Flea Bass Solo w/ Chad

Well a good technique video!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Flea demonstrates his slapping technique on his new custom bass, Fleabass! Head to www.Fleabass.com for more info!

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48 Responses to Flea Bass Solo w/ Chad

  1. DeadpoolDeadcool says:

    2,299,000 viewer.

  2. dirtandsnow14 says:

    those drums are so phycadelic!

  3. MrSmudger687 says:

    Yes it’s impressive, but slap bass still sounds like shit.

  4. PixieXlll says:

    @Zero14811111 Flea with normal hair color?

  5. stayawakenz says:

    Will Ferrell on drums.

  6. remboalbat says:

    5:09 Favourite part

  7. MrMarshall2000 says:

    16….jussayin ;)

  8. lukozade127 says:

    this is incrediable :L

  9. Leruun says:

    @kris292g stfu with your nerd propaganda shit.

  10. SeBAStian715649 says:

    I have the weirdest boner right now…

  11. SeBAStian715649 says:

    I have the weirdest boner right now…

  12. kris292g says:

    Kony 2012

  13. goodsection says:

    Funky !!!

  14. Iwishiwerethird says:

    @JayMoo8 You have just given me the best laugh i’ve ever gotten from a youtube comment, so to that.. I salute you.

  15. Vakarams says:

    @JayMoo8 :D :D Me too

  16. JayMoo8 says:

    Think I pooped a little.

  17. runesjoni says:

    “flea cam”

    2 secs later

    “flea cam AGAIN!” LOL

  18. maligie1 says:

    an other word for “insane”

  19. rezephyr492 says:

    I can’t stop bopping my head xD

  20. fidan2fast says:

    @Zero14811111 actually it’s will pharell… he needed to replace Chad, who couldn’t come due to overdoze of awesomeness

  21. hyperburger1 says:

    Flea fingered a girl once, she died.

  22. TheMartini1234 says:

    @TrueFooligans I haven’t learnt it, but I could play it if I bothered, it’s repetitive and based on the same patterns. I’m not trying to bash Flea, I was trying to help that guy, fuck off -_-

  23. Vinicim1919 says:

    Em q ano foi feito esse video mito?

  24. TrueFooligans says:

    @TheMartini1234 you defntly cant play it as well if you actually can at all.

  25. TheApostolis1996 says:

    Beginner >me(xD) >easy >mediocre > hard >insane > God and Flea 

  26. superpogiplus says:

    yeahh thats a bass god

  27. Tornadowind1 says:

    everytime flea plays it makes me itchy

  28. Socioistic says:

    Is it just me, or is that slap tone just killer?

  29. heenez says:

    @RedBeanBag2012 His bass Is out of tune slightly, i am sorry ;) But I don’t care, its flea, so its cool !

  30. TheMrHilaw says:

    if u click “audio transcript” in the last solo the bass says something :)

  31. jaiwook63 says:

    @Tremblay343 I see that on the headstock, and the name of the channel.

  32. 800mpro says:

    0_0 Tha…That’s his warm-up?!?

  33. Lalairu says:

    My godness… O_O amazin

  34. mr931126 says:

    even my air-bass fails!

  35. uofm97 says:

    His picking hand was moving so fast at one point that it looked like it was skipping frames!

  36. Tremblay343 says:

    @jaiwook63 He wasn’t being clever. It’s literally called a fleabass.

  37. jaiwook63 says:

    Fleabass… I see what you did there.

  38. bn0rz says:

    Very nice Bass ! but will it blend ?

  39. MinjunKimify says:

    Thumbs up if you were biting your lip and nodding your head with him! :D

  40. luisaodark says:

    This man is insane dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  41. jensbond93 says:

    @hippymonkmon I dont know man, everybody hes been playing with there has been incredibly skilled and have alot of soul.

  42. guitar2231 says:

    flea seems like a cool guy in real life. i bet he totally is

  43. hippymonkmon says:

    I often wonder if Flea is too good to be in rhcp.

  44. HittokiriBattousai17 says:

    Love flea, probably one of the best bass of our time.

  45. munkymusikrocks212 says:

    damn! never thought it’d be possible to love AND hate someone sooo much at the same time >.< you rock flea!!

  46. sinisan14 says:

    And that ladies and gentlemen…. IS SLAP!!!

  47. jcr5304 says:

    @bejkus666 I disagree on the John Myung part, as much as I love dream theater and I love the far and few bass riffs myung has, myung is really an octave extension of petrucci’s left hand. It’s so disappointing because he does have talent he just never utilizes it.

  48. niggerjones7 says:

    @AdrenalineThrob you’re fucking garbage

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