Flea – Helen Burns EP [Full Album]

You can download the EP (for free!) or give a charitable contribution to the Silverlake Conservatory of Music here, to which all proceeds of this EP go towar…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Flea – Helen Burns EP [Full Album]

  1. OtroArgentinoetc says:

    Hello, a lot of people wont give a fuck, but others might take a couple of seconds, im 15, im from South America, Its hard to get people to “different music” and this great material from flea its a good opportunity to show myself, i record instrumental and “experimental” things, im not asking for likes or shit, just to get people to LISTEN, in my profile there is a link to my soundcloud…thankss

  2. Ivana na Fru says:

    Amazing !! Cant wait to see him live in Exit this year !! yaaay Flea ^__^

  3. Ignacio Prieto says:

    I think that Flea and John are influenced mutually, and obviously have a energy very connected !

  4. Michel Petit says:

    I agree ! And some singing parts remind me The Empyrean …
    Connected or inspired ?

  5. Mensch Meier says:

    oh dear fanboys… this is such ordinary. Nice tunes… okay.. basslines typical Flea but nothing which let me scream. Maybe a good tune as movie soundtrack…

  6. Máté Kovács says:

    I love John, but talk about Flea’s hugeness here, he is as big as john ( if not bigger musician)

  7. mrlucius57 says:


  8. irakli dvali says:

    have u heard about band ataxia? well there is no flea i guess but they are awesome

  9. AnthonyAnd Jack says:

    Would have been kinda cool if flee got frrusciante to sing on this

  10. rockrevivalleague says:

    UTTER SHIT!!!!!

    shit tastes good though

  11. TheRedHotRHCP says:


  12. rubnaus says:

    I really don’t like patti smith’s voice… but the rest of the ep is great!

  13. Lionel Calderon says:

    amo flea y su musica

  14. onethewritetothink says:

    lol phone ring at 7:29

  15. funkymonk816 says:

    The bassline starting at 2:52 reminds me of pretty little ditty :)

  16. Dusan Djurovic says:

    in my opinion..frist one is shadowa collide with people..after that is empyrean..this two albums are not just beautiful, they also show how brave john is like a person..

  17. Stewerrvideos says:

    The empyrean will still be my fav of johns no matter what. So much soul and youth can’t be found anywhere else!


    The Empyrean is an incredible album.

  19. Agustin Pepper says:

    The empyrean :D 

  20. ComaPopis325 says:

    This is beautiful, great artist

  21. Pablo Barros says:

    Que psicodelia vei, Flea devia tá numa lombra doida. kkk

  22. Nick Sabet says:

    bands grow up man, how do u expect a bunch of 40 year olds to have the same energy and power they used to have in the 80s? LIke all of them have said in interviews, they right songs on how they are feeling at the time, wouldnt u think their music would evolve as they do too? just a thought.

  23. ronkiki6 says:

    Being a musician myself, I honestly couldn’t be more elated with the music being released by the peppers, frusciante, and flea in recent years. Where is the variety in doing the same shit for 50 years?? All of you people complaining or saying they are just trying to please the people really should respect the talent of these folks a lot more.

  24. 123Anonymau5 says:

    Big improvement on flea’s other solo works like ouch….

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