Cool Tick images

A few nice Tick images I found:

Buck-Tick karaoke song list

Image by kalavinka
Buck-Tick song list
Little Tokyo
Los Angeles, CA

Deer Tick Live Concert @ Botanique Bruxelles-6086

Image by Kmeron
Photo by @Kmeron

You can have a look at our friend "le-hibOO" to see 35mn of showcase shot in Paris 2 days earlier, totally worth spending this time in here trust me :)

See also the 1st time i saw and discovered them a year ago in the exact same venue :)

To see all the updates, have a look on FB

And all my Concert Pictures can be seen on : musicfromthepit

Sail cloth tick trap

Image by fairfaxcounty
Sail cloth tick traps are a one meter square piece of sailcloth with a cooler in the middle containing dry ice. The ticks are attracted to the CO2 emitted from the cooler and stay on the sailcloth long enough to be collected.

If you find one in the field, PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB IT.

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