Hawthorne California Police Officer Shoots and Kills Dog in Front of Owner – Brutal Cop – GRAPHIC

Hawthorne Police Officer Shoots and Kills owners Dog while Owner Watches Hawthorne, CA Police Arrest Man For Filming then Shoot His Dog In Front Of Him Filmi…
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25 Responses to Hawthorne California Police Officer Shoots and Kills Dog in Front of Owner – Brutal Cop – GRAPHIC

  1. KEITH OWENS says:

    To ‘protect and serve’?!? We need police, but definately do NOT need cops like these! The guy with the camera wasn’t doing anything illegal yet these representatives of the law took it upon themselves to arrest him and then shoot his dog. I do know one thing, the dog owner will be coming into some money, and should, because of these over zealous ‘legal thugs’. They should NEVER have been hired in the first place if their answer to everything is shoot first and ask questions later!!!

  2. cvgeeps says:

    What a DICK !!!!

  3. jous semc says:

    yes, it was unfortunate! but it was due to the owners NEGLIGENCE! The dog was his responsibility and should have put the windows up! The officer actually gave the Rottweiler a chance by not shooting him the first time when he attacked the officers left leg. It’s not consider an approach when the dog charged at his left hand. A peace officer needs all of their extremities to be able to conduct his career effectively! think about that!

  4. cvgeeps says:

    You dont address issues you call me names and and call me sweetie are you a gay man I didn’t see any women in you apartment perhaps you are I only watched about 2.5 minutes of 1 video and that does not make me a fan I did not even give you a “LIKE” I have moved on and you are probably still in your apt. alone with other nerds online thinking police are your friends I feel for your lame life here on you tube perhaps you can use some of the informative videos here on YT to educate and yourself

  5. pminard1 says:

    How bout the cops try using a tazer or pepper spray instead of shooting dog’s. This is becoming an issue with trigger happy cop’s. I had a huge dog chase me and my daughter and def didn’t think about shooting it….IDIOTS!!!!!!

  6. toothfairypam says:

    charge the police with murder

  7. toothfairypam says:

    wish someone would shoot the police the bastards

  8. fortheloveofgeorge12 says:

    what the actual fuck what kind of sick person does that what the hell did that dog do to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the dog was trying top protect his owner after he was being mistreated by the police!! fucking raging they are absolutely disgusting.

  9. Mel Clark says:

    He even put his dog in the car! Well dressed! Looked to me to be well mannered, poor bloke! AND MAX…RIP MATE, SO SORRY FOR THE INJUSTICE!!! GOOD DOG!!!
    I’ve been given the impression the COP is already under investigation for brutality on another case, shouldn’t have been on the street…
    I will be ringing the phone numbers provided!!!

  10. Jimmy Walker says:

    My son wanted to be a cop but after seeing this video he went in his room and tore his cop badge and poster into little pieces!

    Sometimes, heros become thug’s

  11. 4evrme06 says:

    Fuck the police this video made me so mad

  12. Begley2015Production says:

    I agree with the arrest the way to close to the crime scene. There were other people that were filming and they did not get arrested, he got to close to the scene. Also this guy has a history of doing crap that make the officers arrest him only for him to sue them and fail.

  13. odysseas fidanza says:

    this is not a war against nations,religious,races or even rich and poor in some cases.This is a world war between free people from all the world and stupid Sociopath money junkees control freaks from all the world that only care for there own prosperity.common sense that they are enemy to humanity.and another common sense that they are lot less from the majority of people. there only power is turning us against eachother.just make the maths,and always do your research.

  14. Charles Walton says:

    Yes! And I will have a video up later today with all of the details in regards to this cop (Jeffrey Salmon) that was involved in a brutality law suit and the info about the plaintiff that received a broken jaw. Watch for my video!

  15. Mel Clark says:

    Cop already under investigation for brutality from what I understand so what was he doing on the street at all… a danger to society! RIP Max if that’s possible after such injustice…

  16. tim m says:


  17. 127mvm says:

    fucking police are overrated

  18. tim m says:

    Did anyone notice the cop punches the guy?

  19. TheIrishWilliam says:


  20. ausman3654 says:

    The man who shot that dog is a dick

  21. Danica DeCosto says:

    This just makes me want to cry. They had no right to arrest that guy…and then when his dog tried to protect him they go and shoot him. :( Sad sad sad.

  22. Gamejunkiey says:

    We have our top scientist currently trying to figure out what you just said.

  23. Sasy Lp says:

    madefukers only shit

  24. thelifeboatisfull says:

    Fucking liberals you think you can hug your way out of everything.

  25. ron norman says:

    hate to see that…..fascist cops create a situation, then, when the loyal dog responds, they go to their guns……they have pepper spray, and batons, and tasers…..but go to guns…….the dogs owner was doing NOTHING WRONG….i am white, and i have to say,same situation in a white neighborhood, no shots would have been fired…..

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