Daffy Duck The Prize Pest

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John from www.growingyourgreens.com goes on a field trip to visit his friend, Jesse. John originally visited Jesse in April and gave a consult on how to grow more effectively in his back yard. John now re-visits Jesse to see how everything has been growing, and also share with some tips that can help you garden better.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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48 Responses to Daffy Duck The Prize Pest

  1. AlexanderT21 says:

    Daffy was great when he wasn’t Bugs Bunny’s bitch.

  2. bill bixby says:

    “I turn into a hideous monster.”

    Obama after giving up smoking?

  3. Wheeloffortunefan999 says:

    “wanna bet fatso?” LOL

  4. Christopher Dougherty says:

    Daffy’s the best.

  5. luisbalderrama87 says:

    I love it.

  6. NinjaDragon22 says:

    2:25 gets me every time, I say that when I want my guests to leave

  7. henry pendle says:

    i love porky pig…
    he has the personality of a good pig…

  8. psychotropic7 says:

    Porky coming out of the closet after seeing that skeleton…priceless!

  9. Zak Wood says:

    I’d like to win $10,000 for just saying my name

  10. Rockin Guy says:

    5:30 XD

  11. n1k0l455 says:

    The split personality of daffy gave me the creeps when i was a kid :P

  12. Josh Freilich says:

    Yes, it was. I reversed it and he said “N-n-n-nothing to be afraid of, n-nothing at all, n-nothing…whoo…”

  13. Guillerez Anton says:

    Pk ya pas de son ?? 4:53

  14. Guillerez Anton says:

    J’adore quand Porky vol la cigare a Daffy xDD et quand les dent de daffy etait en forme de Maison xD a 4:51

  15. MrDipperPines says:

    No,I’m watching this in 600,000,000 BC,on my Istone.

  16. sarah sabatti says:

    Les effets spéciaux ne dure pas de coup à propos de Daffy Duck & Porky Pig passent leur temps à chamailler et à rigoler méchament

  17. 399wnka says:

    One of the funniest! Just the shots of Porky running and the screaming growl coming at him hahaha
    “Hmmm not bad..coroni coronis?” haha

  18. dog453679 says:

    5:29, Best part of the cartoon! LOL!

  19. Lynnze Harris says:

    Lmao @ “Mr. 2-in-1″

  20. KingTai17 says:

    Daffy Duck is at his best when he’s with porkyXD Why is he jeolous of Bugs?

  21. bill bixby says:

    “I turn into a hideous monster…”

    Obama after he goes an hour without smoking?lol.

  22. simplyxmoi says:

    ROFL at 5:30

  23. MegaZeldafan1 says:

    Coop soop

  24. Tatoon says:

    It’s funny, I don’t think I saw this one since I was 6 or less. I only remembered bits and pieces. I didn’t even knew the story since I couldn’t speak english back then. But when Daffy puts those fake teeth I felt this uneasiness I couldn’t explain, lol.

    5:30 LOL

  25. marcosmusixpcmusicam says:

    Yes, I would do it. A cheap HD camera is about 120 USD, dont know about the mic.

  26. 120rising says:

    I am thinking of making my bedroom into a garden lol

  27. KennyReddwooddforest says:

    He does talk about pest control. There is a wide variety of plant based insect repeller solutions available or you can make those also yourself. Rosemary, peppermint, bentonite clay, a bit of borax which is sodium borate (a natural mineral), tomato, and other oils or flower particles. And lady bugs are perfect predatory insects which eat caterpillars and their eggs from the leaves. Also a light green moth, I don’t know how they are called, we call them fairies, they eat pests as well.

  28. KennyReddwooddforest says:

    All of that stuff is good for composting, I would not worry about what goes into the compost pile as long as it is decomposable. Important is to have a compost enclosure that is definitely open to the ground and stands on the bare ground so that the earth worms can get to it. I would also have it open to the top, or at least have some sort of lid with holes in it so that flies can also get to it particularly when you have carcass materials. The lid with holes helps to keep rats out.

