Pet Sitting in Forbes Magazine

It’s always nice to have pet sitting get the attention of a highly respected magazine.  There was an interesting article on pet sitting recently posted on Forbes website.  It starts out with an interesting fact about how much people will spend on pet products and services  each year: $ 55 billion.  There are some general ideas on different occupations you could try if you like working with pets.  Aside from pet sitting, you could also offer services as a dog trainer or animal masseuse.  Some pet sitters may offer those services already, although an animal masseuse can require a good deal of training.  One problem with the information is that it says there are not any special skills required for cat sitting or dog walking.  While this may be technically true, it is highly recommended to have training in pet first aid.

You can read the article at Forbes.  You can also read about animal massages here.

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