How Well is This Dog Stacked? Please Star?

i am asking this again for a few reasons. this is my cousins 4 month old pup she is planning to show they are taking classes and practicing at home inside and outside.

ok first:
which shots do you think are the best of them practicing stacking? please list the times in the video (i will post link in additional otherwise it wont post my Q)
how well do you think he is doing just from these shots as a 4 month old?
is their a particular shampoo/ conditioner you would use on him? (i am gathering the pictures and some supplies up for a birthday gift for my cousin)

i am planning to get her a suit for shows ,as well with pockets in the front, what color do you think?

also she is using a black nylon martingale what would you use? (she is wanting to get a second show lead in case of emergency)

Please Star!

she did not want to adopt this time she wanted a dog whose back ground she knew and could trust as well as reassurances of health ect and she wanted to compete with this dog she also loves this breed…and they are uncommon so do not rant about rescues. she has rescued and every one has died young due to genetic defects. showing a dog is not abuse she cares for that boy better than most people do..


Austin lol your going to have people thinking Toby was stolen or something!
um also your one of my contacts and it tells me when you post a Q =]
thats very sweet of you guys! what are you planning exactly?? ;p

suits? i suppose a black or gray one with pockets and a light jacket. that way the judge can focus on him and not me and so he will stand out against me. kind of like me working as a back drop.

show leads? another martingale is good. i know alot of people worry about the nylon hurting the hands and rubbing the dog raw but Toby isn't a puller and the leash is taunt not tight . or a loop lead those are the ones i've seen used without issue….i would say a snake chain and resco leather but ….its not my thing.

shampoo? oatmeal nothing to harsh these guys have sensitive skin and tummys maybe some show shine? i dont need clippers or anything like that just a comb and a brush which i have =] no clipping on these guys.

as for the pictures i will let others decide on that (i am on my nook and currently where i cannot look at that)

and their are at least 4 shows before Oklahoma =]

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