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Sprayer tips for improving spider mite control
Spider mites are difficult to control with crop protection chemicals, so proper timing, product selection and sprayer setup and operation are critical. Soybean producers should scout their fields and use the information contained in this article and a

Pollen supplement helps tide glasshouse mites over
Nutrimite is a pollen-based food supplement that ensures mite populations continue to thrive even when prey numbers are low. This mimics that natural process in which flowering crops such as pepper, pollen and nectar provide predatory mites with an 
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BECRD 2013 Mite Boys Live Pitch State Tournament Underway
A viewer shared with us a picture from the Blakely Early County Recreation Department (BECRD) 2013 Mite Boys Live Pitch State Tournament. The Georgia Recreation and Parks Association (GRPA) is hosting the tournament, which started today and will 
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Game #84: It's D-No-Mite — A's Beat Cubs 8-7 on Norris HR
This team gets more and more fun to watch every single day. Derek Norris won the game with a three-run homer and the A's had an all-around great night from the batter's box to compensate for one of A.J. Griffin's worst starts of the season. Oakland is
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