick question Don. What is your opinion of using a varroa mite screen on the bottom board? I’ve been making all my equipment using this 1/8th mesh cloth but I was curious as your experience with it.

  29. ncsr111 says:

    “Yes, the queen.”


  30. palletjack612 says:

    Respectfully, lungs are different than stomachs. Water will drown you in the lungs but you have to drink it. Thanks for the fogging information.

  31. Tom Gray says:

    fatty needs to buy a watch

  32. Tom Gray says:

    liquid paraffin is kerosine dummy!

  33. Gene Roll says:

    Tip: My Blackflag Fogger was shooting out hot liquid. I put the nipple on the end in a vise and compressed the orfice, now I get fog.

  34. fineshooter says:

    well every one got a opion. its mineral oil used for a laxative not harmfull.

  35. mihai200909 says:

    In romania….I use 5-10 % of medicament on parafin oil.

  36. mihai200909 says:

    soo stupid.answer ……dont use air contain hydrogen is possible to explode in your lung.

  37. IxNiLaTiS Panagiotis says:

    If you inhale the fog, the oil or paraffin will come into your lungs and closed alveoli. The Paraffin does not get out from your lungs easily, and if you use paraffin fog often, then you will have respiratory problems like you smoked 60 cigarettes a day for ten years .
    If you use the fogmaker, you should always wear a special mask.
    That told me a professor from the University of Thessaloniki.

  38. Evgeni Petkov says:

    Thank you for your answer but there is something that is bothering me i`m not sure about the meaning of tothynol . Does it mean thymol?

  39. fineshooter says:

    spread the word it might help some one else.

  40. fineshooter says:

    mineral by its self will kill mites,adding 1 teaspoon tothynol 16 more effective.

  41. Evgeni Petkov says:

    hello Don, here in Bulgaria we use liquid parafin( mineral oil) as you do. I wonder if you know how many grams of timol and oxal acid should be added in 100 ml liquid parafin?
    Is anybody else from the forum familiar with the answer?

  42. Christopher Carlberg says:

    Thank You Don,

    I reposted your video. I thoroughly enjoyed it = ]

  43. fineshooter says:

    its a bug killer= Burgess is brand I use.most brands work.

  44. doroteo arango says:

    whats the name of that fogger you are using? never knew such a thing existed.

  45. coen4469 says:

    I had an idea for getting helping to get rid of varroa mite myself. If you were to put a recessed bottom tray just below the mesh screen you could fill it with Diatomaceous earth. This would naturally kill any mites that bees were able to throw off of themselves, thus preventing the mites from just crawling back up and onto a bee again. No idea if it would works, I don’t have any bees yet but it works excellent for getting rid of fleas on livestock. And best of all its safe a Organic treatment

  46. fineshooter says:

    I don’t sell honey because there is more money in making bees and queens.

  47. fineshooter says:

    well some people think cheap don’t work.

  48. Stephen Stubbs says:

    hi Don, am going to give your fogger idea a go as Im against other chemical treatments, but just so Im sure, your saying you can fog whilst bees are still active, ie flying not clustering, but does it also have no effect on the honey, as you say you don’t sell honey

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