Topical Fluoride Applications

Demonstrates fluoride application by the solution method using cotton rolls and by the gel method using trays. Orig. air date: NOV 5 75 This is part of the O…
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The last time you got a scrape, were you told to use a topical antibiotic? If you were, and you headed to your local pharmacy, you were probably presented wi…

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32 Responses to Topical Fluoride Applications

  1. joshster89 says:

    I thought she was talking about fluoride applications in JAILS (prisons). Then I realized she said gels!

  2. jumpingmap says:

    Okay ill represent the quack sounding fluoride-opposers. Its is actually unhealthy and is a leading cause of dental fluorosis. This case is similar to osteoporosis which is also an associated risk. Fluoride accumulates in the kidneys and aggrevates any preexisting conditions. Its linked to iodine deffeciency and also pineal gland calcification. This is bad stuff. Crazy enough it was used in nazi concentration camps to effectivly administer a type of population control.

  3. Rory Abdul says:

    @grettagrids fluoride is toxic only when swallowed or used too much ..
    every tooth paste contain fluoride :D

    nowdays they use the second technique which is using the trays .. not the cotton role thing

  4. jackette55 says:

    ewwwwwwwww, no gloves? In THAT mouth? [Insert vomit]

  5. Johniscoolimo says:

    this is so old fashioned lol no body does this anymore, now they just use a mouth piece with flouride gelled in

  6. grettagrids says:

    FLUORIDE is a TOXIN. I only use CALCIUM FLUORIDE bought from my health food store. Not toxic waste chemicals.

  7. commandress74 says:

    How much does this treatment cost?

  8. hamerac says:

    I’m allergic to Penecillin and Neosporin. I’ve been told I can use Polysporin/Bacitracin. But it seems like it stays red and oozes and does not get better, are they all related to penecillin?

  9. tanni says:

    I never realized there was that much of a difference. Very informative!

  10. beansly87 says:

    This was very helpful, thank you.

  11. Mallesbabe says:

    In Denmark there are no over the counter topical antibiotics. They’re all prescription medicines here.

  12. HangJebat1976 says:

    How about Bactroban (Mupirocin). Do they work better?

  13. Princess Leia says:

    Thank you Doctor!

  14. Sky Rose says:

    thank you

  15. mizztaurus09 says:

    hey schultz I know this is off topic but what kind of facial and body ingredients do you recommend for african american skin such as gylcolic acid, lactic acid, etc? and another question what kind of lightening cream can i use to lighten my buttocks, knees and elbows these are my problem area and i want to lighten them but most over the counter products are not as effective.

  16. Pencil Heart says:

    Hi Dr Schultz – I’m really freaking out right now cause I’ve stated using Benzoyl peroxide for my face from the doctor – however, recently I’m increasingly getting wrinkles under my eyes I’ve never had before since using the product – I’ve kept the gel away from my eyes and left the eye area and not applied the gel directly. Will this be permanent? Is there any way I can get rid of them? They’re very unsightly and worrying me a lot :{

  17. Dayna Grant says:

    I have always wondered this.  very helpful :)

  18. dermTVdotcom says:

    For more information, see the DermTV episode on the topic, “What is a Dermaroller” youtube(dot)com/watch?v=_0cBCHNPjDE

  19. Eric Smith says:


  20. carolina c says:

    could u talk about dermarollers? do they actually work?

  21. gazelle617 says:

    Thank you for making that distinction! I have had a reaction to Neosporin in the past. Now I know it might just be the Neomycin and I will try the Polysporin instead.

  22. StealTeal says:

    Is topical antibiotic good for acne in combating acne bacteria clogged in pores?

  23. colombianita2005 says:

    Can you talk about the tca acid?I found a review on youtube and I would like to try it but looks much more stronger than glycolic. Thanks doc!

  24. Sylvia Hall says:

    Are topical antibiotics really necessary for the “simple skin injuries of life?” How often do these skin injuries get infected? Wouldn’t Aquafor suffice to keep the wound moist albeit without the antibiotics? I have gotten minor skin infections because my skin in very dry and I am not diligent with moisturizing it, but this has been mild folliculitis and that resolves itself without intervention.

  25. c altic says:


  26. bethanysiir says:

    I have scars from abscesses that were cut open for drainage the scars are very apparent what do you suggest?

  27. esther444 says:

    Great info:))

  28. amerrydell says:

    (Over wrote the line limit, again.) Thank you Dr. Schultz for yet another clarifying and timely installment.

  29. amerrydell says:

    Thank you! Recently, two doctors told me to not use topical antibiotic ointment because something like 20% of the population have an allergic reaction. Many years ago I switched from neo to poly for that very reason. Although I explained to both doctors that I use poly, they said to use Aqua… instead. I allowed myself to second guess my experience, and to no good end. Four days ago I began using poly again, and poof–cleared the little mess up in a jiffy. Thank you Dr. Schultz for yet a

  30. Ruby JJY says:

    Thank u for the video dr. I have been using topical antibiotic gel for my acne. Can i use these topical antibiotic gel on my acne?

  31. laojace says:

    I’m so grateful for the transcript! Thanks for making the effort to include in the description box. Now i know how the technical terms should be spelt when i want to do Google searches! (;

  32. itsdannyftw says:

    Thank you doc!

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