Part 2: Head Lice to Dead Lice (English)

Part 2: A preview of the award-winning video, “Head Lice to Dead Lice.” This hilarious video, straight from the Lice Ladies at, is inf…
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25 Responses to Part 2: Head Lice to Dead Lice (English)

  1. XxxsoulmonstexxrX says:

    A good way to get rid of the adult lice, is to use listerine mouth wash. It pretty much kills them, but you just need to get rid of the nits, or wait for them to hatch so you can use the listerine again.

  2. sunbeam7885 says:


  3. Maria Espino says:

    olive oil and salt works great! because as your combing trough the hair the salt grains drag out the nits!! but you have to do it like they said for three weeks!! and on a plus it exfoliates the scalp and leaves hair shiny!!

  4. Momopiggeh says:

    This will help if it ever happens :D

  5. accisia987 says:

    does mayo and vinegar works too? XD
    thats what i heard from people on Yahoo lol

  6. tearcatcher24 says:

    I got rid of my head lice when I was in elementary then I got it back again in my 3rd year in college. I’m so ashamed of this.

  7. teflon1066 says:

    I didn’t see part 1

  8. rosesforray says:

    Why didn’t you just put mayonnaise in your hair.

  9. Ndags23 says:

    thanks a lot your video really helped out a lot!

  10. Maria Camarena says:

    Years to get rid of lice

  11. Maria Camarena says:

    It took me 5 yeas

  12. paralogos says:

    isn’t it easier to um like burn your hair off?

  13. gato712 says:

    Nice video but I didn’t see part 1 why is there two tranny’s?

  14. Cindy Lee says:

    nice video!! love it

  15. JossyG102 says:

    This was a cute video that guy would probly be a good dad

  16. el changito says:

    Look in 3:10 just look

  17. TheKidsContestShow says:

    Why are all the women in this thing transvestite?

  18. soilocaya says:


  19. BlissSister says:

    i think id have to commit suicide if i ever had these things living in my hair

  20. alayna smith says:

    she has nits and bugs in HER HAIR!!!!

  21. Ami Keller says:

    Oh My Gosh everyone I have had lice twice. The best way to find lice is to use the Rid electronic comb whenever you find a louse or nit it stops the ringing sound and kills or poisons the louse or nit.

  22. Chris Dietrich says:

    Ick the doc and mom are a guy

  23. Chris Dietrich says:

    Silly hate head lice

  24. TheLastTailOfficial says:

    Lol nope I’m not gonna wear my hair up

  25. multicute20IFY says:

    Yesh the mom is a guy, i think its to make it funny lol

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