DermTV – Why You Should Only Apply Antioxidants at Night [ Episode #138]

For topical antioxidants to work most effectively, you should apply them at nighttime. Dr. Schultz explains why. Become a fan on Facebook

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25 Responses to DermTV – Why You Should Only Apply Antioxidants at Night [ Episode #138]

  1. dermTVdotcom says:

    For more information, see the second question of the episode “DermTV YouTube Viewer Questions February 2012″

  2. manfredoxyz says:

    but what if you use it at night, like an antioxidant, isn’t fresh lemon juice any good as an antioxidant? thanks

  3. Magnolia Paris says:

    hi doctor! i’m using topical niacinamide 4% to treat acne and improve my skin tone will this help?? and for fine lines and wrinkles can it get better under that point?

  4. suzzetteheartsmakeup says:

    How can i get ride of white heads i have them all over my forehead help!

  5. OKsushaRN says:

    If you don’t go outside in the sunlight, does the anti-oxidant get destroyed by electrical lights too?

  6. visceralanding says:

    Yes, mentioning this detail would’ve been helpful, indeed! But at least you added the comment so that people know :-)

  7. NataschaO says:

    Yes, thank you! :-)

  8. visceralanding says:

    It will in fact be ‘harmful’ when used during the day ONLY if you do not follow it w/a sunscreen! Sun protection is absolutely critical if you’re choosing to apply a C serum in the AM. Hope that helps :-)

  9. pinkcrystalS2 says:

    I’m sorry I probably sound stupid… so applying antioxidant and then applying a physical sunscreen afterwards wouldn’t help the antioxidant act as a antioxidant instead of a sunscreen?

  10. visceralanding says:

    Yes, Vitamin E is an antioxidant :-)

  11. NataschaO says:

    Thank you so much, I love these videos.

    Would it be ok to use a vitamin C serum day and night time, or is it actually harmful during the day?

  12. starfairy12345 says:

    is vitamin E an antioxdant???

  13. ilikeboba says:

    brilliant! thnx

  14. anhphan says:

    Hi, i was wondering if i can use retin A underneath my antioxidant? Also, can i use vitamin E as my antioxidant? what would you recommend for antioxidants?

  15. mandoooooo1221 says:

    Is it okay for teenagers to use antioxidant moisturizers? b/c i know that some of those products actually contain a little bit of anti-aging properties to them

  16. perfectbodmeis says:

    Hi, doctor, I have a very important question n that might be of interest to many viewers here. So please care to reply

    You mentioned that lemon juice is one of the most photo sensitizing substance.

    My question is — Can I put lemon juice on face at night and wash it off in the morning to prevent exposing it to sunlight and still get the benefit of its anti oxidant properties at night ? And how can I get it properly off my face ?

    Please care to reply…

    Your sincere admirer..

  17. fidelcastro711 says:

    I had no idea, I was putting it on in the day only for 2 years! This dr is awesome, a real dr.

  18. KeceCwanaKurdish says:

    So day cremes with vitamin C is it better to use them at night instead?

  19. hipretty says:

    what kind of fool watching this informatiive video…from an intelligent and experienced and renowned physician (who has helped 100′s of thousands of people with skin issues) give this video a thumbs down?

  20. lotusfaisal says:

    thank u dr for ur vids. i have a question …… i have been applying retin A for yearson and off ) i dont pel anymore..why? also please tell me if its ok i apply it under my eyes. i do

  21. encits says:

    thank you :) 

  22. laura mora says:

    Does Nivea Visage Light Regenerating NIGHT cream work as a antioxidant?

  23. dgmojojojo says:

    are there any good product suggestions, anybody?
    thx before!

  24. debbick1 says:

    I use Skinceuticals CE Ferulic and was told to use it before applying my sunscreen to help boost the sunscreen. Are you saying to apply it at night instead? Before my A cream and night cream?

  25. Msfootie10 says:

    Am sorry, but what do u mean by topical anti-oxidant? Does a night moisturizer or ‘revitalizing night cream’ with AHA work? It has lemon and citron in it.

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