Fcac Pitt has a bad case of ticks

Initial assessment of dog with severe tick infestation. Update video 3 weeks later: http://s1114.beta.photobucket.com/user/iamrollinbonz/media/dog%20vids/eb1…

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25 Responses to Fcac Pitt has a bad case of ticks

  1. madison Massey says:

    poor baby :(
    just gonna sit and make a video and let her suffer??

  2. knitcrochetchick says:

    poor dog! Someone was obviously not taking case of him/her

  3. corey thomas says:

    Pisses me off how can you let that happen to such a nice dog. I would love to find the previous owners Tie them up and put thousands of ticks on them!

  4. vivs005 says:

    Thank you for the updated video. Glad to know she’s all well.

  5. SusanRandy says:

    That poor sweet doggy! :-(

  6. NielasHellsing says:

    Aaahh. If I had an infestation that severe I’d goddamn jump cannonball into a barrel with ammonia, then into one with oil, then light myself on fire, then go into the ammonia again and then I would most likely be dead.

  7. followtheleader10 says:

    That’s so sad I wish the best and hope and pray for u poor puppy

  8. MrLaddington says:

    Poor doggie!

  9. ACORAHANGEL1 says:

    Is there a follow up video?!:0

  10. Sheila Grover says:

    Poor dog I feel so bad.

  11. PMfxtrader says:

    Good work on the recovery, she looked great afterwards….

  12. 1rewd1 says:


    just :O

  13. Heather Desues says:

    how was that dog still alive

  14. 3rdEye2011 says:

    Poor dog

  15. alishia hussain says:

    thank you for helping that dog may god bless you


  16. fubar312 says:

    tick magnet… and dont spary……. fuck you are dumb id hate to be your dog

  17. dida079 says:

    Yes….read the about section above…follow up video as well

  18. steve wonder says:

    Holy shit is she better if any one knows?

  19. smassey85 says:

    I felt so horribly sad for the dog when they first brought her into the clinic. Whomever was her owner should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for animal cruelty. All dogs should be manditorily micro-chipped so that law enforcement knows to whom they belong. This is just crazy sad. I am so happy for her that she is better and in a new and loving home with people who want her and will give her the love, attention and care that she deserves.

  20. Christina Cervantes says:

    Is this dog still alive ….I hope so this video made me tear e eyed I dint understand why people have pets and not take care of them

  21. Rayne Butler says:

    Didn’t you listen? He said that removing them would do more harm than good. It would end up harming the skin and more than likely the heads of the ticks would stay in the skin and keep the poor animal infected. They where spraying so they would hopefully get sick and die so the WHOLE tick would fall off.

  22. MavHunter20XX says:

    What was the topical agent that was used? I couldn’t hear.

  23. MavHunter20XX says:

    Oh my ……Poor creature. How the hell did this happen?

  24. Tay O says:

    So glad this poor angel is doing better. Keep up the good work. You guys are AWESOME!!!

  25. Knut HENSEL says:

    NO HELP!! Simply presenting the ticks… WHAT A HELP FOR THE POOR DOG!!! ;-(

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