Dirty Jobs- That’s Lice

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Removal of head lice from African American first grader by Elimilice, Atlanta’s largest head lice removal company. Refuting the myth that those with “ethnic”…

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29 Responses to Dirty Jobs- That’s Lice

  1. Claudia Paramita Idrus says:


  2. tghayes says:

    I think the idea is so you don’t have the poison on your head .

  3. berryrey says:

    A Straightener wont get rid of them

  4. Kowolski01 says:

    it´s way more cruel because you let them die slowly

  5. Rhiannon Morgan says:


  6. Rhiannon Morgan says:


  7. Cynthia Franco says:

    Um shouldn’t we just kill them!!!

  8. Kcducttaper1 says:

    Remind me not to go to this guy if I have lice.

  9. LittoBUbbo says:

    I had lice before, it took one wash of that shampoo my doc gave me to kill them all.

  10. Shell Rayn says:

    a straightener always helps kill them

  11. TheEndeavoringFamily says:

    OMGosh… how much do these families pay for all those “treatments?”

  12. hugh escario says:

    Dude i watch the real episode and there is a hot girl, and DAMN she have lots of lice…but still she is damn hot and pretty….

  13. BreonnaNicole90 says:

    poor girl now everyone knows she has lice.

  14. PassionInDesert says:

    The guy with blue t shirt is gay

  15. JuryDutySummons says:

    No one here would know…

  16. lexstayunite says:

    How is that a dirty job?

  17. naturegirlfromny says:

    starve them to death? is he stupid does he put them in a jar? Flush em down the toilet!

  18. HiYourcoolbye says:


  19. MELoveSleep says:

    It is San Francisco

  20. UnfoldingWings says:

    lol come on, it’s cute! :D

  21. kyleabeast2k10 says:

    thats lice haha

  22. Tyler Marshall says:

    Nope I was thinking the same thing. Mostly the hat. LOL!

  23. TomFuIp says:

    he likes u

  24. bozy99 says:

    is it me or the chinese dude might like boys?! XD

  25. burton1221 says:

    They wouldn’t be able to tell you. They can’t compare two things when they have no idea about the other.

  26. TempermentalTart says:

    Good job for posting this! My daughters caught head lice from school and I had no idea what to do.  They have super thick curly hair down to their behinds and I just wanted to cry. I tried the shampoos, which I found quite ineffective. Finally I found “Licefreee” spray which kills nits and lice. I had to old fashion hot comb their hair to easily remove the nits. This was a true nightmare. I have a relaxer and even I contracted the lice. I cried! Yes, we can contract lice.

  27. Keiba Easterling says:

    I think for “us”, it is a little more of a hassle, because I am going to have to probably take her in to the shop, get it flatironed so I can better get the nits out. I hope the shop will accept her when I tell them I just treated her for lice. She has thick, wavy hair. That little nit comb that comes in the RID box is NOT going to work on her hair….sigh….

  28. Keiba Easterling says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but the myth that “we” are immune to lice is no longer true. black people CAN get head lice. My beautiful little girl got them from an outbreak in her classroom. I about freaked when I saw two of those nasty little disgusting creatures crawling in her hair, plus the nits. I should have listened to her a week ago when she was complaining of itching. Thank God for this video. It’s hard to find resources on the web regarding blacks and lice.

  29. rise millt says:

    usually women of color dont get lice because we allow oul to be in our hair and lice feed off of a dry scalp

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