Jessie Season 2 Episode 9 Teacher’s Pest Part 008

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11 Responses to Jessie Season 2 Episode 9 Teacher’s Pest Part 008

  1. sora mason says:

    right=] star student

  2. Lim Xin says:

    Lol love all jessie episodes

  3. Alice Whittaker says:

    They r so stupid about Quiditch don’t they know that the hoops r all different sizes

  4. dggourley0007 says:

    Awww poor mrs what’s here face

  5. Tingtong1414 says:

    This is so hilarious

  6. Kittycuteie says:

    Lizards be crazy. LOL

  7. lilbuggadior says:

    Luke is cute

  8. Hitesh Bajaj says:


  9. Lim Xin says:

    Didn’t know Americans room is so big

  10. Liv Thistleton says:

    It was btw and it means by the way

  11. Allep DS says:

    What does PTW mean

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