Internet Icon Ep6 – The Topical Challenge (Part 1 of 2)

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25 Responses to Internet Icon Ep6 – The Topical Challenge (Part 1 of 2)

  1. TurboCharged2013 says:

    lana boobs jiggle and bounce deliciously *slurp* :)

  2. hainesamafan otomiya says:

    for some reason the Riedell brothers reminds me of the Wright brothers who created the first plane. Wierd ha. ^_^

  3. FredFlipichino says:

    Kyle was definitely a pretentious dangle head.

  4. TheCanucksuck says:

    Kyle got cocky and when u get cocky u get sloppy

  5. EppzFridaysTV says:

    Damn if they had just come to their senses and realized Kyle hatch can’t be an Internet icon, good guy tho, and kept justin

  6. Jen b. says:

    No, they’re not men, Their a rare species called “Douchebagious”

  7. 1MinecraftProdigy says:

    The ridell brothers are AWSOME

  8. legend chanel says:

    00:26 look at their faces

  9. Castle963147 says:

    And this is why I love the Riedell Bros

  10. rimxert189 says:

    Lana yes! The Morgan not really. This is my guess: Lana, Raidell brothers,Fu music.supposed to be 2 but i can’t pick.

  11. SkeeminSkeebo says:

    i love internet icon! Check out my channel! i make comedy skits!

  12. Nailah reyes says:

    NOOO!!!! i really wanted justin to win soo bad

  13. CherryBomb826 says:

    Okay, my guesses:
    Unfortunately, you are not our Internet Icon. Kyle, my guess.
    Winner: Lana or Team Morgan (the couple)

  14. Rolando Vasquez says:

    Did anyone notice chuck norris sowhere through 5:16-5:22

  15. 1BeccaBlonde says:

    I’m upset that Justine was disqualified cause I really liked him but I do think him being disqualified was fair. I don’t think it’s his fault but what was fair. The Brother’s Riedell are my favorites though!

  16. laurenislikeawesome says:

    also, ther ARE girls in congress

  17. laurenislikeawesome says:

    justins already an internet icon anyway ;p just check out his channel and see for yourself.

  18. RazgrizNinjaEX8 says:

    They wanted someone other than themselves.

  19. Flgator s' says:

    ryan higa better make more videos!!!!

  20. 90starfire says:

    i meant maybe

  21. 90starfire says:


  22. Rokas Morkunas says:

    WTF people? It’s a great show, and so many dislikes are for disqualification of Justin! C’mon, he’s really great, he could have won the show, and you do something like this INSTEAD OF throwing away team Morgan or Kyle, whose videos are sooooooo “wtf”! Kyle failed to complete the challenge to times and this time it was shitty, and you do thinks like that? I’m very dissapointed with the show….

  23. Yoshino Cherry says:

    He guys can u guys make a teenage pregnancy video plz its fir Mt school and I think u guys r great at this

  24. SwagItAway says:

    Dayside what the heck! “We don’t have a male actor so we have nothing right now.” Umm notice how you are the only group of FOUR MEN

  25. zhenqizest says:

    Why does no one comment about fu brothers

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