Flea Rock x Luan vs Kolobok x Slav | 1/4 | ILLFLOW “AIRTIME”

ILLFLOW “AIRTIME” 2013 Moscow Russia DJ Jay D a.k.a. Mr.And-7 DJ I-One DJ Ivanski MC Quick San International Breaking Battle 2×2 Organised by ILLFLOW feat. F…

flea of the red hot chili peppers discussing and playing dani california, charlie, and hump de bump.

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43 Responses to Flea Rock x Luan vs Kolobok x Slav | 1/4 | ILLFLOW “AIRTIME”

  1. CanonVue says:

    shit , kolobok killing it !

  2. serega89054 says:

    Луан в первом же выходе решил исход батла)

  3. Oleksandr Kasilov says:

    have the guests not to offend

  4. Jay Rocc says:

    Respect to Russian bboyz- shit was tight

  5. Jay Rocc says:

    IS that right??

  6. Kenjips3 says:

    a career? wow so that what it is with dancing..you need a career to be the best? lol so you mean being like casper and kidavid making shows everyday and hollywood shit? ok hey they making money but even they sayed at the beginning that not the way lol…fail i would always love to battle and win tghere the money or meet new people or geta fuckin job

  7. PalloProduction says:

    well, bc one makes it possible to make bboying a career

  8. Kenjips3 says:

    Wow BC ONE? really? wow get a damm life instead of watching that commercial shit ! haha Bc one.. you”re funny go watch step up 4

  9. Bboy Daku says:

    Luan & Flea Rock)))

  10. Edgar Kiechle says:

    You didn’t see him on the bc one latin america qualifiers? Watch him, he even got robbed.

  11. Kenjips3 says:

    oh doing airchairhops? dude im not a guy who talks and dont does it and he dont do nothing special..he is just luan he is dope not doubt about that and the things he do are hard..but only airchairs wow nothing special for me khalil would even take him

  12. Edgar Kiechle says:

    He would smoke your ass in a battle for sure.

  13. Kenjips3 says:

    luan is shit only airchair nothing special…kolobok and slav took this so easy

  14. simo0o0o94 says:

    1st song ?

  15. Егор Трубниковъ says:

    та у флирока еще в первом круге украинцы выиграли) судейство не очень вообще было

  16. SkullFaceNinja says:

    Flava and style over power any day.

  17. BboyNitendo says:

    so freaking awesome battle *__* respect to these bboys ..now i can go train …uhh first have to study xD

  18. xairGG says:

    если честно, это не первое их сомнительное решение… Посмотрев батлы, как-то грустно стало за такие вердикты… :(

  19. Aduh Prerdatorz says:

    странное решение судей, Слава и Колобок выиграли!

  20. Surgica1 says:


  21. 3Lsurftac0 says:

    Didn’t know wayne rooney played bass

  22. Dave Grohl says:

    Could you imagine being this guy filming this, just chilling out, drinking a beer, playing some music, epic!

  23. SGSFC11 says:

    He killed her didn’t he??

  24. Aldo Perez says:

    bum chuku! bum chuku! bum chuku! bum bum, bum bum chuku! bum pururuur XD

  25. vajohnny7171 says:

    cuz yur 2 busee sucking cox

  26. Pabllo Rhuan says:

    Greeeat ^^

  27. ExtremelyLoudMusic says:

    Holy Balls. 

  28. spshecot says:

    for Flea everything is simple..not so much for us

  29. ChickenFaeces says:

    i’m sorry i’m not up to par ; (

  30. ChickenFaeces says:

    You guys heard about the time he fingered a girl, right?

  31. Smilefink says:

    At least i can (Y) hohohoho

  32. stabber63 says:

    OMG… he’s human!

  33. Toby Broughton says:

    haha flea can play so fast he makes the audio go out of time with the video at the end

  34. kylerunion3 says:

    lol nice jumpsuit flea

  35. pedrokitadani says:

    lol flea using a shirt

  36. Rob Charlton says:

    ‘playing it how it goes’ haha, he definitely funked that up, there are no slides in the song, and he added notes. Flea you cheeky little bass God you!

  37. Dave Grohl says:

    He is a true artist!

  38. oMkRnRTz says:

    It’s really not that hard… And by “simple” he actually doesn’t want to say that it’s easy to play, he says that it isn’t a fancy riff.

  39. Боил Каранейчев says:

    Cuz u suck.

  40. RarePianoTutorialz says:

    good comment lol @ no homo

  41. kaca2903 says:

    dat bass.

  42. MusicofJJ says:

    yeah thats exactly what i meant…anyone with a little practice can hit the notes of the song aka “covering” but the muting, clean notes and perfect timing are the hard part, that take years of experience and practice.

  43. cursedswordsman says:

    It has nothing to do with the song, it has to do with the technique of playing bass in general. You can hit the right notes, but being able to mute properly and play clean notes takes lots of experience. Kind of like brass instruments. A beginner and a pro can play twinkle twinkle little star, and it will sounds worlds different even if they hit the right notes, because it takes years to perfect blowing technique (no homo)

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