Why Dogs Fight

Cesar brings you into the editing room for a unique look at how he reads a dog’s energy and body language.
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In part 2, it’s off to the Ka Faroshi bird market, where rival teams prep their fighting quails for the next morning’s match. Part 3/3 is live on http://VICE…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to Why Dogs Fight

  1. Disgruntled Tail-wagger says:

    something about the “can you beg?beg!” part that really freaks me out …if she wants to teach him how to be a circus monkey can´t she at least use the word “ask” or sumth rather than beg..

  2. Bribasse82 says:

    great show, its really all about energy with dogs..you always have to have the right kind of energy…Cesar Millan is a dog-behavour-genius, he sees every little detail, amazing:)

  3. Rorix9 says:

    the extra insight in the editing room is AWESOME

  4. killuminatiwicho says:

    Give me an a dress I’m horny hot men

  5. Pitch0uz says:

    actually i came for the hot men :x

  6. Wardrumsfire says:

    this lady is the dam problem, she gives her dogs characters, she treats them like humans like a retarded moron, Doesn’t Caesar ever get pissed off with people needing him help saying there long time fans, and yet haven’t learnt a dam thing from his SHOW!

  7. MrsKristy04 says:


  8. weirdmonkey3 says:

    Why did she give the dog away? i could never do that :/ when she said that i hope she gave it to a relative or something so she could still see the dog. Not just give it away and never see it again :/

  9. airjordon18mr says:


  10. Jimmy Nardone says:

    I’m wearing the same rolex as him -__-

  11. forgetmybelief says:

    I’ve used a shock collar before on my dog but I tested it on myself first to make sure it didn’t hurt that bad and it hurts fairly bad on skin with no hair but not worse then any of the many other shocks I’ve endured with my friendship with electricity. That being said I don’t believe negative reinforcement is very effective but it is at least somewhat effective in correcting the behavior at least in the short term anyways.

  12. MadBunnyRabbit says:

    Its people like you, who eventualy lead to bad behaviours escaleting. Dog is not your friend or a baby you have to take care. As this video proves even the small ones can be fierce predators.
    Also where did he choke them? He just graped them by the colar and the neck (that is designed to care pupies in the first place).
    Besides they didnt mind, did they? They were still fighting in the air. Kick? Well he had his hands occupied, didnt he? Its just another limb.

  13. MadBunnyRabbit says:

    So anyone knows if there was a follow up up episode of this?

  14. craigenputtock says:

    This case has been postponed because “Ruby struggles with a serious medical condition”–translation: Jinx almost killed her.

  15. firefly4772 says:

    I wish everybody worked for Cesar because then everybody would have to pay attention to the way dogs act. People refuse to admit that it’s them who needs the lessons, not the dogs. The owner can easily prevent the fights.

  16. firefly4772 says:

    No need to wear tight clothing, Cesar… Anybody would love you just for the person you are. :) 

  17. OpheliaPain1 says:

    where is part 2 of ruby and jinx?

  18. Tom Collins says:

    Too right. couldn’t agree more.

  19. exdrill213 says:


  20. obscureluzername says:

    Dog’s suck

  21. YTB7743 says:

    jinx must learn pains, and her needless attacks come to what.
    in nature, even idiot like her will soon learn that,
    or be killed by more strong one whom she attacked.
    but unfortunately that place is human’s house.
    she will never learn till one of them is killed.
    better keep stay in his facility till learn meaningless attak brings to her what.
    or “the fool never learn until die” becomes the truth.

  22. fayetale says:

    Choking animals, kicking and hiting them, bring them into dangerous stituations to trigger different behavior. His results may speak for themselves, But actually he just drill the animals. Break their natural charakter. Its not bad for a dog that there are selfconfident and shy dogs in one pack. With the right training, especially of the human packleader, none of these attack will happen again. ‘Ccause the dog see the human as the highest instant and will follow no matter what.Sry formy english

  23. JGFPruden says:

    What exactly do you dislike about his methods? That is an awfully broad statement.

