Work could update Lyme disease prevention tips

Work could update Lyme disease prevention tips
BRAINTREE — Jacqueline Flynn knew she was on to something, when, one by one, the ticks began to die. The science sleuth had been holed up in front of a clothes dryer for hours, watching and waiting as small mesh bags full of blacklegged deer ticks
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ZANDI: The Unemployment Rate Will Tick Higher, And The Sequester Will Stall
I expect payroll employment increased by 175K in March, and unemployment to tick higher to 7.8 percent. Hours worked should remain unchanged. The March job gain is consistent with growth experienced over the past year. … “Job gains were a bit stronger
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Boy Gets Rare Tick Infection from Blood Transfusion
Ehrlichiosis can go undetected because routine tests don't look for it, and many people do not realize they were bitten by a tick. In this case, which occurred during the summer of 2011, the boy's condition deteriorated over the course of 10 days until
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