Parasite mite living on bats (Spinturnix bechsteini)

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Parasite mite living on bats (Spinturnix bechsteini)

Image by Gilles San Martin
Spinturnix bechsteini (Spinturnicidae), a parasitic mite living on bats wings (for this mite species, specifically on Myotis bechsteini). Thanks a lot to Daan Dekeukeleire for the ID. This individual was captured on a Myotis bechsteini in Switzerland (Le Chenit, Baume de la Petite Chaux, Coll. P.Nyssen). The background is the wing membrane of a dead and dried Pipistrelle bat on which the mite has been artificially placed.

Scale : Body maximum width = 0.7 mm

Technical settings :
– focus stack of 27 images
– microscope objective (Nikon achromatic 10x 160/0.25) on bellow

Red Mites

Image by dbnunley
These tiny little flowers blossomed today and the red mites found them immediately. The mites are very small – pinhead size or maybe a little smaller. This was shot with a Raynox DCR 150 or 250 lens.

View On Black

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