  24. FraRo0001 says:

    i think he mentioned two things: it’s important to learn to read the dogs body language to ‘recognize the beginning of unwanted behaviour and correct it before it escalates’ and that if a fight happens to not just seperate them but wait til both totally surrender. both probably not that easy if your name isn’t cesar millan.

  25. tpskl says:

    Fucking worthless immigrant

  26. borderpatrol8D says:

    Fucking worthless terrorists.

  27. lilpea11 says:

    u mate r a religious nut . stop believing in wifes tales.what is faith . faith is a belief in something of which there is no proof ,thats y its called faith. these people live by the gun so respect that go grab ur bible and do something about it u soft imaginary beings believer.

  28. UnCreativeChannel says:

    If I had a penny for every copy and pasted line from the bible posted to YouTube, I’d be as rich as the Catholic Church.

  29. jaaney lacey says:

    The wicked shall be turned into hell, [and] all the nations that forget God.-Psalms 9:17

    JESUS is the ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN John 14:6

    But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the polluted, as for murderers,
    fornicators, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their lot shall be in
    the lake that burns with fire and sulphur, which is the second death
    Revelation 21:8

    In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ
    -2 Thessalonians 1:8

  30. phille1337 says:

    well are you stupid or what, if has taken 2 weeks i probably already have found the video, which i had.. so why bother replying to an 3 week old comment

  31. IckyFTW says:

    if you know why the fuck would u ask? u degenerate prick.

  32. phille1337 says:

    shut up you retard, i know… fucking asshole

  33. channelswimmer says:

    If the dogs were shot in the head with a gun and eaten for meat, you would be closer to having a point.

  34. channelswimmer says:

    The first piece of ass you’d get in years. I can understand your excitement.

  35. pleeeeep says:

    Well Afghanistan is not nearly as “oppressive” to women as the media makes it seem…. Here we have a woman who is barely wearing a headscarf, going into mosques and moving freely.


  36. pleeeeep says:

    oooooooh shut up with all that.

  37. IckyFTW says:

    watch it to the end u idiot

  38. RyanKing53535 says:

    We make those animals go through a lifetime of misery and pain so we can eat them for our pleasure. We don’t need to eat them to survive, we eat them because they’re tasty.

    ps. I’m not a vegetarian or anything i love meat, just saying what’s true.

  39. GaloisGoose says:

    The misogyny is more telling about the culture than the animal fighting….

  40. Jon Smith says:

    Maybe the men in Afghanistan should walk a mile in a females shoes and see what it feels like to be persecuted for being born a particular sex. Ban them from social functions, prohibit direct speech, require under law that they dress a particular way, and treat them like glorified incubation machinery.

    Maybe they are afraid of educated women because they would have to explain their reasons for their beliefs. They would quickly realize their reasons don’t make sense.

  41. Jon Smith says:

    There’s a big difference between killing an animal to provide nourishment and killing an animal for recreation. Not being able to speak doesn’t mean they are consenting to these things.

    Also, don’t make blanket assumptions about all people eating meat. There are many vegetarians and vegans who dispute this kind of animal cruelty. It’s also a logical fallacy to think that being a hypocrite somehow changes the truth claim of whether dog fighting is right or wrong. Those are two separate issues.

  42. GwoodBloodz says:

    i will find you and rape you… honestly

  43. 16cliffedge says:


  44. 50CALFlower says:

    I think there’s something rational you’re missing here. We kill to eat, killing for nothing more than entertainment has no utility. That’s the bulk majority of the counter-argument. Stop seeing emotion where there is none.

  45. chasalaza2 says:

    fuck afghanistan and the entire middle east they are a lost country oh damn this human being has a pair of tits therefore she must be treated like fuck
    yeah god wants you to treat women like dirt
    women are powerful and detrimental to society for some reason the men over there are scared of em

  46. PersianCataphract says:

    its pashto and dari

  47. Alvin Fernandes says:

    i’ve got aseels !

  48. SCHIZOPHRENlC says:

    1:27 I would enjoy “sacrificing” the fuck outta this prick, touching another mans camera like that… oughtta be deaded.

  49. SweetyxMexico says:

    quills gay.. you need to see roster fight … in Mexico .. they fight till death …

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