  29. rrmag001 says:

    there is nothing in this video about getting rid of pest!

  30. BroccoliBeefed says:

    @ mchlmrtz , Shut Up, I’d like to see you do better. And he’s easy on the eyes and articulate, so who cares about the sound quality? It’s not bad anyhow.

  31. BroccoliBeefed says:

    You ask why John? Because those people have limited knowledge and exposure or no exposure to different environments and culture

  32. nomparfait says:

    will inoculating my compost w/ fish emulsion work well? My pile mostly gets leaves & kitchen waste, & doesn’t seem very active (not like when it was smaller)

  33. BreadCasket says:

    If i were John, I’d get a Bob Barker (price is right) mic or an old school sports reporter mic with the big colorful foam on top and walk around the videos gracefully manipulating cordage just to fuck with all the people telling him to get a wireless mic.

  34. Theoffgridtent says:

    Cool video, but this is the longest run-on sentence I’ve heard. lol. Thanks for posting:)

  35. JettyJetShow says:

    sounds like a sports commentator, really cool, hahah “really smart” “in addition” BAM! “He noticed here” “Another thing he did that was smart” Great move, great anticipation, I like how he faked here and BAM here!!!! haha, all you need now is someone to challenge your assessments, gardening for like a boss

  36. born26ofJuly says:

    no, you chill out. the criticisms are ridiculous, and deserve hostility, though our generous friend doesn’t begin to mete it out.

  37. oceanirons says:

    True that. Your videos are quite well done for a hobby, and helpful still.

  38. mrsengeseth says:

    I like the low hedge of strawberries, it looks nice! The tree collards look awesome!

  39. sethpergerson says:

    You make informative videos but nearly all your responses to comments on all of your videos seem hostile. Chill out man.

  40. zekehooper says:

    I have learned so much from watching your vids. Thanks for the time and energy you put into makeing them.

  41. zekehooper says:

    Hey John. What do you do about cats getting in the beds? I have cats that use my beds as litter boxes, I have readthat planting lavender willkeep them out? What are your thoughts on this.

  42. yolandasotolopez says:

    My garden was doing great and then within a 2 week period, some type of pest destroyed my entire garden. (Except the bell peppers, eggplants and chili peppers). First I got some kind of mold, then something ate all the vines of the tomato plants and moved onto other plants. I still have no idea what it was. I used all my organic pest control methods.. so disappointing after so much work to lose them all.

  43. myastroflight says:

    Use peat pots. They decompose at speed and do not hamper the roots at all, in fact you know when to put them in the ground when you see the roots exiting the peat pots while they are still in your growing tray. I swear by them and use them all the time. Forget coconut coir, use peat.

  44. myastroflight says:

    Hi John. Re the “Three Sisters”. I learned about that method a year ago and want to try it, but I have a question. Do I plant all three at the same time? Will the beans grow too fast and strangle the corn, or will the corn snap the bean stalks as the corn thickens, or will the both keep pace with each other?
    I am going to sow heritage South American crops so don’t want to lose any as my supply of precious seeds is limited.
    It’s coming up to Spring here so I will be sowing soon. Help please.

  45. mombol39 says:

    Hey John, Would you know how to stop chipmunks from destroying my tomatoes? Every morning I walk through my garden and I found half eaten red and green tomatoes. I caught a chipmunk today eating a green tomato, I put bird netting over the plants but he found a way through. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  46. rickjames9898 says:

     Pay mind to your supporters and forget those who will never be satisfied

  47. Erica Goss says:

    John, I had leaf miners in my spinach. I went over the spinach every day and picked out the affected leaves for a week. All of the new leaves were free of bugs and I now have tons in my freezer. Don’t give up, and do not use poisons – they don’t work. Love your show. Thanks for doing this.

  48. Peter Van Voorhis says:

    You should apply for a YouTube partnership so you can make some money. You only need 500-700 subscribers and you have over 12,000. That would help you to cover the equipment costs and give you a little more coin in your pocket.

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