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Sanitation is critical for grain bin pest management
Sanitation is the first line of defense to protect stored grain from damaging insect pests. “Protecting stored grain also requires a mult-faceted approach. A single tactic will not be successful,” said Texas AgriLife Extension entomologist Roy Parker
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Wine Report Warns of New Vineyard Pest with Warmer Weather
The article quotes a Glenn McGourty, University of California Extension viticulture advisor, ““Organic growers may not have the biocontrol agents they need to control this pest. Also, conventional growers, who have done a great job of reducing

Red weevil pest threatens 6 million palm trees
More than 100 farmers discussed last night means of preventing the spread of the red palm weevil and blamed the Ministry of Agriculture for failing to eradicate the pest three years ago when the inflicted areas were limited. Sultan Al-Thunnayan, head
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How to spot and treat bed bugs
We wanted to know more about bed bugs and how to spot them in your home, so we invited Jay Everitt from Rottler Pest and Lawn Solutions to First @ 4. Click the video player above to learn how to spot a bed bug and how to get rid of them. KSDK. Comments
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