Wild trout 'eaten alive by sea lice from fish farms'

Wild trout 'eaten alive by sea lice from fish farms'
Wild trout are being “eaten alive” by large numbers of sea lice coming from salmon farms off Scotland's West Coast, environmentalists have claimed. In the latest war of words between the wild fisheries sector and the fish farming industry, the Salmon
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Lice-nce to kill: How Sex and the City wiped out the louse
PUBIC lice are on the retreat and it's all thanks to Sex and the City. That's the result of a study by the British Association of Dermatologists [BAD], which claims that the American TV series is partly responsible for laying waste to the lice. Figures
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Avoiding lice in the summer
During the summer, kids share everything – time together at camp and the pool, towels, hats, even lice. Anyone can get lice. But, it's totally treatable and there are no long-term effects. We spoke with Dr. Molly Martyn, a pediatrician at Children's
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