Anybody Want to Adopt an Adorable Blind Dog AND His Seeing-Eye Dog?

Meet Jack and Chico, two Australian Cattle Dogs who found themselves at the MaxFund Animal Adoption Center in Denver after their owner passed away. Jack and Chico would very much like to be adopted as a pair. 

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You see, Chico is blind, and Jack is his seeing-eye dog. Jack accepts no payment or praise for his job. He does it because Jack is his best friend. He's known him all his life -- eight years now, for the both of them. 

"They're inseparable, basically. We walk them together. It's very easy," shelter volunteer Kathy Kelly-Weston told USA Today. "They're housed in the same room together and they really don't like being apart, especially Chico. It makes him kind of nervous."

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As Chico writes in his MaxFund adoption blurb, "You see, I've used dog doors, the scent of treats, and other friendly dogs like Jack to help me get along just fine despite my loss of vision."

He's a very intelligent dog, too.

"I'm smart and can open gate latches even though many 'sighted,' dogs couldn't master such a feat!" he writes. "I'm easygoing, friendly, love walks, car rides, water, know 'sit' and 'come,' and I'll brighten your days and make you smile. So come meet me, okay?"

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Jack, for his part, chimes in on his own MaxFund adoption blurb, making a play for Chico: "I'm easygoing, playful, and hoping my buddy, Chico, another friendly cattle dog, can come with me to a new home, too. I think you will find that the two of us will be just about as easy to care for as one!"

So if you or anyone you know would like two pretty great dogs who need a home, visit the MaxFund Animal Adoption Center and take a closer look at Chico and Jack. Spread the word, too! 

Via USA Today

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